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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.42 - 7/22/6011 TAM - 10/20/2011 AD

Eternal Kingdom of Messiah
Under your own vine and fig tree

foreshadows the Eternal Kingdom of Messiah.

Learn what that Kingdom is, when it will occur, what will happen there, and how you can be a part of it. This is one of the most significant programs we have ever presented.  Enjoy!

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"Out of Tsiyon, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

Silver Kingdom Shekelim

Have a Joyous Last Great Day!

The Last Great Day begins at sundown of October 20, the 22nd day of the 7th Biblical month. This is the most joyous of all Biblical feasts!  More about this below.

Listener Q + A

Listener CommentI Am or Will Be?
   Today, I came across a teaching on Shemot/Exodus 3:14. Summarized, the teaching says that the more accurate Anglo-Saxon rendering of the 'I AM' is 'will be.'

Tsiyon Answer - I Am or Will Be?
     The Name is far more meaningful than can be captured in any short English phrase. The Hebrew word "Ehyeh" is grammatically imperfect. This means the subject has not yet been completed, might already be completed, or might be completed in the future. There is an element of action involved, meaning that YHWH acts, not just that YHWH exists. "I will be who I will be" thus conveys that active aspect involved in the Name.

I take the phrase "I will be who I will be" as a promise of unfolding revelation. Through His actions in time, in relation to His people, YHWH reveals Himself. Indeed, YHWH will never be fully known, in the sense that He will forever be revealing more of who He is through the things He does and will do - and there will be no end to that.

The phrase in Revelation 4:8 applied to YHWH - “who was and who is and who is to come!” - captures something of this sense.

Listener Comment'beracha' in Torah?
Excerpt from the Orthodox Brit Chadasha, Matthew 26:27 - 29

THE FINAL KIDDUSH IN ZIKARON (REMEMBRANCE) OF REBBE, MELECH HAMOSHIACH WHOSE TZAVA'AH (LAST WILL) IS THE BRIT CHADASHA KAPPARAH FOR OUR SELICHA (FORGIVENESS) AND DEVEKUS (COMMUNION WITH G-D) 27 And having taken the Kiddush Cup (Kos) and having made the beracha, he gave it to them, saying, "Drink from it, all of you. 28 For this is my [Moshiach's] Dahm HaBrit HaChadasha, which is being shed LARABBIM (`for Many` YESHAYAH 53:11-12) for the selicha (forgiveness) of chatta'im (sins). 29 And I say to you, I will by no means drink from now on of this p'ri hagefen (fruit of the vine) until that Day when I drink it with you chadash (new) in the Malchut Avi (Kingdom of my Father)."

My question ; where do I find the 'beracha' mentioned in Torah & what is it ?

Tsiyon Answer - 'beracha' in Torah

The simple meaning of the word is "blessing." In the Greek text of Matthew the word is "eulogeo."

G2127 - ευλογέω - eulogeō
Thayer Definition:
1) to praise, celebrate with praises
2) to invoke blessings
3) to consecrate a thing with solemn prayers
3a) to ask God’s blessing on a thing
3b) pray God to bless it to one’s use
3c) pronounce a consecratory blessing on

The corresponding Hebrew word is "berachah" derived from bârak "bless." Strong's defines the word "berachah" as follows:

H1293 - בּרכה - berâkâh - ber-aw-kaw'

From H1288; benediction; by implication prosperity: - blessing..

The first verse in Scripture to use the word is here:

And I will make of thee a great nation, and I will bless thee, and make thy name great; and thou shalt be a blessing[H1293] Gen 12:2

In the traditional Pharisaic Jewish religion berachot are specific prayers for specific rituals. This is not the meaning in the Torah, where any blessing is indicated by the word.

In short, in Torah
berachah means a blessing, with a secondary meaning of a prayer.

So was Y'shua repeating a traditional Jewish prayer for Passover or was he simply offering an impromptu heart-felt blessing? He Himself said; "In praying, don’t use vain repetitions.." (Matt 6:7). This statement makes it unlikely that He adhered to the repetitious prayers of the Pharisees. The sense is that He offered a simple prayer over the bread, as we also should do in thanks for what YHWH provides.

Listener CommentWhat about Lilith & Kabala?
I recently heard about the story of Lilith and, after researching the internet found information that stated this story was one housed inside of the Kabballah. The site stated the Kabala was based on mysticism and mythology but was also supposed to help in understanding the Jewish religion. Can you tell me if this is true and, if not, what the Kabala actually is? Thanks.

Tsiyon Answer - What about Lilith & Kabala?

Kabbalah/Kabala defies description, but this Wikipedia description is a good start:

"Kabbalah/Kabala (Hebrew: קַבָּלָה‎ lit. "receiving"; often contemporary transliteration with a 'K' distinguishes from other, derivative traditions outside Judaism) is a discipline and school of thought concerned with the esoteric aspect of Rabbinic Judaism. It was systematized in 11th-13th century Hachmei Provence (Southern France) and Spain, and again after the Expulsion from Spain, in 16th century Ottoman Palestine. It was popularized in the form of Hassidic Judaism in the 18th century."

Kabbalah/Kabala, among other things, involves using the name of YHWH as a magical incantation - something entirely contrary to the Commandments. It also involves many stories and ideas which are not Scriptural.

As for the story of Lilith, it is a Jewish fable that should in no way be seen as part of the historical record presented in Genesis.

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    From Eliyahu

    For those who are new to the Feasts of YHWH, the eighth day of the feast of Sukkot/Tabernacles is called "The Last Great Day." The Scriptures call it "the eighth day" and "the last day, that great day of the feast." (Leviticus 23:34-36, 39; Numbers 29:35; John 7:37)

    This appointed feast is observed immediately following the seven days of Sukkot. It can therefore be seen as the eighth day of the feast, while also being a separate feast in itself. This feast essentially pictures important last events of the Millennium of Messiah and the final eternal state of redeemed mankind in the Kingdom, on into eternity. (Isaiah 65, Revelation 20+21)

    In commemoration of the Last Great Day, we have posted a message that reveals the joyous Good News of the Kingdom, as preached by Messiah and His talmidim/disciples. This is the story of how it all ends up ..and it is a story of joy!


    Eliyahu ben David


    Good News Nugget - GREETINGS TRIBESMEN!!! This is "Wild Man" Dave from the Tsiyon Promo and Media Dept with exciting news for ALL of our partners and friends of Tsiyon. There have been many of you who have been eager to help spread the "Good News" Kingdom message to other folks, and some of you have even been frustrated because you have a HUGE desire to do SOMETHING, but yet you don't know WHAT or HOW to do it. Well guess what? The wait is over. Eliyahu has given me this column in the weekly Tsiyon News to help equip you to share the message. Here you will find a Good News Nugget posted each week for you to put to work in Messiah’s service.

    The latest Good News Nugget follows:

    1. We have beautiful Tsiyon business cards that you can pass out. These are tons of fun. You can use them at restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores, barber shops, Dr’s office, apartment complexes, sporting events, movie theaters, etc.. Get the picture? And the fun thing about this is, all you do is hand one to somebody and simply say something like, "Dial these guys up on the web and take a listen as soon as you can." I have found this method very effective. These are free while supplies last! Email me to order some and have a ton of fun. :)

    Email me at, so that we can work together in reaching the scattered remnant of Israel. Shalom, "Wild Man" Dave


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