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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.29 - 4/21/6011 TAM - 7/22/2011 AD

Sky Signs Interview

In this live interview on KKVV AM Las Vegas Eliyahu ben David talks on Sky Signs,

Including: The Mazzaroth, Comet Elenin, earthquakes, weird weather and other
earth and sky phenomena now in evidence.

 What does it all mean?

Elenin is coming!

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"Out of Tsiyon, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

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Thanks to KKVV AM: Many thanks to all of our friends at KKVV AM, Los Vegas. This includes our listeners there, especially "Stan", who suggested to Pastors Brian and Steve that they invite me, Eliyahu, on their program as a guest. Thanks to Brian and Steve for taking time to consider our material from Tsiyon, then inviting me on their show. Thanks also to Fred for following up that program with one of our Tsiyon Radio programs, at 7:00 PM - a great time to pick up some new listeners! KKVV - you guys are the greatest!

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Radio Schedule?
   Where can I find a list of radio stations that your program is on? I have a handicapped friend that I talk to every day and I was telling him about you and he wants to listen to you. He lives on the other side of the state from me.

Tsiyon Answer - Radio Schedule
 We have a list of the radio stations and their typical Tsiyon broadcast schedule posted at our Tsiyon website.  Please note, these scheduled times can occasionally change without prior notice.  You can find the schedule on the main Tsiyon Radio webpage at in the second column headed “Tsiyon Radio Network”.  If you see your local station on the list, please consider giving them a call and letting them know you enjoy listening to On The Road To Tsiyon.  Some times station managers reschedule bonus time slots, where the program is aired additional times, if they feel the local listeners are enjoying the program.    If you are not hearing the program at the scheduled time, please call the station to find out if they have changed their schedule or contact us as we’ll get in touch with the station.  Alternatively, if you don’t see your local radio station listed here, why not give them a call and ask them to carry the program?  The Tsiyon Radio program is also available nationwide via shortwave, satellite, and internet radio or can be gifted to friends via our weekly Tsiyon CD Club (toll free USA&Canada at 888-230-2440 or 1-512-578-6871 elsewhere).   

Listener Comment -  Changed Life
   On my stages of learning/wisdom, righteousness, holiness, and redemption as a new man to be accepted by God or being born again you have preached, and so did Mark Kielar (a very diff. baptist preacher), I am trying to cut down on my rock and roll songs that I used to love. Or any songs that glorify sins or lead to sins against Yahweh. Last year, no more Beatle songs. If having a family get together, most are Catholics, I may pick a song I know was written when one of the Beatles wrote it for a real love with his wife with no intent of lust of pride or lust of flesh or adultery. This was difficult for me, for they were my musical ...sad to say ...idols. But no more. And I am very happy that I did. And I can attribute our better situation partly ...God knows ...I used to love their music, to not to listen to them anymore. Even on the radio, I would change the channel if they are on. But knowing the things they have done, especially Sgt. Peppers ...No more. It represents evil. More and more, the Holy Spirit is illuminating within me. Giving up the world's standards at first, maybe not easy to let go, but when it is far behind, looking back, I am happy to be in Yahweh's path.
   Now even anything I used to sing and enjoy, I am going to cut down to the songs, I will research and determine how it was written or what influence the writing or whatever. If anything against the will of YAHWEH, it is out.
   I am focusing on how NOT to get upset as easily as before and I know I am better but not even close to what stage God wants me to be. At the same time got my armor always on ready to fight with God's Word. I may fall by sinning, but up again to fight back and remind myself by reading Romans 6 & 7.
   And thanking your ministry for your expertise of the The Old Testaments. Through you, I learn a thousand times more than ever.

From Eliyahu - 2011 Weird Stuff

Weird stuff. That's 2011. It started off with the mass animal deaths, which still haven't stopped, by the way.

In January the Shinmoedake volcano erupted, getting global attention. Also, a large crack appeared in the ground in Peru measuring 100 meters wide and 3km long. Nobody knows what caused this crack.

There have also been unusual events in the heavens. Last February asteroid 2011 CQ1 shot by at a distance of only 3400 miles away from Earth. This was the closest near miss ever recorded. Also in February, large solar flares emerged from the sun, the largest in 4 years. China actually had its radio communications disrupted by these violent solar explosions. There have been news reports by scientists of strange particles being emitted from the Sun's core. Strangely, Greenland reported the sun appearing in Greenland several days before normal this year.

On March 19th the moon (called a Super-Moon) was at its closest point to Earth since 1992 at about 221,567 miles away. Anticipation of this event provoked fears of major disruptions in weather patterns and earthquakes and volcanoes caused by the Super-Moon. Major news sources told us this was impossible.

Whatever the reason, strange weather patterns have occurred this year, as have a noticeable increase in seismic activity. February 22nd saw a major earthquake in New Zealand at Christchurch. This was the worst earthquake in New Zealand in 80 years. And of course, on March 11 Japan was reportedly hit by a monster earthquake and powerful tsunami which devastated the coast of Japan and killed many thousands of people. The earthquake was said to be the most powerful earthquake to ever hit Japan and the fifth largest earthquake to ever occur in the world. It moved Honshu Island 2.4 meters, and is said to have caused a miniscule shift in Earth’s axis. Perhaps even worse, Japan endured the worst nuclear disaster at their nuke power plants in history, belching out deadly radiation that is still in evidence in the atmosphere.

On The Road To Tsiyon

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  • On a different note: strange events include millions of dead sardines in March floating in a harbour near Los Angeles. Also, a rain of pinkish, purple worms at a school in Galashiels, Scotland was reported. Throughout this entire period meteors and fireballs from the sky have been sited in various places throughout the earth.

    Strange weather including record floods, droughts, tornadoes, and earthquakes have been occurring. Reports of strange observations of the sun and moon have been reported. Even the magnetic pole has been moving, disrupting navigation for both man and animals.

    Now, many eyes are fixed on the soon appearance of Comet Elenin.

    We are told that each new strange occurrence is "normal." Perhaps any one event can be explained away. It is the cumulative nature of all of this that has got a lot of people spooked. "What's next?" is the general feeling of many. In our latest program we comment on the events of these last days, and why we really don't need to be afraid of the future.


    Eliyahu ben David


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