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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 7.38 -  07/05/6012 TAM  -  09/21/12 AD

Keeping Yah’s Appointments
Keeping Yah's Appointments

Lev 23:2: The Appointments of YHWH,
which you shall proclaim
to be holy convocations,

these are My Appointments...
When are Yah's Appointments?

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"Out of Tsiyon,
the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News

Holy Time - Free Sample


With even Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase vulnerable to hacker attacks causing website outages, any website is now vulnerable, including ours. The "hack attack" against our website of 9-14-12, which we reported in the last Tsiyon News, has continued in earnest since then. Our site was down for a short time each day on the 14th-16th, as we fought the cyber war against the hackers. In the process we have beefed up security, so that we have had no more website down-time since the 16th. Also, at no time were the hackers able to compromise our data or take down our radio signal. While this is a net victory for us, we still have cause to be vigilant, with massive cyber attacks continuing against us reported in our logs each day until right now, with each attack having been repelled by our defenses. In the process some potential hackers have been locked out of our website completely. This heightened security at our site may rarely result in some inconvenience for members, since password, login protections, and overall security measures are set at a higher level of sensitivity. If you have any login problems, or any problems with our site, just let us know and we will resolve them ASAP.

So, who are these hackers who have been working so hard to try and take us down? They claim to be Islamic hackers, leaving messages such as "you cursed Jews." This identity could be true, or it could simply be a cover for some domestic cyber-attackers. Whomever is behind it, they are spending a lot of money to try and stop you from listening to us, because this kind of relentless cyber attack does not come cheap. We take this as confirmation that the truth we share with all of you is deemed dangerous to the ungodly, and for that we thank YHWH, who gives us the victory in every situation. Praise His mighty Name! Many thanks to all of you who uphold this ministry in your prayers each day.

[The following message was sent to Dawn and I immediately before we began releasing our current series of programs regarding Yah's Holy Time. It seems very, well, timely, to share it now.]

I would not be writing this but I feel like I can't breathe......I need to tell you two for one reason or another.

I, as you know, was led by Yahuweh to study the lunar Sabbath. [My husband] sat down to read Holy Time when I printed it off, probably over a year ago. I was studying something else at the time and, to be honest, wasn't interested in studying Holy Time at that time. He quit reading it and went on to study other things. I knew I would someday but not then.

Several months ago, [my friend], one of your partners, started reading Holy Time and wanted to talk about it but, again, I did not feel led to study it at that time. I confessed to her that I still hadn't studied it but knew one day I would. I asked her to share with me what she learned and then we could talk about it when I "had the time"....

Okay, fast forward to a month ago....and I had this unwavering pressure from the Ruach to study the lunar Sabbath. I said okay, okay and didn't do it. A few days later, the Ruach would tell me again and so on until I finally said "okay, everything else aside, I will start it....I began reading the book.

I felt that the Ruach was telling me that this would be something the remnant HAD TO LEARN FOR SAFETY PURPOSES. In other words, that IF WE WERE NOT IN HIS RHYTHM AND REST THEN WE WERE NOT SAFE. During this time, our REMNANT friends ..came over and they asked what I was studying and I brought it up in conversation. They confirmed that the Ruach had told them to start studying it. We then agreed to study it out and get together this weekend (of Sept 7) for more conversation and understanding.

BUT YET! upon going to their house this weekend, they had not read Holy Time and I hadn't gotten through as much as I should have. [My husband] wasn't ready to start it up again until we were on our way to their house, he brought up questions. I asked if he had started Holy Time again and he said no, he was going on memory. I pulled up 3 arguments on the web that were against the lunar Sabbath and read just the first paragraphs and realized that they had no scriptural basis for their arguments ...just emotion ... and then yesterday morning ..I will just say it the way it happened.

A quiet word within me - which is the way HE talks to me most of the time - said "there will be an airplane"

 ....I took a breath and waited

..."you will need to make a go bag" (which I had never bought into)

really I thought, hmmmmmmm ...I missed that ...or didn't see that coming

..."walking shoes or boots, pants, long tunic, poncho or serape with hood"  ...a picture flashed in my head of the attire. I asked "we will be walking then ...airplane to where?"

Response: "BE READY"

I then said "where will the airplane be?"

Response: "line up with ME and you will be at the right place at the right time.....listen for GO and GO!

I just knew it was about the lunar Sabbath and HIS rhythm.


On The Road To Tsiyon

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  • Holy Time

    Holy Time - Free Sample

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    A few years ago HE told me on the way to work. "You will need to be covered" ..(I saw in my mind in a flash almost the same attire ...only more to be used to go into ethnic areas and countries where women were to be covered)  "Tell your children" ....(I thought this word meant that we would be leaving and they all needed to have a plan to help each other to get where they need to go). I then went to a women's conference where I was told that I would be involved with Muslim and Arab countries. Nothing has come of it so far (as we all know, except for I do a lot of warfare) so I wondered...But HE always confirms these, now I am wondering if it is hand in hand with this new word and for my whole family. SO...

    Then on the way to [meet our friends], We listened to last week's message (The Remnant Go Home #348). I tried several times over the week to listen to the message but couldn't get past 13 minutes would just stop. I called [my friend] and asked her if it worked for her and she said yes. I received my CD and we put it in the car to listen to it on our way. This was when I knew that HE didn't want me to hear last week's message until I had heard the above words from HIM. The "go", the traveling into that area of the country, the walking into the Land.....the "flying" to the tongue of the Red Sea area...etc.

    I kept all of it inside me but knew that your teaching was a confirmation. So, we four are sitting around having a lively MIDRASH on the lunar Sabbath ...and the 2 men are having the greatest trouble ...I hadn't gotten farther along in the book during the week and we didn't while together because the MIDRASH was more passionate than usual ... so I just asked Father to give me something to say.


    Well I told everyone and about that time everyone was exhausting themselves with all the questions and we turned in for the night. If we had been in a building sitting in the windows, one of us would have fallen out as the man listening to Shaul.

    OKAY THIS WILL CHANGE OUR LIVES MORE THAN ANY OTHER TRUTH HE HAS REVEALED TO US. THIS IS A BIGGER PARADIGM SHIFT THAN THE BEGINNING WAS....this is MORE erasing and shifting of our thoughts, times, lives ....why, this time thing is a MASSIVE STRONGHOLD in our lives.

    THEN IT TOOK THE MATRIX TEACHING that came on the radio after the worship music yesterday morning ..even more powerful. I have listened to the Matrix series several times and felt like I had made the plunge to unplug BUT NO!!!! This will be the true "UNPLUGGING" ..whoa!!!!

    We got up this morning and did some more MIDRASH ...the bottom line is that we wrestled with the angel and have all come to the conclusion that this is GOING TO BE QUITE REMARKABLE but!!!!! we do know we will be on HIS TIME AND HIS TRUTH AND HIS WILL AND THAT IS WHAT WE WANT. I called [my friend] when I got home and gave her the steps HE GAVE US AND SHE GASPED all five of us are in this ...AND WE ALL AGREE THAT WE OUR LIVES AND THOSE OF OUR FAMILIES ......DEPEND ON IT.


    From Eliyahu

    From Yom Teruah to Yom Kippur are the Days of Awe. Traditionally, these ten days are a time of repentance and forgiveness. Now, that's a tradition that I can get on board with!

    Yom Teruah makes us think of our soon-returning Messiah, while Yom Kippur reminds us of Messiah as our Sacrifice, High Priest, and Judge. Thus, thoughts of Messiah dominate our thoughts through this whole period.

    Messiah had a lot to say about forgiveness. Here is one of my favorite lessons He gave us on the topic:

    Then Kefa came and said to him, “Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? Until seven times?”

    Y'shua said to him, “I don’t tell you until seven times, but, until seventy times seven.

    Therefore the Kingdom of Heaven is like a certain king, who wanted to reconcile accounts with his servants. When he had begun to reconcile, one was brought to him who owed him ten thousand talents ($US 51,000,000.00 if of silver [51+ MILLION DOLLARS], or 8,160,000,000.00 if of gold [8+ BILLION DOLLARS]). But because he couldn’t pay, his lord commanded him to be sold, with his wife, his children, and all that he had, and payment to be made. The servant therefore fell down and kneeled before him, saying, ‘Lord, have patience with me, and I will repay you all!’

    The lord of that servant, being moved with compassion, released him, and forgave him the debt.

    “But that servant went out, and found one of his fellow servants, who owed him one hundred denarii ($US 25.00), and he grabbed him, and took him by the throat, saying, ‘Pay me what you owe!’

    “So his fellow servant fell down at his feet and begged him, saying, ‘Have patience with me, and I will repay you!’

    He would not, but went and cast him into prison, until he should pay back that which was due. So when his fellow servants saw what was done, they were exceedingly sorry, and came and told to their lord all that was done. Then his lord called him in, and said to him, ‘You wicked servant! I forgave you all that debt, because you begged me. Shouldn’t you also have had mercy on your fellow servant, even as I had mercy on you?’

    His lord was angry, and delivered him to the tormentors, until he should pay all that was due to him. So my heavenly Father will also do to you, if you don’t each forgive your brother from your hearts for his misdeeds.” Matthew 18:21-35

    The point is clear: how small the transgression of our worst enemy is against us, as compared the all that we have been forgiven by our Lord. Surely, we have no ground upon which to hold a grudge against anyone. In the Name of our merciful and precious Lord, let us forgive!

    One last thing. We have a very important program for all of the Remnant this week. Please don't miss it, because it is vital information.


    Eliyahu ben David 


    From Marty - Greetings Tribesmen!!! Do you have a testimony that you would like to share with the remnant? Is there something on your mind that you would like to share with Yahweh's people? Then don't hesitate, please contact me, Marty Epstein, at marty[at] and we will schedule an interview to be broadcast on the "Watchman Report."   -  Shalom!


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