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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.39 - 7/01/6011 TAM - 9/29/2011 AD


The Chariot of YHWH


The appearance of the wheels
was as a wheel within a wheel.

they didn’t turn when they went.
As for their rims, they were high
and dreadful; and ..
had their rims full of eyes.

Ezekiel 1:16

The Chariot of YHWH as seen by Ezekiel

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"Out of Tsiyon, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

Silver Kingdom Shekelim

Tsiyon News  

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Listener Q + A

Listener Comment -   Palestinian Interview  Critique
Dear Eliyahu, I have a couple of comments to make . . .

1. Please discontinue my email address _. This turns out to be a doubling up on the Newsletter since I also get it at the above address. Thanks.

2. In your last Newsletter, you say that Elijah, or Eliyahu will be the one sent to bring the people back to the land. Would that possibly be you? One can hardly overlook the name Eliyahu ben David in this respect!

3. In the several years I've been listening to your weekly broadcast, and I don't think I've missed even one since I began, I was disappointed in a program of interviews where the interviewer gave a free pass to both interviewees. I will restrict my comments to three points:

The "fact" that there never was any Palestinian state was not so much as mentioned with either interviewee. To my mind, it would have been most beneficial for the interviewer to bring this truth to light for the sake of the Palestinian and the Israeli, and the audience!

Also, the farce of the Oslo Accords was continued in the minds of all three, and thus in the minds of your listeners. All in all, my feeling is that this was a very poor way to present such an important subject as the Israel of YHVH.

I also wondered about the "Israeli" who was interviewed, since he had a very American name and an American accent. From as diverse a culture as is found in Israel, why was this particular person chosen to represent the Israeli perspective?

On the other side, was the Palestinian a true composite of that sector of the Israeli population? I've heard many Palestinians do not want the Islamic state... just look at Gaza, they say. (from mag: Israel Today) In fact, an insightful "gaze on Gaza" might have been an interesting point in the interview with the Palestinian. The interviewer just didn't do his part.

I know you can't please everyone, Eliyahu. I hope you are not offended by my critique. This was simply not a program of the quality that you are known for producing. But, perhaps the fire has left you without the means for other programming?

I have not heard much about your needs.... maybe my own fault and those needs are on your webpage? I did email asking for your address, thinking that that had changed what with the fire destroying your home. I hope to hear from you or someone there...

Tsiyon Answer - Palestinian Interview  Critique

Thanks for writing. My answers follow.

1. I've removed your email address [as requested].

2. My name is Eliyahu and my work is to gather the remnant of Israel. This is the name and the call given to me by YHWH. Does that make me the Elijah to come? My belief is that whom a person is in the Kingdom must be defined by what a person actually does. The Elijah to come will be the person who actually accomplishes the task of gathering and leading the remnant back to Israel. Until that has happened any claim to be the Elijah to come is, at best, premature, and at worst, presumptuous. My focus is not to make claims about myself, but to do the work YHWH puts before me each day.

3. I am not offended by your critique of our recent interview program. I'm pretty sure your opinion about the "Palestinian question" is very close to my own, and different in a number of respects from either of the interviewees on the program. I think it's important to remember that I said as much in the program, that these interviews did not reflect my opinion. What I felt the interviews demonstrated was the perceptions on the ground that make the conflict intractable, from a personal level. I think the interviews accomplished that. However, I understand your disappointment that the discussion did not consider important points regarding the issues in the conflict. No doubt we will get to those in another program sometime. However, the goal of this particular program was not to present those issues, but to look at the situation through the eyes of people personally effected by the conflict. I agree with you that this is not the best program we ever did, but I think it accomplished the limited purpose we had for it.

Finally, as to the fire, our address remains the same and we can collect our mail. It is still early to know what our needs will be. We don't have the capacity to receive a lot of stuff, until we have a home again, so we haven't emphasized that on the website. Really, the only help, other than prayer, that makes sense right now is funds, and we do have a link for that in the sidebar of the website.

Thank you very much for your feedback. It helps us a lot to know what our listeners are thinking. Blessings in Messiah, Eliyahu.

Listener Comment - Racist and Bigot?
In your most recent program, you make a racist remark @37:48 "he is ignoring the fact that a lot of his countrymen are terrorists and have no room in their heart to coexist with Israel and therefore he has to suffer because their are so many radicals bent on destruction of Israel". You attempt to present both sides, but your comments show your true bigotry. This is not Hebraic thought, but straight from the worst of Christian-hate. You teach rightly that Israel is the descendants of Jacob. Why do you lack understanding of this knowledge in this area? It shows a defect of integrity. What do you do with the Palestinians who are children of Jacob who have been removed from their land for these more than 60 years? Why do you side with the usurpers?

Tsiyon Answer - NOT Racist and Bigot!

Thank you for your feedback. In calling me "racist" and a "bigot" you are entitled to your opinion. In point of fact, however, the comment you cite as racist is not racist, but a simple statement of fact documented hundreds of times in the press. As for presenting both sides, that was not the point of the program. The point was to show on a personal level why the conflict is intractable, which the program does. As for me, I stand with the so-called "usurpers" - Israel - on this issue and make no apologies for that to you or anyone else. My reasons for that stand are Scriptural and were stated on the program, so I will not be repeating them here. One last thing: If you think my program is "racist" then where is your "integrity" in listening to it? Perhaps you would be better placed listening to the anti-Jewish rhetoric of a Palestinian/Islamic program instead.

From Eliyahu

Happy Yom Teruah - the Day of Shouting! What do we have to shout about? This is the feast day when our Messiah will return! How exciting is that?

I think we have a great program to go along with this theme. The Chariot of YHWH is on the move, bringing that amazing day we are all looking for ever-closer. There is a lot we can learn for this hour in this message, also. Enjoy!


Eliyahu ben David

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