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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 7.34 -  06/06/6012 TAM  -  08/24/12 AD

“Go” Groundwork

As we move closer to the launch of the Tsiyon radio station, we continue our look back on how the foundation was laid for this initiative earlier this year.

After "Go!"

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"Out of Tsiyon,
the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

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New Website
We've been doing A LOT of work at the Tsiyon websites and we're really excited about it. However, site changes can have unexpected consequences, so if anything weird happens when you visit, please let us know.

Messianic Music Artists
We are quickly approaching launch of the new Tsiyon radio station, so if you are an independent Messianic music artist and would like your music on our station, please contact us immediately. Rest assured, your music will be in great company, judging from the fabulous music we've been receiving.

Listener Q + A

Listener Comment - moon phases off?
    (Submitted 8/8/12) E--for the past several months, I have been taking special note of when the new moon has been sighted in Jerusalem and then checking what the moon looks like here in Texas at each of the shabbats during that month. It's always been right on the money--that at the 1st shabbat-the moon would be 1/2 full; at 2nd shabbat-the moon would be full; at 3rd shabbat-the moon would be 1/2 empty; then at the 4th shabbat, the moon would be empty.
   To me, when the new month started this 5th month, I noticed on the 1st shabbat (July 27) that the moon had waxed slightly more than the almost 1/2 full it usually is on the 1st shabbat of the month. Even tonight, I noticed that the moon is almost full and yet shabbat won't be for another 3 evenings. The moon phase app I have on my phone (LunaSolCal) shows full moon to be Wed, Aug 1 at 10:27 pm. I know this app starts the count of the moon days in the conjunction state (dark of the moon) and usually is just a little off. But my observation this month is that I've noticed a different look to the size of the moon phase for this past shabbat and the phase that the moon will be in for this week's shabbat seems to be not as they were during the previous months' shabbats. Does that make sense?
   My question: have you noticed this? or am I just imagining this? If the moon phases this month are off a little, what does that mean (if anything)

Tsiyon Answer - moon phases off?

Its great that you are actually tracking the moon!

I went for years with absolutely no knowledge of what was going on with the moon until I started looking into and keeping Holy Time over ten years ago. What I've observed since then is that Sabbath is often right on the quarters, but not always. YHWH has done that intentionally, so that the first crescent must be actually observed to know for sure when the first day is, rather than simply calculating it by the moon quarters. This requires us to actually be engaged in the process of obedience to know His times and seasons, rather than simply depending on "science" - pretty cool huh?

From Eliyahu

Everything is almost all set up for the new radio station to work, technically speaking, or so we thought. I'm not talking about the website now - we still have a good bit more to do with that. (Thanks for your patience with the changes, which are still underway, by the way.)  We decided to do a beta test of the new radio station system yesterday. At first it just wasn't working right. Things were not starting when we expected, or not at all. One problem after another came up. Let's just say, if you had been listening you would not have been having a smooth listener experience.  It was really scary. The good news is, our tech guy was on top of it. One after another, most of the glitches were solved, and we were all relieved. Of course, none of this is abnormal. A lot of testing is needed before a radio station is ready for prime time. There are a lot of things you run into that aren't in the instruction manuals, because real life is just bigger than that. It is through testing the system that the flaws surface and can be dealt with. It's the same process for the overcomer, isn't it?  Through the trials of life our strengths and weaknesses are revealed. Through the work of the Holy Spirit in that process, corrections are made and the faith and character of the overcomer is perfected. Trial and error? I suppose, but purposeful and effective. Praise YHWH for the trials that He lovingly allows to come into our lives, that we may be perfected as useful vessels in His House.  


Eliyahu ben David 

On The Road To Tsiyon

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