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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 7.48 -  09/14/6012 TAM  -  12/05/12 AD

Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

Arise YHWH! Let man not prevail!

Psalm 9

On the road to Tsiyon Hidden in Plain Sight Focus on Israel Tsiyon Reading Room Criggarious

The recent UN vote granting Philistine statehood on Land that is not theirs to give moves the world closer to confrontation with YHWH. In this 3 hour Midrash we outline details of the prophetic picture now unfolding, as we look at Psalm 9.

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 Tsiyon Road now ranked #1 Messianic Radio Broadcaster! - Thank you!

From Eliyahu

Reference: Success Together!

About three months ago, Tsiyon, after producing our own radio programs for years, started broadcasting our own 24/7/365 Messianic radio station, Tsiyon Road. We are happy to report that, with your help, our new station has already been a greater success than we could have imagined.

Firstly, there is the enthusiasm of our listeners for the music. We are constantly hearing “I love the music” from our listeners. Some of you tell us that you literally play Tsiyon Road 24 hours a day, and our amazing music from independent Messianic artists is an important part of why many of you are choosing to do that.

Of course, our unique Messianic talk programs are the backbone of the station. Through these, listeners get access to all of our latest radio messages, as well as all the programs from our archives, as we air them on Tsiyon Road radio absolutely free! This is bringing a record numbers of new listeners to our website, to listen to Tsiyon Road.

It is this feedback from our listeners, more than anything else, that speaks to us, telling us that YHWH is blessing His people through Tsiyon Road. This will remain true whether we have many listeners, or only a few who are truly blessed. Having said that, we would rather have more listeners than less, because we have a gift for Yah's people, and we want to share it! I am happy to report – that is happening on Tsiyon Road!

You may have heard of Alexa. This is the organization that measures the relative ranking of websites on the internet according to category. The main factor is web traffic, but they also take other things into consideration, such as buzz on the internet reflected in back links, social sites etc. Our main Alexa category in their Top Sites section is “Messianic Broadcasters.” A recent check on our Alexa ranking, frankly, left me shocked, elated and praising YHWH – all at the same time. I knew we were succeeding, but I had no idea that in less than three months of broadcasting Tsiyon Road had already risen to the #2 spot out of the entire field of Messianic Broadcasters, whether radio or TV! That's right. Currently Sid Roth's Messianic Vision TV program is the only Messianic Broadcaster ahead of Tsiyon in the Alexa ranking for our category, out of many pages of Messianic broadcasters. This includes both radio and TV broadcasters in the same category, which means, if there were a “radio” sub-category we would already be ranked #1 in Messianic Radio Broadcasters. We bring this to your attention, not to brag that we are the best, but to thank you for being a part of this amazing success by listening to Tsiyon Road and sharing that with your friends. You are the reason we are working so hard to put out the message you need for this hour.

We continue to work on our websites to give our listeners and partners the best possible membership experience. This has meant a lot of change in a short time, and change can be confusing. So, if you have any problems at our websites and need help, not to worry, we will walk you through, right on the phone! In the USA and Canada just call us toll free at (888) 230-2440 for help. Internationally, email us and we will arrange a phone or Skype call for you.

Here's the really good news - the best is yet to come! We are building the platform where soon we will have meetings together with full audio/video capabilities - right from our own membership website! Once that is in place we will be able to communicate together with our partners at a whole new level, moving forward our nation-building preparations, getting ready for the Second Exodus. This is so vitally important in these days, as current events and this week's Midrash make crystal clear.

In closing, again, I want to humbly and sincerely thank you for your support in making Tsiyon Road a success.

May you be blessed and encouraged in His service!


Eliyahu ben David 

PS – Ranking mentioned above can be found at this link.

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