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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.45 - 8/15/6011 TAM - 11/11/11 AD

Compass in the Ashes
Messagefor Tsiyon  in the ashesTsiyon compass in the ashes.

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"Out of Tsiyon, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

Silver Kingdom Shekelim

Did you know? Tsiyon offers a unique Messianic discipleship program? We call it The Tamidim Program. We offer The Tamidim Program to all of our Tsiyon Partners at no additional cost. Just email us if you want to join up. The Tamidim Program is not hard. All you do is listen to our first program and leave a comment of your impressions about it. Then, move forward from there, in order, leaving a comment on each one. The method is simple but the results are profound. I always love reading these comments, and I know you will too! To find them on the website, just click on the word "Comments" on each post, to find these wonderful gems. To wet your appetite, below are a few comments recently left by some of our Tsiyon Talmidim.

Talmidim Comments

Posted by: Becca4Truth - Nov 8, 9:20 PM
Davidic Lineage of Jesus / Yeshua #34

As I am new to Hebraic thinking…….this lesson amazed me. I’m so thankful to finally be learning Scripture!!!! I’m truly enjoying going thru the Talmidim program. I’ve learned so much in just these 6 or 7 months with Tsiyon than I’ve learned in the last 14 yrs. of being in church, doing bible studies and sitting under different teachers of the word. It simply amazes me. Praises and Glory to Yahweh!

Although I've never heard anyone dispute the genealogies of Yeshua, or Yosef, It was so neat to see it!! To understand it!! I never really concerned myself with the genealogy. We (myself and those I studied the word with) always just looked at it like it must be correct, its in the word. Of course its correct, but now I understand clearly why. I had never even heard of “leverage” marriage, even though I had read time and time again about the brothers marrying the widowed women. I never knew why, again just knew it had to be a cultural norm for that time period. And it was. But now it makes so much more sense. The fact that most had 2 genealogies was a new thing also for me to see. Wow, it sure was a different culture. More focused on Family and keeping the family name. My Husband has 4 girls and he’s an only child, so I think at times he has worried about not having a son to carry on the name.

These programs are just opening scripture up for me in a new and different way. Thinking Hebraicly has made me see so many things that I’ve completely missed. How many of our Preachers of the word have missed it because they don't think Hebraicly? Thank you for restoring the Jewishness to the Gospel.

Posted by: James L - Nov 9, 12:10 AM
Revelation: Enter The Throneroom #125

What an awesome program to understand simply what is happening in Revelation 4. I’ve heard the pre-trib rapture theory applied to this portion of scripture many times and never believed it because they are isolating a phrase “come and see” and building a whole doctrine and dogma around it which greatly hurts and skews the true meaning of this portion of scripture. Unfortunately there will be many professing Christians who will have a rude awakening when they aren’t zapped out of the tribulation and I’m afraid many will be offended.

I am so blessed to gain this understanding of what is truly happening and not have to waste time considering theories and waiting for them to prove out. I do have a inner witness that this is the truth.

This teaching has given me a greater awe for Yahweh and who He is.

All our questions as to why He lets things happen and such is silenced by the fact that He is the One who is the Judge and it is His prerogative how things will be done and the timing of those things. And the beauty of all this is that He is Righteous, Holy, Just, and True.

Posted by: Shix — Nov 5, 10:28 PM
More Kingdom Treasure #305

“The kingdom is like”… hard to understand,
remember the Sabbath, seems too much to demand!
The secrets of the kingdom, will cause separation!
You can only know this, with a Holy Spirit manifestation!
Churchianity, in all of it’s glory,
just can’t grasp, of this Jesus’ story!
They think, they have it all figured out,
the rapture will happen, they have no doubt!
Who am I, to dispute their facts,
so stand on the corner pass out your tracts,
put up a tree and worship the sun,
I will continue to learn of the One!
The One who will bring, peace to the earth,
The One who promises, no more will you thirst!
The One who brought life, into creation
The One who beat death, for His Coronation!
The frustration continues, with a SHOUT of my faith,
upon deaf ears, I will continue to wait,
my perseverance, will never wax cold,
it is of Messiah, this message I’ve told!

Posted by: gilahinYah - Nov 4, 6:33 PM
More Kingdom Treasure #305

Thank you for the exhortation contained within this program, Brother Eliyahu. I know it is a timely message for the Remnant. It is so easy to get caught up in the things that pertain to this life and to grow harsh and lose the compassion of our Messiah with others.

I know that we can only achieve such distinction by spending more time in His presence. By allowing the work of the Ruach Hakodesh to purge us of all that interferes with our ability to be a light to those around us. To manifest His love to the hurting, etc., is what I desire to be able to do. To put on the character of our Messiah that will enable me to be used to minister to others. 

From Eliyahu

Things are happening fast. My family and I no sooner re-located back on the Tsiyon property, two months now after the fire, than YHWH kindly sent a prophet to our door to confirm His word about what this all means. We are sharing this entire word with all of you so you will know what the fire at Tsiyon was all about, and what it means for our future - and for yours. Don't miss this latest - incredibly unique - program!


Eliyahu ben David

On The Road To Tsiyon

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