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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 7.20 -  02/27/6012 TAM  -  05/18/12 AD

Elijah at Mount Carmel
Elijah Calls Down Fire on Mount Carmel 

The fire of YHWH fell,
and consumed the burnt
offering, and the wood,
and the stones, and the
dust, and licked up the
water in the trench.

1Kings 18:38

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"Out of Tsiyon,
the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

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Eliyahu ben David Crossword ContestAnnouncing May's
EBD Crossword Contest!

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King Ahab and Archaeology
The International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - Ahab

Moabite Stone

(1) The Moabite Stone

The Moabite Stone bears testimony (lines 7, 8) that Omri and his son (Ahab) ruled over the land of Mehdeba for forty years. When Ahab was occupied with the Syriac wars, Moab rose in insurrection. Mesha informs us in an exaggerated manner that "Israel perished with an everlasting destruction." Mesha recognizes Yahweh as the God of Israel.

(2) The Monolith of Shalmaneser II

The Monolith of Shalmaneser II (Brit Mus; see ASSYRIA) informs us that in 854 Shalmaneser II came in conflict with the kingdom of Hamath, and that Benhadad II with Ahab of Israel and others formed a confederacy to resist the Assyrian advance. The forces of the coalition were defeated at Karkar.

(3) Recent Excavations

Under the direction of Harvard University, excavations have been carried on in Samaria since 1908. In 1909 remains of a Hebrew palace were found. In this palace two grades of construction have been detected. The explorers suggest that they have found the palace of Omri, enlarged and improved by Ahab. This may be the "ivory house" built by Ahab. In August, 1910, about 75 potsherds were found in a building adjacent to Ahab's palace containing writing. The script is the same as that of the Moabite Stone, the words being divided by ink spots. These ostraca seem to be labels attached to jars kept in a room adjoining Ahab's palace. One of them reads, "In the ninth year. From Shaphtan. For Ba`al-zamar. A jar of old wine." Another reads, "Wine of the vineyard of the Tell." These readings remind one of Naboth's vineyard. In another room not far from where the ostraca were found, "was found an alabaster vase inscribed with the name of Ahab's contemporary, Osorkon II of Egypt." Many proper names are found on the ostraca, which have their equivalent in the Old Testament. It is claimed that the writing is far greater than all other ancient Hebrew writing yet known. Perhaps with the publication of all these writings we may expect much light upon Ahab's reign. (See OSTRACA; Harvard Theological Review, January, 1909, April, 1910, January, 1911; Sunday School Times, January 7, 1911; The Jewish Chronicle, January 27, 1911.)

From Eliyahu

The story about Elijah and the contest between YHWH and baal on Mount Carmel is a great story - but you've heard it before, right? Well, yes and no. Like so many other stories drawn from the Bible, this story has been dumbed down for the masses, with important details left out and some common assumptions being added that are, well, just wrong. In our latest message we will begin to fill in some of the lost details and will correct wrong assumptions. We will also reveal the true heart of the story, which is vitally relevant to us today.


Eliyahu ben David

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