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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 7.46 -  09/07/6012 TAM  -  11/21/12 AD


Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

BE Noah!

Genesis 6:9-7:10

Psalm 7

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Be Noah!

Everything that is in the earth will die.
But I will
establish my covenant with you.

Gen. 6:17+18

This Sabbath ONLY!
[Tsiyon Road Sabbath broadcasting begins Tue, Nov 21, 6 PM, Jerusalem time, and continues for 48 hours. Each Midrash will be broadcast 8 times over that period.
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Want to survive the End of the World?   BE Noah!

Noah was regarded as a weirdo and a recluse. He and his family had rejected the values of the world they lived in. They were seen by their neighbors as representing some strange religious "cult."  Virtually NOBODY in the world wanted to be Noah - but Noah. Yet, when the world of that day came to an end, Noah and his family survived - when everyone else was washed away. What was so special about Noah? Whatever that was, that needs to be true of you too, for you to survive the soon-coming end of this world. That's what our latest Midrash is about - playing on Tsiyon Road right now.

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From Eliyahu

Are you like Noah? He was the survivor of survivors! In this Midrash we look at Noah, why he survived the Flood, and how we can emulate him to survive the coming end of the age. This program is playing right now on Tsiyon Road.


Eliyahu ben David 


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