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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.33 - 5/19/6011 TAM - 8/19/2011 AD

Come Out!
Get out of Babylon

"Come out of Babylon my people.." 
Rev 18:4

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Real believers like you tell their own unique stories of how they answered the call to come out. 

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"Out of Tsiyon, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

Silver Kingdom Shekelim

News - Silver Kingdom Shekelim Orders

We thank everyone who acted promptly to get their order in for the new Silver Kingdom Shekelim, through this last week. We commend you for your wisdom in acting promptly. The price of silver went up over $3 per oz in just the last 5 days alone, with a lot of upward pressure on the price still ahead, due to fears regarding the crumbling economy. All of you folks who already ordered now have your order locked in at the price you ordered at, and your orders have been placed with the mint. Already your Shekelim are worth $3+ more (and rising) than the day this offer was released 1 week ago! Soon your order will be in your hands.

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Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - making the paradigm shift
   I sent [a letter] to [an Australian national church organization]. Sadly, there hasn’t even been an acknowledgement. I think YHWH was showing me the extent of the church apostasy through it. Nevertheless, I was surprised then during my quiet time on Tuesday our Father told me to leave the church structure and to do it that day! (He knows I procrastinate.) It was my turn to lead the Home Group in one of the chapters of a book titled “Walking as Jesus did”. Our pastor / leader was attending another meeting so I couldn’t break the news to our group. Fortunately, my pastor arrived shortly after the meeting had ended so I was able to break the news to him within YHWH’s timeframe. Since I had shared part of my Hebraic walk with him, hopefully he received my departure with some understanding. I shall be writing to the other members of the group before they next meet.
   Sadly, my wife has not made the paradigm shift and chosen to remain in Babylon. I know I have to show patience, but at the same time I will go forward with whatever our Father has me do.
   There are three things I need to do now: upgrade my subscription to a 3 tribe, enroll in the Talmadim course, and join the Sons of Tsiyon. I feel a greater sense of freedom than before and know I’m on the right road.

Tsiyon Answer - making the paradigm shift
Thanks for writing. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get the response to your wonderful letter that you had hoped for. It is heartbreaking to have your eyes opened to the depth of the apostasy out there. I can really relate to how you feel. It is encouraging though, to see how open you are to hear from YHWH and to obey Him as He makes your next steps plain to you. We are praying with you that your wife will likewise have her eyes opened to the truth and that she will see what you see. I'm glad you are dealing with her in patience and love, while also being determined to follow YHWH. I'm glad to see the ways in which you will be getting more involved with the ministry. Many blessings to you in Y'shua Messiah.

Listener Comment - Greater Exodus Timing
 First, let me tell you how much we respect your ministry and I know that your wisdom and insight is much greater than mine. We have grown so much in our walk with Yah since beginning to listen to your program. That said, I wonder about the scripture of Isaiah 46:10, about God telling the end from the beginning. In thinking of that, it seems to me a relatively short time between God sending Moses and the Israelites leaving Egypt. I know you predict a long time before the 144,000 are revealed as they must be developed. It is possible that my hope is so great that it won't be some long as you think but I do wonder about this if the first exodus is our model.

Tsiyon Answer - Greater Exodus Timing
Thanks for your question. I really understand how you feel. We would all like this to go as fast as possible. I think your question is probably on the minds of others as well - so my answer is for everyone with the same question.

Here is why Israel's Exodus with Moses happened faster than Israel is leaving the world to return to Israel for the 2nd Exodus. In the case of the 1st Exodus, Israel was already gathered in one place, in Egypt, and was already organized according to their tribes, with functioning tribal government already in place according to the Order of YHWH. Thus, when YHWH called Moses He was able to send Him to Israel in Egypt, with Israel already organized and essentially ready to go.

Here is what happened when Moses got back to his people in Egypt:

Then Moses and Aaron went and assembled all the elders of the sons of Israel; and Aaron spoke all the words which YHWH had spoken to Moses. He then performed the signs in the sight of the people. So the people believed; and when they heard that YHWH was concerned about the sons of Israel and that He had seen their affliction, then they bowed low and worshiped. Exodus 4:29

Notice that Moses was immediately able to assemble all the elders of Israel for a meeting so that he could prove his case. He did so and the nation was ready to move forward from there, whenever YHWH would give the word.

Compare this to our situation. Scattered Israel IS NOT all gathered in one place. Neither do we have anything approaching unified tribal government, with elders already in place. Locating the scattered remnant, restoring the order of Israel, and then organizing and coordinating our return, must all be done before we even get to the point Moses was at when he walked through the door at the elder's meeting!

This task of gathering and organizing the scattered remnant nation is something that Moses never even had to be concerned with. The completion of this part of the mission, all by itself, will be a bigger miracle than everything that happened in the first Exodus - all this before the 2nd Exodus itself even begins! It is this huge preparation that requires more time before the 2nd Exodus can commence.

The truth is, the scattered remnant are not even close to being ready for what is ahead. If the call came today we wouldn't make it. Why? Because most of us are still much too tied into the system and would not be able to break free that fast. This is a serious obstacle that we all need to be working on in our own lives. We need to break free from the system NOW. We all need to get out of debt. We all need to work toward much greater self-sufficiency, otherwise we will not be ready when the time comes. Also, we need to learn how to work together as a nation.

A good start is to gather together in small communities of believers, and learn how to function together according to His Order. We need to work toward creating circumstances in our lives in which we can truly live set-apart lives according to the ways of YHWH for His nation. We need to do this just to make it through the trials that will be coming on the world BEFORE the 2nd Exodus ever happens - not to mention being ready for the 2nd Exodus after that.

None of us can afford to be waiting for the call to return to Israel, as if we had time for waiting. We don't have time for that - we all have so much to do just to be ready in time for that day!

I think many of us have made great progress in our spiritual lives, which is the most important thing. Of course, this needs to continue. On the practical side, though, we need a lot more progress towards more independence from the world and more dependence on YHWH and His nation.

Take the issue of food. The American food supply is more contaminated than most of us even know - and it is literally killing us. Not only that, but it is rising in price rapidly as the dollar declines. One day the dollar will crash and America will be instantly transformed into a 3rd world economy. The world will immediately plummet into global depression - the worst in history. It will happen that fast. Food will be the biggest issue for all of us. Food, and other necessities, will be used to control people. The world will give you food when you can't get it for yourself - but you will have to do what they say to get it. This is already true for some and is fast approaching for the majority. Social control is what this is all about. When a person is reduced to no money and no food they will go where they are told and do what they are told - just to survive.

On The Road To Tsiyon

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  • The time to deal with this is now - before we get there. If we wait until then to start working a plan it will be too late when it happens. We all need to be praying about this and actively making and working our plan to provide our own food and necessities without dependence on the world. This will take community to accomplish. As we come to grips with these realities that the world is forcing upon us, we will eventually come to realize we can't do all that we need to do by ourselves, or even as individual families. We will have to group together with other like-minded families, where all in the group can work together toward joint self-sufficiency. Meeting this emergency through entering into community with other believers will not only get us through the crisis - it will prepare us for the Second Exodus.

    I'm sure all of this will not sound very appealing to many of us right now. We are mostly all addicted to the artificial self-indulgence that has pretty much lulled the whole of western society asleep. It is hard to believe that life as we have known it for decades could soon be gone. It will - and it will happen literally overnight. However, those who see this coming and act now to be ready will be in a much better place to weather the storm than those who don't act now. None of us have any time to waste. We must get ready for the coming crash - and we must do it now.

    From Eliyahu

    There is a lot of drama in the news lately, and none of it is good. It all reminds us of the urgency of the times. Our message this week is: Come Out!

    Things are happening fast right now. If we would be ready on that day when the call will come to return home, we must be actively disengaging from the world system now to the greatest degree we can. All of us need to focus on three priorities:

    1. Cultivate a close daily relationship with YHWH through Messiah, doing His will.

    2. Be extricating yourself from control by the world system, while preparing for the chaos soon to come.

    3. Draw together in community with other remnant people.

    The storm clouds are on the horizon. May His peace overshadow your heart as you prepare yourself and your family for the approaching storm.


    Eliyahu ben David


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