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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.25 - 3/22/6011 TAM - 6/24/2011 AD

Understanding Revelation
Understand the Bokk of Revelation

Revelation - There are thousands of books, all claiming to interpret the book of Revelation. How should Revelation be understood?

In this segment of an interview by S. Denice Newton, Eliyahu explains how to understand Revelation as originally intended.

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Tsiyon News

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Tsiyon Studio Upgrade
Right now Tsiyon Radio is doing a major upgrade of our recording studio. This is great for the longer term, since our upgraded studio will give us improved facilities from which to serve you, our listeners. In the shorter term, though, not so good. While the studio is being upgraded, we are unable to record new content for you. Until the upgrades are completed we will be airing classic interviews that many of our current listeners have not heard yet. These are also very timely messages for re-listening if you've already heard these interviews. Thank you for your patience during these growing pains. Also, as always, thank you for your prayers and support for this ministry!

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment -
   Unretouched listener photoShalom Tsiyon brethren!
…A few weeks ago we had some severe tornados in the area. One of my brothers in Yeshua was taking pictures of the clouds and sent me a copy of the picture I just sent to you. I prayed and asked Yah what it was. I heard in my spirit "the horse and its rider." I was online doing some research and came across your website. Then I saw you that you had some broadcast about the four horses of revelations. I immediately downloaded them and listened to them while I was at work. I learned so much from your broadcast. I have been groaning within my soul for the last few days since I listened to your teachings. I just wanted to share the photo with you and your ministry team.

Listener Comment - “PLANET X” / COMET ELENIN
One listener:

“There is a lot about "Planet X" coming later this summer on the internet and it matches Rev 6:12-16 pretty well. Plus the first 4 seals have been opened, and we have no way of knowing if the 5th has or not. If this summer's timeline is right we'll have to survive through a lot to be one of the 144,000 in Rev 7. Plus, such an event (now or in future) will almost certainly break down global communications, so am getting confused as to how the world will know of the 144,000. Confusing.”

Another listener:

“It's hard to sort out what is real and what is false. What do you think?”

Tsiyon Answer - “PLANET X” / COMET ELENIN

Yes, this sure is a sign! YHWH wants people to notice what HE is telling them and hear HIM for what HE is saying—not just what they think HE is saying. Things are happening very quickly these days. Nevertheless, we believe it will be a sign of things to come rather than the “big event” it looks like it could be. YHWH’s promises are true—and HE has still to re-gather the Remnant of Israel in the Land before the end events come. No doubt though, these are times of increasing intensity and severity of events.

These are links to the programs we have done relative to "Planet X."

Wormwood this is a replay of program #174.

Tribulation Begins and there is a study guide available for download at program #174.

183 End Time Testimonies 

242 Space Gods, Space Frauds

232 Impact From Space 

233 Solar Storm 2012? 

In summary, what people are seeing is probably Comet Elenin - not "Planet X." This large comet will make a relatively close approach to earth, its closest point occurring this coming October. The closer it gets the bigger it will look. In all likelihood, Elenin will make quite a stir here on earth. However, it IS NOT the celestial body of the 6th Seal, but is a lesser preview of that event still to come, after the 144,000 are re-gathered and return to the Land.

Listener Comment - Shekels, "Precious Treasures"
Silver Kingdom ShekelThank you once again for the extremely quick shipping of the silver shekels. I signed for them today and now have them in my possession. They couldn't be more perfect in quality. Great job Eliyahu and everyone else who had a hand in creating these precious treasures. As money allows, I know I'll be ordering more in the future. God willing.


Listener Comment - Introductory Gift Membership
   “Could you consider allowing existing members to purchase an "Introductory Gift Membership" (to gift to someone else) - this will allow me to simply purchase a membership as a gift to those I talk to and they could decide whether to continue. Just a thought...”

Tsiyon Answer - Introductory Gift Membership
What a great idea! Please call us toll free in the USA and Canada at 888-230-2440 (or at 512-578-6871 elsewhere) and we’ll set this up. You can set up a gift membership for anyone for any amount of time you prefer. If they have internet, we’ll communicate with them that way. If they don’t have internet access, you could gift them with a specified number of weeks of the Tsiyon CD Club so they can see if they want to continue. [Also, we now can set up memberships without PayPal, using only a credit card. Anyone wanting to do that can call at the numbers already listed above.

From Eliyahu

The signs of the times are very much in evidence. So much so, that the program we are re-airing this week seems more relevant now then when it was first aired, in 2009. As you listen to this program we pray you will be blessed with increased understanding of Revelation for these days.


Eliyahu ben David

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