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  Tsiyon News

Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 8.08 -  12/14/6012 TAM  -  02/24/13 AD

Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

Perfected Love

Genesis 22

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  Perfected Love

The love of Abraham.After these things, Elohim tested Abraham, and said to him, “Abraham!” He said, “Here I am.” He said, “Now take your son, your only son, whom you love, even Isaac, and go into the land of Moriah. Offer him there as a burnt offering on one of the mountains which I will tell you of.”  Bereshit/Genesis 22:1+2

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Tsiyon News

Glorystar SatelliteTsiyon Road is now on Glorystar Satellite! - We are happy to announce that Tsiyon Road is now being broadcast 24/7/365 from Galaxy 19, available through Glorystar Satellite. Glorystar is a family-friendly Christian alternative to Direct TV and Dish TV. A major difference is - there are no monthly subscription payments! We will be sharing more about our new Glorystar affiliation soon, including special deals on Glorystar Satellite for our listeners, but for now we would just like to say that we are delighted that Glorystar will be making Tsiyon Road available to millions of people living virtually anywhere in North America, with the Caribbean and some of South America also in reach. 

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Purim - This is a Jewish holiday that originates in the book of Ester, which occurs on the 14th and 15th of the 12th Hebrew month (Ester 9:20-23). On the secular calendar this year, that would be the days starting on sundown of February 24 + 25. While this is a meaningful and Biblical Jewish celebration, it is optional for all non-Jews, since it is not among the Appointments of YHWH listed in Leviticus 23. In any case, it is about the victory of the righteous over the wicked, so hurray! and Happy Purim!

Tsiyon Messianic Scriptures - Free Download: We have prepared new versions of our latest Tsiyon Messianic Scriptures for you! These include the entire book of Bereshit/Genesis as well as the first of the five books of Psalms for your use in our EBD Bet Midrash. These are the same version, with some updates, that we use in the Midrash, so you can follow along using the same translation we are reading from on the program. You can download these latest Tsiyon Messianic Scriptures free of charge from this page.

Tsiyon Road Internet Access Problems - Some listeners have reported that they have lost access to Tsiyon Road on their mobile device. This has occurred because our streaming server was attacked by hackers, forcing a change in our technical internet stream address. This means that even though our radio stream is available and playing, and has been all along, you may not be able to hear it on your device because the address has changed relative to the app you are using, and they may not have updated our address yet. To get access again, please read this or call us for help at: 888-230-2440. 

Tsiyon Tabernacle Highlights

Tsiyon Tabernacle is the name of our Tsiyon Membership site where members can listen to Tsiyon programs from our archive, and even interact in our social environment, if they want to. You can join at the introductory level free by signing up here, if you haven't done so already. Below we are reproduced a couple of recent comments from members in the Tabernacle that we thought readers of Tsiyon News would enjoy.

Tabernacle - Member Comment written on Tsiyon's Wall - While reading the newsletter this morning and contemplating on Tsiyon, I came to a conclusion and it was this: You don’t sleep, do you? Tsiyon is not a large operation but yet you produced the teachings all these years, with the many e-books and the website and NOW we have the radio and the Tabernacle and the EBD Bet Midrash and the Messianic Scriptures and the Messianic Psalms Book 1 and now this weekend, the rest of Bereshith is typed and done and it is mind boggling. You post, answer letters, talk on the phone, raise all your children, shepherd us but above all that, you have had to set aside time to study, write, pray, seek Yahweh. So I want to say this about all that. Praise Yahweh for all of you who participate but especially Eliyahu, Dawn and the children for dedicating your lives to HIM and to us.

Tabernacle - Posted in General Discussion - I have been blessed today in being able to come to town with my husband and get on the library computer for awhile, I wanted to tell you all about an awakening that came to me this past midrash. My husband and I have been with the program for I believe going on 4 years now. When we first started, when my husband heard E’s Paradigm shift program he was in tears afterwards. I couldn’t understand why he had gotten so emotional about it, he told me that ”He was Home”. He had been brought up in church all his life, I was not. I was one of the ”fence sitters”, one of the ”I believe in God, what more can He want from me?” kind of people. I had Him work in my life, and I did thank Him for it, but that was all I thought I needed to do. So, in all truthfulness, I didn’t see it. I was suspicious of what E was saying, I mean after all, didn’t it say in the Word to beware of false prophets? What made E so different from others that I should believe what he said?

I will honestly say family, that I gave my husband a hard time of it. I fought him tooth and nail about everything. I thank YAHWEH again for sending me such a patient loving man that knows his headship, but also knows who his Messiah is. He guided me along gently, firmly, I began to listen to the teachings and found that E wasn’t a Copeland, Dollar, DuPlantis kind of man. All he ever told us was go to Yahweh about the things you hear, look to the Word for confirmation.

This past Midrash, as my husband and I were listening to it, I suddenly had a moment of my breath being taken away, and something inside me just jumped! It was like my mind cleared and and suddenly I KNEW that this is definitely the place to be, the man to listen to, the heart, soul, body and mind to give to Messiah totally, no matter what He should ask.

The next day I listened to the Paradigm Shift program again, for the first time, and knew also that I was home! I thought that I also was in a paradigm shift. Yahweh has been gracious and patient with me, has helped me come along with His loving kindness and mercy, and ALL the blessings He had so freely given to me through the years. It shames me to think that I never tried to be the bond slave that He wanted from me for so long, but I know that He forgives me for that as I have asked for His forgiveness. What an honor to know that He loves me so much! How can I not bend to His will when He asks?

I really don’t know how to end this, except to say that Yah has given me a new strength and belief in so many things. My LIFE is His, and I am so greatful for that. It is such a blessing to be included in His remnant!

I hope to be able to get to the library more often, there is so much I would like to say to all of my family that I can’t do on my phone. I would like to share about this blessed journey to total obedience. There are times I would like to talk to you all about things we have observed with people we know and ask for your prayers for them. These are people we love, and they turn their hearts and eyes away. These are the ”fence sitters”, and it pains us both to see them. But unfortunately, at this library, you only have a limited time on, and it is starting the final few. We pray for you all everyday, we look for others here that might be part of the Messiah's remnant. Yah Bless and Keep you ALL!

Need to talk to us? - In the USA and Canada just call us toll free at (888) 230-2440 for help. Internationally, email us and we will arrange a phone or Skype call for you.

From Eliyahu

While the battle rages Tsiyon and the Tsiyon community continues to overcome every obstacle - and even to grow. How do we do that? We know that on Yah's side it is His grace that sustains us. But the question still remains, how can we - you and I - how can we continue to overcome through every trial as the battle continues to intensify through these last days? In our latest midrash we look at Abraham for the answer to that question. And make no mistake - the answer IS there - and this answer can give you exactly what you need to endure and even thrive, all the way to the end of this age! Don't miss this! You need it! We all do.


Eliyahu ben David 

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