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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 7.49 -  09/28/6012 TAM  -  12/12/12 AD

Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

Foundations of the Post-Flood World

Psalm 10

On the road to Tsiyon Hidden in Plain Sight Focus on Israel Tsiyon Reading Room Criggarious

God made an everlasting covenant with Noah and his seed.
The foundation was laid early for both the righteous and unrighteous seed in the earth, now coming to full growth in our day. Today, we look at that foundation.

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From Eliyahu

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Great Resources Free on Tsiyon Road! - More people every day are tuning into Tsiyon Road for the first time, and are telling us they are lovin' it! Why? Because it provides a Kingdom atmosphere for them to enjoy throughout the day, whatever else they may be doing. Everyone loves the music, but that is just the beginning. We are playing our full archive of programs on our Tsiyon Road radio station for anyone to listen to, free of charge. Some folks are taking our Talmidim training by listening to Tsiyon Road, making our complete Tsiyon discipleship program completely free for everyone.  We are also airing a lot of new and unique programming - not the least of which being our Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash, which is aired every Sabbath. This is a complete Torah education offered at no cost to you - all you need to do is listen each week. One listener summed up all of this by saying; "Streams of living water are pouring into my life all the time, that's what Tsiyon Road means to me!"

It's Easy to Get Connected! - Technology is moving at a dizzying pace today. This opens up new opportunities but it also can be confusing. This is definitely the case with our Tsiyon Road radio station. Internet and mobile technology makes our message available to listeners around the globe, bringing many new listeners to us with the potential of many more. While that's good, some of our long-time listeners are more familiar with how we used to do things, and may be struggling a little to master the newer technology we are utilizing to get out our message today. That's why I'm writing this - to make it easy for everyone to listen to Tsiyon Road no matter what technology they are using.

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All of the devices you see pictured here - and virtually any other internet connected device - can be used to hear Tsiyon Road.  At home you can easily use your computer and just click the player logo on our website to hear Tsiyon Road. Here's the really great thing though, using any mobile device you can listen to Tsiyon Road while you are out and about doing other things. That way you can take the Kingdom atmosphere of Tsiyon Road with you wherever you go! Do you need help getting connected? Use a free service called TuneIn. TuneIn will give you free technical support to get you connected using your specific device - whatever it is!

Need to talk to us? - In the USA and Canada just call us toll free at (888) 230-2440 for help. Internationally, email us and we will arrange a phone or Skype call for you.

Here's Why I Want You To Be A Regular Tsiyon Road Listener - In a phrase - time is running out! Tsiyon Road is a tool being used to prepare the Remnant of Israel for life as part of Yah's Nation. This is needed now for all of us to be ready to escape together to Yah's place of safety in the Second Exodus, before the greater judgments start falling upon the heathen nations in which we now find ourselves. The fact is, your brain needs to be re-wired to think like a Remnant Israelite to qualify yourself to function as part of His escaping Nation. Realize, this is not about the salvation of your spirit. Hopefully by now that is already taken care of and is no longer an issue. This is about deliverance of your natural life unto the end. That is not assured to you just because you are "saved." Like Noah and his family, that deliverance will come to those who obey YHWH, taking the steps needed in advance to preserve their natural lives. You may not understand how listening to a radio station could be that important to your future. People said about the same thing when they looked at Noah's Ark; "What good is that giant box?" Turns out, that monstrosity of Noah was a life-saver.

Please, if you haven't done so already, get connected to Tsiyon Road and listen regularly. Please, don't wait!

May you be blessed and encouraged as part of His Remnant Nation!


Eliyahu ben David 

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