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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 6.52 - 10/05/6011 TAM - 12/30/11 AD

Being a Bondslave

" evening my wife died;
and I did in the morning
as I was commanded."

Ezekiel 24:18

Loss of a beloved wife.

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"Out of Tsiyon,
the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

Read - Announcing: Judgment Day

Listener Comments - Overcoming Personal Attack
   [After reading a personal attack against Eliyahu]   ..Your recent messages have been so wonderful, frightening and inspiring, again, I cannot see how that can possibly be faked. I know that the enemy will be trying to destroy you and your followers if you are a prophet. Just two weeks ago I discovered through a third party and subsequent genealogy that I am a direct descendent of the Exilarchs in Babylon (my mum was unsurprised, she said she always told us we came from King David but I had forgotten (!!!)), when I discovered this I was completely humbled at the feet of YHWH. I saw it as my confirmation that what you teach is true. I am so afraid and distraught now. Please help. I love Dawn and yourself and do not know what to do with this information.

Tsiyon Answer - Overcoming Personal Attack

Thank you for writing and the good spirit with which you bring your concerns. I'm sorry, but this will not be solved as quickly as you might hope. I will be addressing these things as soon as I am released to do so. Until then you will need to wait on YHWH and pray for insight. However, I can tell you this: YHWH is allowing this attack and fog of war for a season to test the hearts of all involved - and to tear down the idols of the remnant that presently they can not see. Don't worry for Dawn or I. We will/have prevail/ed in the judgment, though many around us will be stumbled and will fall away through this attack. This is how it must be. It is a situation like Gideon's 300. YHWH is thinning the ranks to include only the bondslaves that can hear from Him despite whatever else they see and hear in the natural realm. My advice to you is to believe what the Spirit tells you and not what has been raised up for your eyes to see or your ears to hear. In your Spirit you know that the prophecy you heard is true. You know that the revelation you have received is true. YHWH has already spoken. Believe Him and you will be fine.

You are of the house of David. You have a lot to be praying about. We will be standing with you in prayer, that you may prevail.

Listener Comments - Overcoming Personal Attack
 Thank you for your prompt response to me. I understand what you are saying. In my Spirit, I know that none of these things are important. All that matters is to follow YHWH wherever he leads, no matter how perilous it may appear to be. I was a bit panic stricken when I saw these things, not being able to understand how these few people could be so hurtful. I was especially saddened that one of them was someone who had been speaking to you so nicely a few days ago and who had spent time at your home. I am also quick to notice that all of this nastiness stems from one website and one person with a big axe to grind..
    ..I know that what you share with us is truly from the mouth of Yahweh. I believe you are a prophet. I care not of the lies of the enemy or the past. My husband was once very badly hounded by the press, which is one of the reasons we moved [overseas]. What I do know is that I have never felt so close to Yeshua since I learned of you, I have never felt it so necessary to repent and follow Him. Your message is the purest I have ever heard and the Bible has opened to me in ways I cannot believe. I even think I understand Revelation 11 after listening again to your session about the two trees!

    Be strong dear brother. I continue to love and stand with you and Dawn. Thank you for helping me when I came under this attack. Pray I will not falter. I am in prayer for you always and I thank YHWH for you. Be strong dear brother.

Listener Comments - Overcoming Personal Attack
 Dear Eliyahu, Last message, I promise. I am sorry for ever doubting and for allowing the enemy to distract me. My idols of pride and intellect have been thoroughly exposed. Praise YHWH! I stand with you. Firmer than before. My questions have been answered. May Yah protect you, Dawn and your family.

Listener Comments - Tribulation Timing
 Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your "Messianic Revelation Series." It brought so much into focus and made the times in which we live so real. I have one question I hope you can answer. Of course, I'm not expecting you to predict anything, but hopefully you have at least a clue you can share about the timing of the tribulation and exactly where you believe we are in prophecy at this time. Praying Yah's blessings on your family and ministry.

Tsiyon Answer - Tribulation Timing

I'm glad you were blessed by my "Messianic Revelation Series." In regards to the timing of the Tribulation, it will not come until the Remnant of Israel bondslaves are first raised up and returned to the Land in the Second Exodus. The work of raising up the Remnant is underway, but the biggest part of that work is still ahead. If all of us do all we can to grow into useful bondslaves, and help others do the same, we will effectively be hastening the Day.

From Eliyahu

Being a bondslave isn't exactly like signing up for a cooking class - or watching a movie. This is a serious message about serious things. To start with, we are dealing with a passage of Scripture that you have probably never heard taught on from any pulpit. The reason is, it is a completely sour note in the context of the "God loves everybody" crowd. They don't want to hear any of this - it's just too scary.  The idea that "God" can take a life at will for "no good reason" is not a thought that any of these folks can long abide.  Tsiyon listeners are a cut above that crowd, but even Tsiyon listeners will find that some of this is hard to listen to. I know, because it was hard to speak forth. Nevertheless, you need to hear this program because it is informing you what's ahead and how you can successfully deal with it when it happens. Realize, things are moving rapidly now toward the end of the age. Only a bondslave mentality will see us through to the end. Ezekiel is a great example of just what it means to be a bondslave. Tune in and hear the amazing lesson Ezekiel has to teach us.


Eliyahu ben David

Good News Nugget - GREETINGS TRIBESMEN!!! This is "Wild Man" Dave from the Tsiyon Promo and Media Dept with exciting news for ALL of our partners and friends of Tsiyon. Eliyahu has given me this column in the weekly Tsiyon News to help equip you to share the Tsiyon message. Here you will find a Good News Nugget posted each week for you to put to work in Messiah’s service.

The latest Good News Nugget follows:

#11 The spiritual battle at Tsiyon is intensifying since the "Go!" message, so pray for Tsiyon!

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