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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 7.42 -  08/07/6012 TAM  -  10/23/12 AD

SuperSize Midrash – Gen 3
4 Hours on Genesis 3!  

FOUR Beefy Patties ..uh ..HOURS!

Hours 1+2:
Facing the Fall

Sin effects each gender differently. Gain vital insights from Torah that can help you be the man or woman you are meant to be!

Hours 3+4:
Genesis 3 in the NT

Genesis 3 provided important revelation for 1st century believers. Explore how that revelation effects US!

This Sabbath ONLY!
[Special Tsiyon Road Sabbath broadcasting begins Tue, Oct 23, 6 PM, Jerusalem time, and continues for 48 hours. Each Midrash will be broadcast 8 times over that period. Listen free! Don't miss it!]

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"Out of Tsiyon,
the perfection of beauty,
God shines forth"
Psalm 50:2

Tsiyon News



YHWH's chariot is on the move - and Tsiyon is moving along with it!

Tsiyon Tabernacle - We've created and soon will be opening Tsiyon Tabernacle for new members. In the Tabernacle you can meet others from your area, join in online fellowship with other believing men and women, as well as enjoy access to the great resources within the Tsiyon archives.

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Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash Torah Study - You can join us for the new Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash each and every Sabbath on Tsiyon Road. There are coordinating midrash study materials available for download here.

Listener Q+A

Listener Question - Yah's Commander
Quite frankly, I am offended by __'s reference to you as Yahweh's Commander and Chief. Yahshua is Yahweh's Commander and Chief and no one else  ..Quite frankly, I am not sure your focus is truly set on real military strategies. Spiritual or otherwise. Moses and any other leader had a strategy directed by Yahweh. Men were trained for warfare but relied on Yahweh who delivered them. I was in a Communications Security field while in the military..

Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

This Midrash

SuperSize Midrash

Gen 3 - Psalm 2

Tsiyon Road

On the road to Tsiyon

Yah’s Appointments Counterfeit Calendar
Touring Tsiyon Road

Tsiyon Reading Room

Hidden in Plain Sight

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Tsiyon Answer - Yah's Commander

I (Eliyahu) want to make it very clear that Y'shua is my Commander and Chief, whom I serve. I know that __ is not nominating me as a replacement for Him, although __'s statements can easily be misunderstood if not seen in context. What __ is referring to in calling me "Yahweh’s Commander and Chief" is a prophetic word delivered to me from the mouth of His prophet, which was aired (#306-308) last year: “You are commanding my army … is something you must accept. You are my Commander. ..Authority is governance with power. You shall lead my people with this authority for there is a position. I am bringing my children back to my land where all authority is given. No one earns this unless they earn this through my will. Your authority is to lead them back and you will.“

As astounding as this prophetic word may be, it is a word from YHWH, and it is His express Will. I entirely believe it because YHWH had already spoken this to me before this prophetic word had ever been spoken. The fact that He has appointed me as Commander of His Army on the human level does not negate the fact that Y'shua is Commander and Chief over all, in the Heavenlies. There is a righteous chain of command extending downward, from Him. As the prophetic word stated, "there is a position" that He has given me - a delegated authority from YHWH as His "Commander" to accomplish this task of leading the remnant home. This does not originate with me, but with Him. My only choice is to resist His will or obey - I choose to obey.

None of this is out of harmony with the Scriptures. YHWH has often chosen one man to be the chief human leader of His people. Examples include: Moses, Joshua, all of the Judges, David and many of his descendants, including James the Just, as the leader of the early Assembly of the Remnant. In each of these cases, one man is Yah's Commander of His army, with other leaders at various levels within the ranks of a unified authority structure. For us to go home, all things must be restored to His nation, starting with Kingdom Order. Such a unified authority structure is necessary for every army, just as it is necessary for the remnant going home. Further, YHWH appointed one man to lead His people in the First Exodus. Should we not expect the same for the Second Exodus?

..It is very understandable that most of the remnant don't see this, at this time. Certainly, __'s convictions regarding this, sincere though they are, cannot convince anyone who has not seen this for themselves. Spiritual things must be perceived by the Spirit. Those who have a revelation regarding this are stepping forward to take their place within the ranks that are now being raised up. Others are not seeing this yet, and aren't ready to commit. There is an unfolding process here. No one should feel compelled by anything other that Yah's Word and Spirit. In His right time He will call each one whom He will to step into their appointed place.

[About "military strategies" etc] - I can only say that the first Exodus was doomed to failure as soon as they reached the Red Sea. Some strategy, wandering aimlessly in the desert being trapped by the Sea. Only YHWH could get them past that obstacle. YHWH must make a way or there is no way. That's why 'who' is always more important than 'how' - because, if you get to the Sea and you are following His chosen leader, then the Sea opens, otherwise, it doesn't. Chain of command. It really is as simple as that.

From Eliyahu

Bereshit/Genesis 3, our present Torah Portion, is a pivotal passage of Scripture that impacts the life of every person who has ever lived. In fact, the rest of the Scriptures can be seen as the revelation of Yah's Plan to resolve the problem of sin and death brought into the universe as reported in this portion of Scripture. Considering the prodigious importance of this chapter, we are devoting 4 hours to getting a real grip on its meaning in Scripture and in our lives. Join us on Tsiyon Road for one of the eight free broadcasts of this message over the course of October 23 and 24 life-changing study.

Shabbot Shalom!   

Eliyahu ben David 


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