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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 8.28 -  05/14/6013 TAM  -  07/23/13 AD

Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

The Divine Will

Genesis 41:46 - 43:25

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The Divine Will

Joseph's brothers come to ask for grain Genesis 42:5-8The sons of Israel came to buy among those who came [to Egypt], for the famine was in the land of Canaan. Joseph was the governor over the land. It was he who sold to all the people of the land. Genesis 42:5-7

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Tsiyon News

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Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God by Jonathan Edwards:  This classic sermon played a role in the CD Album title of the same name by Jonathan David Brown.  The Tsiyon Messianic Version of Jonathan Edwards’ Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God is the latest title in The Classics Series featured in the Tsiyon Reading Room. Kathy will be reading our Tsiyon Messianic Edition of this classic sermon on the air this week. Want to follow along? Watch for Kathy's post at the website where you can obtain this as an eBook download in PDF format or click the picture.

Tsiyon Listener Q+A

Listener Question: "What about believers not in the Greater Exodus?"

We are discussing Midrash 30 Breaking Away.  Specifically the end portion of the discussion where it talks about those who are believers and are saved, but do not have the call of the remnant people.  Here is the question:  What happens to these folks?  They do not keep Sabbath, they follow the Christian doctrines, so what will be the judgment on them in the end? Are they forgiven because they thought they were doing right?  Are they doomed because they are not keeping the commandments?  We are looking for your insight on this?  We have many loved ones in this situation that we have shared the message with, but they do not see the need to change. I'm sure everyone does, so maybe more folks have this question.

Tsiyon Answer: "What about believers not in the Greater Exodus?"

Dawn forwarded your question to me, and I think you're right that others probably have this same question as well. If I were to sum up your question in one sentence I think you are asking me:

"What will happen to saved believers who do not join the Remnant in the Greater Exodus?"

First, let's note that the Remnant of Israel and all who join themselves to them, to go home to Israel as one nation together in the Greater Exodus, will enjoy many advantages.

Here are a few advantages of inclusion in the 2nd Exodus:

1. The Remnant fulfills prophecy and are instruments of Yah's glory in a unique way in these last days. (See )

2. The Remnant follow Messiah in a more complete revelation of His will in these last days. (Isa 8:16-18, Dan 12:3,10, Rev 14:1-5)

3. The Remnant enjoy the special blessings that come to those who keep His Commandments. (Gen 26:3-5, Duet 28:1-14, Ps 94:12, 112:1, Isa 56:2, Neh 1:9, Jn 15:10, 1 Jn 2:3, Rev 22:14)

4. Each one of the Remnant will find and function in his/her own unique place in Yah's nation. (Ex 12:41, Ps 110:3)

5. All of the spiritual gifts in Messiah will thus be manifest, for the benefit of all, according to Divine Order. (Ps 29:2, 96:9, Joel 2:19-32, Eph 4:11-16)

6. The Remnant will go out of the doomed nations to a place of safety prepared ahead of time by Elohim. (Micah 2:12+13, Joel 2:32, Obe 1:15-18, Luke 21:36, Rev 12:16)

7. What Yah does with the Remnant will inspire a Great Multitude from all nations to embrace Messiah.  (Acts 15:16-18, Eze 38:23, 39:7, Rev 7)

Now, what about believers who do not return with the Remnant? Here is a clue from Scripture:

I heard another voice from heaven, saying, “Come out of her, my people, that you have no participation in her sins, and that you don’t receive of her plagues, for her sins have reached to the sky, and God has remembered her iniquities." Rev 18:4-5

Here YHWH addresses "My people" to "come out of her" - that is, out of Babylon the Great. While all would do well to answer this call right now, in prophetic context this will be a last call, which will go out near the end of the Tribulation, just before "Babylon" will be utterly destroyed in judgment of her vast mountain of sins. Even at that late date YHWH will still be calling to any of His people still remaining a part of Babylon to get out. If they don't, they will share her fate very soon thereafter.

This tells us that there will be reluctant and stubborn believers right up to the final bell, who may, nevertheless, escape the judgment of Babylon, even at so late a date as that! This is nothing but a testimony to the amazing patience, compassion and love of YHWH for even the most intransigent of believers. Even then He calls them to repent and He will STILL receive them! However, at that point, if they do not act immediately, they WILL be destroyed along with Babylon the Great at her destruction. Personally, I think it foolish and dangerous indeed for anyone to ignore YHWH in favor of Babylon, but, everyone must make their own decision for themselves about what they will do.

On the bright side, during the Tribulation many believers and unbelievers alike will see that the same God of the Bible, YHWH, has re-gathered His scattered Remnant out of all the earth, and delivers them with a mighty hand and an outstretched arm as in days of old. This will result in a great harvest of believers out of all nations joining themselves to the then-restored Remnant of Israel. This will be the greatest harvest of the Earth in history, with a great multitude responding from every nation. The choice during that time will be, join the anti-christ or join the Remnant in Messiah - there will be no middle ground. In preparation for that great harvest of the earth, YHWH will retain some chosen vessels in each of the nations, to serve His people and His Kingdom during those days.

Thus the picture I see for those who do not return with the Remnant in the Second Exodus is that they may be among those enamored with Babylon and slow to respond - or - they may be staying behind because YHWH yet has work for them where they are, during the coming Tribulation. Such ones will face many hazards in the nations during those days, but may Yah's will be done in each of our lives.

As for us, while we should do our best to bless everyone, we must let go of the outcome for any individual, since that outcome will ultimately be between them and the Most High. If we now grasp the Remnant message, it is because YHWH is opening that opportunity to us. Let us focus all we have on fulfilling that call, while praying for those who don't now see the truth we are seeing - that in due time they may enter into the fullness of His will for their lives. If they are His then they too are beloved, and we can rest assured that He will never leave them in life or death, even as He will never leave us.

As the prophetic clock ticks down toward the end of the Age, may we be found walking in His will, and may His name be lifted up in all the earth.


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From Eliyahu

The Divine Will is unstoppable, not only in the grand sweep of Yah's Purpose, but also in the unerring intricacy of every facet and detail along the way. This is powerfully manifested to us in the lives of the Patriarchs, culminating in the story of Joseph - and beyond, all the way down to our day. Yes, the Remnant today is caught in the grip of His Will. What may seem to us as mundane events of daily life punctuated by trials, struggles and suffering is really so much more than that. All of these experiences are really sacred strands in the fabric of Yah's Great Plan, interweaving our very lives with His and with one another in a living story - His Story - an everlasting testimony and praise to His Great Name!

Blessings and Shalom!   

Eliyahu ben David 

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