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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.22 - 3/01/6011 TAM - 6/03/2011

Flee from Idolatry!

All the gods of the Gentiles
are worthless idols, 

but YHWH made the heavens.

1 Chron 16:26

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Flee from Idolatry!

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Tsiyon News

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Listener Q + A

Listener Comment -
"Natural branches" are Whom?
   I read with interest your last newsletter response to questions of tribe and family where your scripture reference is Romans 11:24. I had to look back at that chapter and read it again to see if indeed it did claim/teach some sort of a genetic imprint of identity as regards 10 tribes descendants as you wrote.
   Given Paul's division between "Gentiles" and "them," or Jews in verses 11 and 12, it is clear that the Jews and "Gentiles" are the two groups, the first being those of the "natural branches" referred to in verse 24. Context shows quite clearly that "natural" branches to whom Paul refers here, are Jews and not those of the 10 tribes. In fact, it is pretty nigh impossible juxtapose any other group besides Jews with the group called "Gentiles."
   I would like to think that the Word taught a genetic imprint by which we would know we are a "Ten'er", but I'm wondering how you find it in scripture? Could you explain? And, by the way, I have come to understand from Hebraic teachers that the term "gentiles" in the Brit Hadashah most often refers to the ten tribes descendants.

Tsiyon Answer - "Natural branches" are Natural Israelites!
Thanks for writing. It's great to hear that the group there in MN is doing well. Blessings to everyone there.

I am aware that some teach that the "natural branches" of Romans 11 are the Jews and the grafted in branches are the scattered 10 tribes. That makes for a neat picture, which would work great for our movement, except for the unfortunate fact that it isn't true. In all due respect to those who teach this, the context of the chapter does not support that picture.

Romans 11, in context, is speaking about natural Israel in total, and not just the Jews. The first few verses of Romans 11 define the topic of the rest of the chapter. Let's look at that. Notice the first verse:

I ask then, did God reject his people? May it never be! For I also am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin. Romans 11:1

The question the whole chapter hangs on is stated ahead of everything else in the chapter: "..did God reject his people?" By saying "I also am an Israelite, a descendant of Abraham, of the tribe of Benjamin" Paul is defining whom he means by "His people." He means Israelites descended from Abraham, including his own tribe of Benjamin. All Israel is in view here, not just the Jews. Therefore, the question under consideration is, "has God rejected Israel?"

That Israel as a whole is in view here is consistent with the example Paul uses next:

God didn’t reject his people, which he foreknew. Or don’t you know what the Scripture says about Elijah? How he pleads with God against Israel: Lord, they have killed your prophets, they have broken down your altars; and I am left alone, and they seek my life.” But how does God answer him? “I have reserved for myself seven thousand men, who have not bowed the knee to Baal.” Even so then at this present time also there is a remnant according to the election of grace. Rom 11:2-5

This example given by Paul is consistent with his opening comments. Here, Paul uses the ministry of Elijah as an example. Elijah principally is known for prophesying to the northern 10 tribe kingdom of Israel, again cuing us in to the real question Paul is addressing, i.e., "did God reject His people," meaning all Israel. The example Paul has chosen shows that Elijah was not really alone. In his day a remnant of Israel had been reserved by YHWH. After noting this Paul states "at this present time also there is a remnant" - meaning a remnant of all Israel.

The central point of the whole argument is thus well defined: Paul is answering the question of whether natural Israel as a whole has been rejected. This is not just the Jews. Now that Paul has made this fundamental point that a remnant of Israel was then, in fact, in view, Paul asks the next question.

What then? That which Israel seeks for, that he didn’t obtain, but the chosen ones obtained it, and the rest were hardened. Rom 11:7

"He" here applied to Israel must refer to Jacob as personified in the whole of Israel! The "chosen ones" here, in context, must be the believing remnant of Israel that Paul had just mentioned. No dichotomy between the two houses of Israel is made here. Rather, the dichotomy is defined here as between the believing remnant of Israel, the "chosen ones" and "the rest" who were "hardened." This can only be all the rest of Israel that had not believed. That a remnant of Israel remains proves that Israel is not rejected. This leaves us to consider the rest of Israel that have not believed. After appealing to prophecy, Paul introduces the next question about unbelieving Israel:

"I ask then, did they stumble that they might fall? May it never be! But by their fall salvation has come to the Gentiles, to provoke them to jealousy." Rom 11:11

No change in the context can be identified up to this point. "They" is still referring to all the unbelieving Israelites of all the tribes. There is nothing here to indicate Paul has switched gears and is now speaking of the Jews only in asking this question; "did they stumble that they might fall?". Since this question has in view all unbelieving Israel, then the "Gentiles" Paul next introduces into the discussion cannot be the exact same people! On the contrary, "Gentiles" here must be such in the ordinary sense of the word. Here, Gentiles are worldlings of the 70 nations. The failure of the majority of Israel to believe has opened the door of salvation to the world, to all people everywhere. That is the thrust of Paul's argument.

Consistent with all of this, when Paul goes on to say "some of the branches were broken off" the branches he refers to are natural Israelite branches, inclusive of branches from all tribes of Israel. "Grafted in branches," following the line of logic already established by Paul, must therefore be Gentile believers who, though not being natural branches (natural Israelites) are still grafted into Israel's olive tree by faith. "By their unbelief they (unbelieving Israelites) were broken off, and you (believing Gentiles) stand by your faith" Paul says.

All of this has been to demonstrate that "natural branches" in Romans 11 are Israelites of every tribe, not just the Jews. With this point shown from context, let's consider the word translated as "natural."

Natural - G5449 - phusis - foo'-sis

From G5453; growth ..(by implication) natural production (lineal descent); by extension a genus or sort; figuratively native disposition, constitution or usage.

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  • In short, the word "natural" here in Romans refers to a distinctive genus, which produces a "native disposition" in persons of the same natural "lineal descent." This is speaking of natural Israelite genetics by which natural Israelites are fitted to the Israelite "olive tree" by nature. In other words, they belong there, because they are a genetically natural part of the olive tree.

    Natural genetics and the characteristics they ensure are, of course, written into the genes of all earthly living things. This is true of "natural" Israelites of all tribes. This is not to say the remnant must submit to some genetic testing to learn their true identity. The very word "natural" infers that our Israelite and tribal characteristics are a part of the very being of every "natural" branch! The answer to who you are as an Israelite is already inside of you, inseparable from you, if you are one. To access this information, all a natural branch needs do is to know him or her self. Sadly, most of us don't really know ourselves very well. This does not have to be the case, since Messiah is willing to get each of us connected up with his or her true self. In fact, this is a vital part of sanctification, since we need this information to serve YHWH according to His sovereign will and perfect plan. It really is as simple as that.

    This gets even more confused when we look at the scattered remnant of Israel. Of course, all such remnant are likely to be of mixed ancestry, being of Israel, and of other nations as well.

    Here is where the Biblical Israel, the believing Remnant of Israel, becomes a haven in these last days. For those who have some Israelite ancestry, of any one, or of several tribes of Israel, it is for YHWH to reveal the specifics of this to them. Those who are of the scattered Remnant already know it in their spirit, even if they don't yet know it in their conscious mind. Israelite identity is a genetic imprint in your being and spirit that makes you a "natural olive branch" of Israel's olive tree. Such a person just naturally fits as part of the Israelite tree - because that is where they belong by nature! (Romans 11:24)

    The Remnant of Israel do not need someone to tell them they are of Israel. They don't need a piece of paper saying they are. They don't need to recover documentation of their forgotten lineage. They don't need a genetic test. All they need to do is listen to the call of their inner being - and beyond that, to the voice of the Spirit, testifying to the truth within them of who they really are. Every Israelite is REQUIRED to keep the Covenant with YHWH. If that's you, you have an awareness in your Spirit, a sense of innate responsibility, to keep that Covenant. The Spirit will urge such a person toward keeping one's Covenant obligations. This is a powerful indication of Israelite ancestry. This Covenant responsibility has priority over all other connections. Therefore, if a person is 99% of the 70 nations, and 1% of Israel, their Covenant responsibility to Yah's nation must still come first, ahead of all other national ties. They must learn to make His nation their nation!

    Tribal identity is more subtle. Often, a person becomes aware of their Israelite heritage in general, before they learn their specific tribal identity. In time YHWH will make their tribal identity clear to them as well, as they walk in His ways.

    What about those who are not of natural Israel? Not to worry, since they can be "grafted in" to the olive tree of Israel through faith in Messiah, even if that is "contrary to nature." Once grafted in, they too are of Israel, right along with the natural Remnant of Israel. This solves the problem of "which nation do I belong to?". If you put your faith in Messiah then you are part of His nation, Israel! (Romans 11:24,25)


    From Eliyahu

    Thought for the day:

    If Abraham had been politically correct none of us would ever have heard of him.

    Blessings and Shalom,

    Eliyahu ben David


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