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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter - Vol 7.08 - 12/02/6011 TAM - 02/24/12 AD

Shake Up In Washington

Historic Earthquake
In Washington

Is Anybody Paying Attention?

National Cathedral Shaken

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"Out of Tsiyon,
the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

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Comments From Listeners
On This Week's Program

Comment by Shix
Chaos to those, that are not a Bond slave,
shaken, yet not stirred, to those that are depraved!
Word of God speak, even without words,
hear in your head, many think is absurd!
Lock out Yahweh, from the voice in your head,
take your place, in the lake of the dead!
Freemason influence has been uncovered,
the path to the new world, must be rediscovered!
America has not known, things falling apart,
the blessings it has had, formed a work of art!
Yet, we as Americans, have lost our first love,
has been replaced, with all the distractions, in spite of
all of the worship, which seems from the heart,
groups most with the virgins, who do not do their part!
They know the grooms coming, yet did not prepare,
were left at the door, knocking, don’t want to be there!
So national treasures, not part of God’s plan,
are the Prince of this worlds, ultimate scam!
Remove god from our minds,
so we won’t know His heart,
keep us distracted, this devil is smart!
Earthquakes increasing, birth pangs are strong,
look up for the Lord, may not be too long!

Comment by Tony
Its down right funny that as the people become more corrupted in their rebellion against the order of Yah they elect evil rulers to rule over them.

The thoughts of men going against the order of Yah bring with them their own demise yet their understanding of these truths are beyond their comprehension for their minds have become a sewer, a waste land.

They daily waste their thoughts on ungodly thoughts and as they are far from Yah, Yah is far from them.

Everyday I awake with Yah in my thoughts and try my best to acknowledge Him as much as possible during the day while working around unsaved heathens that ridicule me, having been drawn out from the despair they cannot see and I cannot comprehend what it would be like without Yah as they are without Him.

Never to have Him in my thoughts? On my lips? In my heart and life? This I cannot imagine nor would I want yet there are those walking among us seeking to destroy us for our beliefs because it is our belief in Yah that condemns them of their unbelief.

Generation after generation it has finally caught up to them as Yah has given them plenty of time to repent but it seems that even a shaking will not stir them. Business as usual, gotta make that buck.

The evil in Washington is a reflection of the evil in its people going against the order of their Creator, YAHWEH!

Hollywood stretches out its tentacles to capture and create in the mind of those that know not YAHWEH a mind set of ungodliness. Those not brought up upon the Word follow blindly without question, being in ignorance, yet ridicule us for knowing truth and making a stand upon it.

The writing is on the wall and you have been shaken but not stirred therefore your punishment will be according to our Just and Loving King, which you will deserve. Enjoy your reward, for what you have done to Yah's People.

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    From Eliyahu

    Our server maintenance is still ongoing this week. Eventually our upgrades will make our site faster, more secure, and easier for you to navigate. More will be coming later that will offer new features to our listeners and partners, so we are excited about that. In the short run though, we are bound to have some glitches while we are making internal changes, so please bare with us.

    While our server upgrades are still ongoing we have opted to replay one of our classic programs, which we are calling Shake Up In Washington. Yes, this is the follow-up to Cracks in America, which we just re-aired last week. Last time we aired these programs we were hit by a fire, so we thought we would give it another go. I've included some updated information with this airing for our partners explaining the details of some of the damage, so check out the downloads. This damage was extensive! Latest estimates for repair of the Washington National Cathedral ranges to as high as $25,000,000 (TWENTY-FIVE MILLION DOLLARS)! Repairs could take as long as five years to complete. These facts may be of interest to you as you give this program another listen. Is YHWH trying to tell America something?


    Eliyahu ben David


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