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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.44 - 8/8/6011 TAM - 11/5/2011 AD

More Kingdom Treasure
More Kingdom Treasures

"..every scribe schooled in the
kingdom of Heaven is like a man, master of a house, who puts forth out of his treasure
new and old."

Matthew 13:52

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"Out of Tsiyon, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

Silver Kingdom Shekelim

What happened to Comet Elenin? - Perhaps you remember all of the dire predictions surrounding the "close approach" of Comet Elenin. Some said this was not a comet at all, but was "Planet-X", "Nibiru", a "Brown Dwarf Star", or even a "fleet of space ships"! Some tied this in with Bible prophecy, saying this would be the "6th seal" of Revelation, due to its expected fly-over during Sukkot in October. When interviewed, we told you not to believe all of the unsubstantiated hype. 

Well, October is over and the dramatic expectations regarding Elenin never materialized. What happened to Elenin? Would you believe "Elenin was blasted by a krulian ship following the comet"? ..Me neither.

Actually, "..comet Elenin got hit by a coronal mass ejection, a dynamic event that unleashes a cloud of charged particles and knots of magnetic field, from the sun on Aug. 19. This caused the comet's material to disperse and its brightness to drop. Then on Sept. 10, comet Elenin reached its closest approach to the sun, and that seems to put the final nail in its coffin." 

Turns out, Elenin was a comet, just as we told you, and, much to the disappointment of everyone who made dramatic predictions about it - it was also a big fizzle.

What can we learn from this? Very simple. While these ARE the last days, that does not mean every dire prediction you hear should be accepted. "Many false prophets have gone forth into the world." Test everything according to Scripture and substantiated fact. In this case, most of the claims regarding Comet Elenin did not square with either. As we said when asked about this last summer, "Despite the hype, Elenin will not bring with it the events of the 6th seal. There is too much yet unfulfilled that must still happen before the 6th seal events." In other words, the 6th Seal claims regarding Elenin did not square with Scripture - that's how we knew to reject them. (Tsiyon News Vol 6.34)

This won't be the last event that stirs up these kinds of claims. While the Biblical signs of the times are in evidence all around us, there will also continue to be deceptions like the Elenin hype to distract us and to discredit real signs as they occur. "Watch therefore, praying in every season that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things which shall occur, and to stand before the Son of Man." Luke 21:36

Tsiyon Praise Report - Cherokee Israelites?! - Recently we introduced a new segment in Tsiyon News called Good News Nugget. This section appears near the end of each Tsiyon News. The segment features tips from "Wild Man Dave" on sharing the Tsiyon message with others. The first tip involved free cards Dave has printed up that you can use to help spread the word. Long story short, some folks have been using this method with success. Following is the first Praise Report from Dave on some surprising fruit that has come out of this. - E

GREETINGS TRIBESMEN!!! We have a Praise Report from Tony and Jeanny in Tennessee. Tony has been passing our the Tsiyon promotion cards and as a result YHWH has led him to a HUGE TRIBE of Cherokee that have found out through DNA testing that they are actually Hebrews. PRAISE YHWH!! Not only are they Hebrew, but they are Messianic believers who love and follow Y'shua as Messiah.

Tony has given all of them cards and Eliyahu's book, Holy Order Restored. The really good news is that they meet every weekend to have Bible study, but starting this weekend they have agreed to sit and listen to the "On The Road To Tsiyon" programs. Tony has burned some of these programs on CD and will be distributing those as well.

I had the pleasure of speaking to the head tribesman [The Cherokee Chief] myself, and I asked for his blessing to have the CD's played at his gathering, and he was more than happy to accept. PRAISE BE TO YHWH!! HEAR THIS TRIBESMEN - THIS is how communities are started. YHWH starts them through US net-working together as a family.

Get involved like Tony and Jeanny and so many others who have taken a step of faith - and get a hold of these cards. Then watch how YHWH brings communities together. All ya gotta do is get in touch with me ( and I will send you some cards, and you too will have your OWN PRAISE REPORT TO SHARE WITH ALL OF US!! - Shalom, David

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - Built by Giants?
Your radio program in Las Vegas mentioned a structure in the Middle East that may have been built by the giants. I was getting ready for school so did not write down the name but it began with a /T/. Would like to look up photos if there are any or other info as my Atheist relatives may be interested - they are hearing about information/Jewish history from your programs. Can you please send me the name of the structure?

Tsiyon Answer - Built by Giants?
It sounds like KKVV was playing program #259 "Giants On The Earth". If you would like to log in and re-listen to the program, here is the direct link to the program:

The name of the rock formation Eliyahu spoke of is "trilithon" and it is located in Baalbek. Here is a link to a YouTube video on the topic:

FATHER, we come before You and intercede for Lynn's relatives. We thank You for Lynn's heart that she loves You and wants to share You with her relatives. May your Spirit be with Lynn as she tries to help set them free from the lies and deception of the enemy. May You, FATHER, be lifted up and glorified!
- Tsiyon Team

From Eliyahu

Once I get started on the Kingdom it is really hard for me to move on to a different topic. I couldn't tell you about Kingdom Treasure without following up with MORE Kingdom Treasure, so that's what we are presenting for this week. This program includes a very personal message that is a great reminder for all of us. I pray you will be blessed as you listen to it.


Eliyahu ben David

On The Road To Tsiyon

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    Good News Nugget - GREETINGS TRIBESMEN!!! This is "Wild Man" Dave from the Tsiyon Promo and Media Dept with exciting news for ALL of our partners and friends of Tsiyon. Eliyahu has given me this column in the weekly Tsiyon News to help equip you to share the Tsiyon message. Here you will find a Good News Nugget posted each week for you to put to work in Messiah’s service.

    The latest Good News Nugget follows:

    3. Go to your local store and buy some blank CD's. Burn some Tsiyon teachings and give them to friends, relatives, neighbors, etc. This is an effective way to start a community right where you live. Invite these folks to your house to listen to a program, and at the end of the program, discuss the lesson and have a blast. Canvass your neighborhood with the cards, then invite folks to come to listen at your home.  This is work and it takes effort, but its just that simple and lots of fun to do.

    Email me at, so that we can work together in reaching the scattered remnant of Israel. Shalom, "Wild Man" Dave


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