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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.47 - 8/28/6011 TAM - 11/24/11 AD


Save us, YHWH, our God,
gather us from among the nations,
to give thanks to your holy name,
to triumph in your praise!

Psalm 106:47

crossing the jordan

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"Out of Tsiyon, the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

Silver Kingdom Shekelim

Listener Q + A

Listener Comments - Scrupulosity
   Eliyahu, I am hoping that you would be so gracious to help me. My son Jeff has a psychological disorder called Scrupulosity. It started with his anguishing over his possibly committing the unpardonable sin. Even when I got him to understand that he didn't it would recycle and cause him much anxiety. After years of much suffering with almost every thought and function being scrutinized if it's a sin he is being consumed by this. After reading War on the Saints, I am wondering if this is demonic instigated. If you can give me any feedback I would appreciate it.

Tsiyon Answer -

This condition must be attacked both practically and spiritually. Many who suffer with this condition say they have been helped by this book:

I encourage you to obtain it, learn what you can from it, and use what is good from it to help your son.

On the spiritual level, while the demons don't always directly cause this condition, they ALWAYS take advantage of it if it is present. Keep praying against these tormenting spirits each time you see your son in anguish, and if he is willing, teach him how to do the same. Remember, there is great power in the Name of Y'shua Messiah. As one of His own, you have authority that you can bring to bare against them on behalf of your son. The key is persisting in prayer in faith in Messiah's Name until you have the victory. That victory will not be far off when your son learns from your example to do effective warfare against these evil unseen enemies. And finally, always remind your son of the amazing love of YHWH for Him, manifested in the sacrificial death of Messiah for sinners. Relief will only come when your son learns to live in that amazing love.

Don't let the enemy wear you down. You CAN win, in Messiah's Name.

Listener Comments - What about 501(c)3 status?
   I have been a listener to your program for over a year now. I was so blessed by the information and the teaching that I decided to become a partner so that I could download all of your previous programs and supplemental information. I was soon overloaded with information and am still trying to go backwards and listen to the different teaching series. I have gained a new perspective on the world and how it operates. My wife and I firmly believe that we live in "The Matrix" as you so eloquently taught. She and I have both traded our regular jobs for the dream that God has placed in our heart. She left her job as a teacher in the public school system and I left my job as an engineer of 13 years. Together we both have felt a call from God to prepare for the future and help others learn how to prepare for that same future. We have gone through a lot of turmoil in the church system and have really struggled with how best to proceed in our ministry. We have contemplated several different routes and have been asked about applying for church status or starting a 501c3 non-profit organization. I have been seeking God for wisdom and direction. I also have no desire to be connected to the government in a manner that ties my hands. I believe that God has told me that i am supposed to be a trailblazer and walk a path that has not been trodden. I still don't know the full meaning of that, but my heart truly resonates with the message that you have brought through your own seeking of God's heart. Your message has so encouraged me and I am thankful that God has given you the courage to speak the message that you speak. You are the first person that my wife and I have heard that speaks a biblical message that lines up with what we feel that God has put on our heart. It has made us outcasts in many ways, so its good to know that we don't stand alone in our beliefs.

Tsiyon Answer - What about 501(c)3 status?

Your message is wonderful! It is such a joy to hear what the Word of the Kingdom has done in your hearts and lives. No doubt as you and your wife forge forward you will produce much fruit for the Kingdom.

The question you ask translates to this: What authority does your ministry operate under? If it is the authority of Messiah then to apply for 501(c)3 status is treason. Why do I say that? Because Messiah said "you cannot serve two masters." To seek 501(c)3 status is to bring your ministry under the authority of Caesar - if your ministry is under the authority of Caesar than it is not under the authority of Messiah. In fact, that would make your ministry part of the world - the "matrix." The good news is, 501(c)3 status is not required by law for churches.

I'm no lawyer, but my research as a citizen has revealed that in the USA a Church has, by law, a "mandatory exception" from registering or filing with the IRS, which "mandatory exception" has been enforced in court on the basis of the Constitution. Pursuant to Internal Revenue Code Sections 508(c)(1)(A) and 6033(a)(2)(A)(i)(iii) free churches (churches which are not 501(c)3 organizations) have a mandatory exception from requesting a tax exemption and are not subject to the Internal Revenue Service.

Below are a couple of links that present more information:

[I have written on this in an earlier Tsiyon News.]

From Eliyahu

In last week's program we shared a prophetic message that was recently given to me (Eliyahu) by a visiting prophet. In this week's program Dawn gives her take on this message and asks some clarifying questions. I explain what "go" means from a Biblical perspective, and specifically what the word from YHWH means to us here at Tsiyon. The bottom line is: we are now on our way home! A call is going out in this program, so please don't miss it!


Eliyahu ben David

On The Road To Tsiyon

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