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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 7.40 -  07/22/6012 TAM  -  10/08/12 AD

Last Great Day: Centerpiece of Creation

Centerpiece of Creation


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"Out of Tsiyon,
the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News



Shmita Cycle Events - As we write to you for this Shabbot, which is also the Last Great Day of Sukkot, we are sensing the hands of Yah's Great Clock clicking into place, marking a shift in Yah's time for His Remnant. This is because we are now right at the middle of the current Shmita Cycle, the current seven year cycle of Yah's Holy Time. This is a very significant Shmita Cycle, since the last cycle ended with the 2008/2009 Hebrew year in which major events of Revelation were put into play. For more on that see the book Announcing Judgment Day and the On the Road to Tsiyon programs from 2008 known as the Revelation Series.  The point is, this present Shmita Cycle is the first such cycle of this period of judgment upon the nations and gathering of the Remnant. The first half of this cycle saw the Four Horseman of Revelation occupied in the prophetic events foretold in Scripture. The world has sunk deeper and deeper into the economic crisis of the Black Horse Rider, while the Red Horse Rider has brought us war in many parts of the earth, and the threat of world war looming ahead. Meanwhile, who could miss the Pale Horse riding through the middle east, stacking the deck for a round of deadly judgment against the heathen hordes there?  The second half of this eventful Shmita Cycle is sure to advance all of this to a critical point.

Here at Tsiyon we have sensed Yah positioning us for the work ahead during this same period. He moved us to our present headquarters, then sanctified this ministry by allowing the enemy to literally test us by fire to burn away the dross, and after that, told us to "Go!" through the prophetic word. Finally, as we approached the middle of this Shmita year, Yah energized us to bring you Tsiyon Road, the radio station for the Remnant that broadcasts according to Yah's true calendar. Now, this pivotal time shift is mirrored in more changes now underway at Tsiyon.

Tsiyon Tabernacle for Tabernacles! - We have wanted to provide a special membership site for the Remnant for some time. This week, just in time for Tabernacles/Sukkot,  we had the wonderful opportunity to open that new site, Tsiyon Tabernacle, to pioneer Tsiyon ministry partners, to help us complete the development of this special site. Once we complete this final phase of development with the help of our pioneer members, we will be able to open up the member site to other members as well. Already it is wonderful to be able to meet with other Tsiyon brethren together online inside the Tabernacle. Men and women from different locations all over the world are now able to log in and find out who else is in the Tabernacle from their region (state or country). It is exciting as people are able to meet together with familiar friends, as well as meet new ones. A great big 'thank you' goes out to our Tsiyon ministry partners and to the new webmaster of Tsiyon Tabernacle, Ginny. If you have received your invitation but have not yet logged in and set up your profile, please do so.  Be aware, a lot more great features are coming, as we bring the development of the new site to completion. If you need help with the Tabernacle, please write to Ginny at

We will be sending out more invitations to join Tsiyon Tabernacle soon. We have exciting new features planned for the Tabernacle.  Please be looking for more information in future newsletter editions!

Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

This Midrash

Centerpiece of Creation

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New Shabbot Program for the Remnant- Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash  For seven years Dawn and I (Eliyahu) have been bringing the Remnant our program, On the Road to Tsiyon. Now, a new program, Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash, comes to the fore. This is my new Shabbot Torah teaching program especially focusing on preparing the remnant for the Second Exodus. We will not be following the more common annual Torah reading cycle, but will instead be following a Triennial Torah Reading Cycle of 3.5 years. This longer cycle was followed in the first century, while the modern annual reading cycle originated with the Jewish community in Babylon. The Torah portions of the annual cycle are too large to discuss verse by verse in a Torah teaching, resulting in sensitive areas of the Torah being systematically left out year after year. By contrast, the 3.5 year cycle allows for a verse by verse consideration of the entire Torah. We will not sidestep the difficult passages but will come to grips with the uncomfortable and the politically incorrect. Why? Because we want the WHOLE truth! In fact, YHWH commands; You shall not add to the word which I command you, neither shall you diminish from it, that you may keep the commandments of YHWH your God which I command you. To keep the whole Torah we must read and study the whole Torah, leaving none diminished from it. (Deut 4:2)

Yah has set everything up at Tsiyon so that we can begin our Torah Cycle right at the middle of the Shmita Cycle, to complete at the end of the Shmita Cycle, exactly on time! Now, moving in Holy Time on Tsiyon Road, we are ready to more fully enter into the blessings of His Torah, as His Remnant people! Please, make plans now to be with us for each and every Torah Midrash, so that all of us, as a people, will be ready when the word comes to go home in the Second Exodus. This is vital friends. Things are happening very fast now. Please make your best effort to keep up so that you don't miss anything to vital to your future. By the way, our first Midrash is being aired today!

From Eliyahu

I started this newsletter writing about Yah's Great Clock, namely the heavenly bodies moving around us in the firmament to mark off His appointed time. How timely then, that our first EBDBM program deals with the Creation account of Bereshit/Genesis 1, where YHWH first put that clock in the heavens to mark off His Time in our physical realm. Friends, we are starting out with a block-buster! Be prayered up before you listen, because things you have believed all your life are about to be challenged - a major paradigm shift is involved here. This is a vital message for the Remnant, to understand how monumental they really are in Yah's Great Plan.

Don't miss our other great programs for this special Sukkot Shabbot either. Shix, our long-time partner-poet, will be a guest on Watchman Report. Also, Hidden in Plain Site will be bringing you some fascinating information on how the days of creation indicate the prophetic plan of YHWH.

All of us here at Tsiyon Road hope that you will enjoy our presentation for this special day, and that your Sukkot joy tank will be filled up to overflowing!

Shabbot Shalom!   

Eliyahu ben David 


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