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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.40 - 7/09/6011 TAM - 10/07/2011 AD


Chariot on the Move!

Appointed Years of Israel's Iniquity ended!

2,730 years - 722 (BC) = 2008 AD


Appointed Years of Judah's Iniquity ended!

1967/68 AD + 40 years = 2008 AD

Ezekiel 4

Enough ..with the Exile Bread!

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"Out of Tsiyon, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

Silver Kingdom Shekelim

Tsiyon News  

Appointed Days of the Seventh Month: Between now and our next Tsiyon News, important appointed days of the 7th month will occur. From the evening of Oct 8th to the evening of Oct 9th is the Biblical 10th day of the 7th month - the Day of Atonement. For Messianics,  this day signifies what Messiah has done for us as our great High Priest, offering His own blood for our atonement before the Throne of YHWH in heaven itself. It is fitting on this day to put aside the desires of the 'old man' and to seek forgiveness and renewal by the Blood of Messiah in every area of our lives. We can pave the way for that renewal by forgiving others before and on that day, and being at peace with all men, so far as it depends upon us. May this Day of Atonement find each of us keeping the New Commandment given us by Messiah, namely, "Love one another as I have loved you."

Succot/Tabernacles begins at sundown of October 13, the 15th day of the 7th Biblical month. This is the "Time of our joy!" Not only does this 8 day feast stand for the time when our forefathers dwelt in booths in the wilderness - it more especially is the time when Messiah was born and began tabernacling here, on the earth, as one of us! Yes, the 1st day of this feast is Messiah's birthday!

May you be blessed as He leads you into a spiritually meaningful celebration of these set-apart days.

Listener Q + A

Listener CommentMessianic Seal ..pagan?
   Now that you are rebuilding and may be reprinting ..have you had any direction from YAH on changing your logo? If you still want the messianic seal (we were taught the fish part was actually to be a tav and that other factions of believers changed to a fish) Could it have no eye rather than a cross? Many of us feel that the cross may be the "sign" of the other side lead many astray know all those holy pictures with holy people having a cross on their forehead in ash? ...think how special they will feel to have that on their forehead. This "messianic" symbol was actually a stumbling block for me to get over - the Ruach has never let me wear one or use one. mixed seed symbolizes to many groups that Yehudah is the star of course and Ephraim are christians & the fish of course. I believe you teach that this belief is wrong ....Yisrael is "FISHED" out of both groups. Correct? ..i struggled with this symbol on your site for several weeks ...and in fact, struggle with it to this day. I doubt I am the only one who does. I was afraid of you and worried you were false or not. I am not the only one who has felt that the Ruach told them not to use this symbol.... I confess that I cut it off your bumper sticker before I put on my car. Just wanted you to know where we stand. I am not trying to be argumentative nor start anything. I love all of you and I felt today was the day to tell you this are making decisions, please pray about this one may be small BUT it may be keeping others out. Shalom to all of you!

Tsiyon Answer - Messianic Seal ..pagan?

Thank you for lovingly and forthrightly sharing your concern about the Messianic Seal on our site.

Symbols, such as the Star of David and the cross, and others, are loaded with meaning for various groups. That makes virtually all symbols controversial, because of their various connections, both positive and negative. The simplest way for Tsiyon to avoid such controversy in regards to the Messianic Seal would be simply not to use it. Let me explain why we did not go that simple route, but instead have embraced the Messianic Seal.

The short answer is: hasatan has stolen this set-apart emblem and its component parts for his own purposes. The symbols of the Messianic Seal would have no interest for him or power for his uses, if it were not a holy emblem to begin with. This is his classic m.o. - to take the good things from YHWH and then to distort their use for his own evil purposes. In the process he seeks to steal these holy things of YHWH from us.

In the case of the Messianic Seal, this was the emblem of the first Messianic believers in Jerusalem, likely designed by James the Just, or passed down to him through the Davidic family, perhaps from his brother, Y'shua the Messiah. In the links below you will find photos of artifacts used by James and the early believers which contain variants of the Messianic Seal upon them. This emblem was clearly the "logo" of James and these early believers, as shown by these artifacts of that group. As you look at those, you will find a version of the Messianic Seal we use as our "logo" here at Tsiyon. You will note that it has a 't' taw in place of the eye of the "fish." This did not originate with us, but with James and the believers who first used this emblem.

Sister, if James was worshiping a pagan symbol then all that we are doing is in vain. Personally, I don't accept that viewpoint for a second. If James used this emblem then it is a Divinely approved emblem - it is holy and conveys a divine message. That is why hasatan has worked so hard to distort its meaning by connecting its symbols with magic and paganism. I acknowledge these unholy connections as existing in history. I simply don't believe that's their meaning to James and the Messianic community. I am not going to let hasatan steal this unique sign of the authentic early believing community from us. That's why we retain this seal.

Here is more about the Messianic Seal and its true meaning:

A final word about the Messianic Seal as a stumbling block. I am entirely sympathetic with how you have felt about this. As one who is careful to break all connections with false religion, I understand that since you have understood the symbols of the Messianic Seal according to those false religious connotations you would rightly turn away from it. Perhaps if you come to see the Messianic Seal in its true historical light that might change. Whether that happens or not, be assured that we honor your serious quest after holiness. May His blessing be upon you.

From Eliyahu

The Chariot of YHWH is on the move! That message is continually before our face. Our new program helps to explain why. Additionally, you will find it appropriate listening, especially for the Day of Atonement. Please listen.


Eliyahu ben David

On The Road To Tsiyon

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