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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 7.44 -  08/21/6012 TAM  -  11/06/12 AD


Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

Raising Cain

Gen 4 - Psalm 4

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Raising Cain - Gen 4 Cain Built Enoch, that is, Uruk, the first "city" - a Ziggurat!

Consider the evidence indicting the line of Cain as the originators of the mystery religion priesthood that has dominated human society throughout history, even down to our day!    Members get this here.     Others get it here.

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Following is a chart I created for your use with EbD Bet Midrash #005 and #006.

Line of Cain compared with that of Seth (Gen 4+5)

Cainite Line

Sethite Line


Adam (“man”)

Adam (“man”)


[Cain and Abel born before Seth]


Cain “wandering” during this period.

About 300 years.


compensation1 substitute2


130 AM

Enosh (“man”)

a writing4


235 AM

Kenan/Cainan possession - possessor1 fixed/nest2


325 AM

Mahalel/Mahalaleel praise of God1+2


395 AM

Cain to erect (Builds a city)

Jared descent1 go downward2 descending5


460 AM

Enoch initiate


dedicated1 initiate2

1st to "walk with God"


622 AM

Irad to sequester itself

Methuselah man of the dart1 man-branch2 it shall be sent3 a sending forth6


687 AM

Mehujael to erase God

Lamech powerful1+2


874 AM

Methushael man who is god

          Lamech powerful

      Adah               Zillah

ornament             shadow

Noah rest1+2


1065 AM

Jabel,       Jubal,        Tubal-cain,    Naamah

commerce, music,   metal-work

stream,    stream,        crop of cain,       lovely

Shem, Ham, Japhet


1665 AM


**Years – Top left=fathers age at birth of named son.

                     Top right=Age at death (*signifies years before Flood)

                    Bottom=Year of the World since Creation of Man

1. Smith Bible Dictionary   2. Strong's   3. BBC   4. Barnes   5. Gill

From Eliyahu

I am a bit late getting this newsletter out to you because I've been working on some extra resources for use with programs #005 and #006. The chart above is one of those resources. Keep it handy for easy reference when listening to these two EbD Bet Midrash programs. I've also created another resource for you, which will be announced in the next newsletter, coming soon. The antediluvian world is prophetically parallel to our generation, so I want to do everything I can to help you fully grasp this material. I pray that you will be blessed by these programs!


Eliyahu ben David 


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