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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 8.01 -  10/21/6012 TAM  -  1/03/13 AD

Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

Yah's Nation Begins With Abram

Genesis 12

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Abram Going Out of Ur

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Tsiyon Listener Q+A

Is a Day from Evening to Evening?

Q. If evening and morning were day one, then why is a full day from evening to evening? 

Tsiyon Answer - The Gill Commentary explains: "and the evening and the morning were the first day: the evening, the first part of the night, or darkness, put for the whole night, which might be about the space of twelve hours; and the morning, which was the first part of the day, or light, put also for the whole, which made the same space, and both together one natural day, consisting of twenty four hours."

Is the Ark an idol?

Q. If we are to follow the ten commandments and the second commandment is not worship or create ANY idols including God himself. Than why did the God of the universe have man make the ark? Wouldn't the ark be considered an idol of a sort, thereby committing idolatry? I understand that we hold the ten commandments within us, the holy spirit is within us, so why create an ark?

Tsiyon Answer -
Thank you for your question about the Ark of the Covenant. YHWH commanded that the Ark of the Testimony be built to contain the original stone tablets of the Ten Commandments, some of the manna YHWH supplied during the forty year wandering of Israel, and the rod of Aaron that budded. The Ark was not built as a god to be worshiped, but as a box to hold these items of evidence through time proving that the events of Scripture are real and that the covenant between YHWH and Israel is real. Since this box holds the evidence of Yah's connection with Israel it was the place that YHWH chose to manifest His glory in the midst of the camp of Israel. Like the original Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the United States, which are foundational to the forming of a nation, the Ark houses those artifacts that are foundational to the formation of Israel as Yah's set apart nation in the earth.

Are they killing us with Pharmakeia?

Q. My question is about Rev. 18:23. "For your merchants were great men of the earth because all the nations were deceived by your sorcery" (Strongs 5331 Pharmakeia, medication, sorcery). Is part of Babylon the pharmaceuticals? And how does this connect to the Church system, As a whole picture of Babylon? Not long ago I lost my brother. As a child they said that he had all kinds of behavior problems and started to give him all kinds of tablets. I saw his personality change completely. After years on the medication he was like another person and didn't talk any more like the brother I used to know. It was like someone different took him over. At the age of 35 years he died. They said they were trying a new medication. This made me start thinking. I heard that one of the companies that make medications is Bayer, and that Bayer was very much involved in the Second World War and killing the Jews. Are they still doing this by using medication, are they trying to kill the Israelites by using medication, vaccination etc? They know the DNA of Israel. So if they know the DNA can they make drugs focus on DNA of a specific tribe to kill them? There was a time after my brother died I was very much afraid but I am learning to put my trust in Yeshua and I know that Yeshua's will, will be done.

Tsiyon Answer - I'm very sorry to hear of your loss of your brother. Here are some thoughts on pharmakeia. Here are some official statistics:

Therapeutic Drug Use (Data are for the U.S.):

Percent of persons using at least one prescription drug in the past month: 47.9% (2005-2008)

Percent of persons using three or more prescription drugs in the past month: 21.4% (2005-2008)


These figures are for 2008. I've read elsewhere that legal drug use has now passed the 50% mark in the USA. Here, it is a common practice for children to be given drugs to pacify them so they are not a 'problem' in school. Some drugs are relatively harmless, while others can kill you. Others won't directly kill you, but they will alter your personality or simply dull your perceptions. A lot of common drugs have this capacity, especial when mixed with other drugs. Lots of people are taking handfuls of drugs every day and are completely dependent upon them. Fear is a big factor in drug use. When a doctor tells you that you need to take a certain drug because of some perceived health risk fear is a prime motivator to take the drug - even if it turns you into a near-zombie.

Does all this drug use aid in the deception of the population? Of course. This is one major way that the population is dumbed-down and pacified to accept the lies of the world system that are blasted at people constantly via the popular media. Drugs and the changes associated with them very often destroy one's mind, including critical thought. This works to the benefit of every segment of the world system, be it commercial, governmental or religious. The leadership of each of those groups prefers a pacified and easily suggestible population.

Beyond that, pharmakaia and the system that pushes it kills a lot of people. Consider this:

"The total number of iatrogenic deaths [deaths caused by the health care system] is 783,936 [annually in the USA]. It is evident that the American medical system is the leading cause of death and injury in the United States." Of course, these are only those deaths admitted by the medical system. Since they "bury their mistakes" the real number is no doubt hugely higher, into the multi-millions each year.

How does the Church fit into this? This story brings together the church, the state and big pharma:

Again, I'm very sorry to hear about your brother. I know it must have been a horrible experience to see your brother changed and finally killed by the medical system. Whether he was singled out because of his ethnicity I don't know. Certainly, its possible. However, so many people of every ethnicity are killed by the medical system it would be very hard to tell if a certain group was being singled out.

I understand how frightening it must have been to witness this happening to your brother. Your concerns are justified in view of globalist depopulation plans (Google: depopulation). The evidence suggests that the elite are actively trying to kill as many people as possible, and the medical system is only one way they are doing it. We all would do well to understand this, stop believing the lies, and steer clear of the machinations of the world system as much as possible.

Trusting in Y'shua is the way to go. As you follow Him He can direct your steps and open your eyes to hazards before they happen. He is preparing a place of safety for the remnant, when we are ready as a people to go there.

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From Eliyahu

Following the apostasy of the 70 nations at Babel, Genesis now turns to Yah's plan to create a nation for Himself. That plan begins with Abram, father of the faithful. There is much in the life of Abram that related directly to the Remnant of Israel in these last days, as you will learn, in our latest Midrash.


Eliyahu ben David 

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