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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 8.29 -  05/21/6013 TAM  -  07/30/13 AD

Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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Genesis 43:26-45:24

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Judah+Joseph Sticks Then Judah came near to Joseph. Genesis 44:18

Behold, I will take the stick of Joseph ..and I will put them with ..the stick of Judah, and make them one stick, and they shall be one in my hand...     Behold, I will take the children of Israel from among the nations, where they are gone, and will gather them on every side, and bring them into their own Land: and I will make them one nation in the Land. Ezekiel 37:19-22

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Tsiyon Listener Q+A

Listener Question: A Dream About Security in Days to Come?

     I had the most awful dream last night. We were living in a town, ..but it wasn't a nice place to live. The dream had (me, my daughter and several other relatives - "our family-group") in it. My husband wasn't there [in the dream]. The area where we lived was a bit scary and there was a house we could go to. I guess it was like a church. It had an outer sort of hall or vestry and an inner sanctum were we felt safe. Our family-group started to visit the house and everyone there (in the larger "security-group") was really lovely and made us feel welcome and secure. We began to feel so scared of the outside world that we moved into the house.
     At first things were great and we felt secure and loved. Then things started to change (with the security-group), we began to notice that something wasn't right. We tried to leave the house voluntary but it was frowned upon. The leaders were Asian/Middle East origin men and they began to get quite ugly in their ways. We managed to contact the husband of one lady in our family-group and asked him to rescue us and take us away from the house to safety. He only took his wife and left the rest of us there. I rang him up screaming at him calling him a coward and that he needed to be a man and contact the police and come and get the rest of us. He wouldn't. People began to be trafficked from the house.
     ..Our family-group came up with a plan. We just packed our bags and went to leave the house, leaving the others there (in the security-group) to their fate, we tried to talk sense into them but they ignored us, mocking us. We got to the outer hall and the men stopped us, they wanted to know what was in the bag and where were we going as they told us they could not allow us to leave. I sweet-talked one of them and said please let us get us fresh air, we can talk outside about this. He reluctantly agreed and we all went outside, bags and all. Then I screamed for us all to run, and we ran.
      We ran so fast .. along Clifford Avenue (our childhood home). It seemed forever to get from the postbox at the top of the street to just near Mom and Dad's house, it is about 30 houses or so. My heart was beating so hard it nearly came out of my chest. The bad man was nearly catching us, we ran so hard, so very hard and we made it. We got into Mom and Dad's house and just managed to bolt all of the doors before the man began banging on the door trying to get to us. But we were safe, he couldn't get us anymore. My heart was beating so hard I woke up.
      I was so scared when I woke up. ..It was a really horrible dream and very vivid. ..Any ideas?

Tsiyon Answer: A Dream About Security in Days to Come?

You have certainly had a very scary dream. The dream may have some personal meaning for you that is not appropriate for me to comment on. If so, may YHWH bring that forth to you according to His will. Having said that, YHWH has given me some impressions about your dream which I can share.

What comes to mind for me is a prophetic word that YHWH sent me through Brother Mark. Among other things, He said;

“They shall run from the cities to the places where they cannot be harmed. They think it is in towns but that is not the place. I am calling them home to my dwelling house in my town. Lead them to my house.”

This word is talking about a time of civil unrest yet ahead which will bring great stress on virtually the whole civilized world. Global economic collapse coupled with wars and other catastrophic problems will bring on massive unemployment, homelessness, food shortages and even famine. Food will be lacking from the supermarket shelves, motivating waves of homeless, hungry and angry people taking to the streets in search of the things they need, any way they can get them. Looting, robbery, thuggery, car-jackings, house-jackings, rape, brutality and even murder will be widespread. This severe social unrest will cause the governments of the world to crack down harshly on civil liberties, but even this will not be enough to suppress the civil unrest. The numbers of people desperate for necessities, and others using the opportunity to live out the darkest side of inhumanity to man, will be so vast that law enforcement officers, and even military, will be completely outnumbered and overwhelmed.

Of course the effects of this social unrest will be most greatly felt in the cities, which will become dangerous to the extreme. Here is where people shall "run from the cities to the places where they cannot be harmed." Indeed, it is not hard to understand people running to a perceived place of safety in such circumstances. This prophetic word calls all such places "towns" saying; "They think it is in towns but that is not the place."

The term "town" is used here in the sense of small communities of people seeking safety through coming together for that purpose. These may range in size from what we traditionally call a "town" to much smaller groups in which people will band together for security; in a church, a farm, a gang, a commune or whatever. The common factor here is people banding together to find safety in numbers. Groups of people are already forming like this, since there is a growing number of people who see the handwriting on the wall and know this coming civil breakdown is inevitable. These preparations are now ongoing among many different groups, including some Christian and even Messianic groups now selling land and forming potential "safe" communities.

Logic suggests this course of action, so why does YHWH say that such "towns" are "not the place"? There is more than one answer to that, but your dream speaks to one very important answer. Here is how I see that:

In your dream you (and your family-group) were living in a scary place. It became so scary, in fact, that you joined some sort of local security-group of people in something like a church building where you "felt safe." As you visited "everyone was really lovely and made your family-group "feel welcome and secure" you moved in there with the rest of the people, feeling that would make you "secure." So far so good.

As your dream progressed, and you were now living in the security-group, you began to feel that something was wrong. You soon realized that you were not allowed to leave. You noticed the leaders were "Asian/Middle East origin men" who behaved "quite ugly." I'm sure you are not a racist person in dreaming that. What you are seeing here is people who fit the Western archetype of sinister and oppressive men as portrayed in the popular entertainment of western culture, who, in reality, can be found among all races. The point is, a "town" you joined for safety was now getting anything but safe, due to alien leadership. I'm not talking about space aliens here. I mean "alien" in the sense of alien to you, and therefore unconcerned about your interests, if not actually harboring hostile intentions toward you.

Here is where we begin to discern the answer to the question: why are such "towns not the place"? A big problem is: sinister leaders who are not exposed as sinister until AFTER people are under their control. The truth is, the common need for safety is not enough to create unity in any group. When, through crisis, people are forced this close together for an extended period of time, differences in people on every level soon threaten to break the security-group into fragments, and soon thereafter to destroy it completely. Nobody is really prepared in advance for how difficult this can be - especially people from western societies who are used to creature comforts and getting what they want. Leaders generally aren't prepared for this either, and most will respond to the discord inherent in this scenario by resorting to authoritarian control, sometimes up to and including brute force. The net result is that people grouping together for safety will soon find that they are not in harmony on everything but the common need for safety, and this will soon lead to a very unsafe environment indeed!

In your dream you came to see you were no longer safe in that environment, so you called your sister's husband to save you. After saving his wife he was unwilling to risk anything further to save the rest of you. Frankly, this is very realistic. In this sort of dangerous scenario, once people have met the vital interests of themselves, their spouse, and maybe their kids, they will generally not expose themselves further, even for friends and relatives. Under this kind of pressure you will discovery things about formerly trusted people that you never would have believed. Simply not helping is not the worst of it either. Y'shua said; "You will be handed over even by parents, brothers, relatives, and friends. They will cause some of you to be put to death" (Luke 21:16). Perhaps some of those who were "handed over" and even "put to death" could have included those persons "trafficked from the house" in your dream.

It is interesting that you tried "to talk sense into [others there] but they ignored us, mocking us." This too is to be expected in such a scenario. Studies done on cult groups who operate very much along the same psychological lines as the scenario in your dream reveal that most people who have sought safety in an authoritarian group will blind themselves to the truth. In fact, it is par for the course for them to ridicule and attack reasonable persons among them who confront them with the dangers they are all facing from out-of-control leadership. Trying to help such people is a dangerous behavior, by the way, because the odds are high that they will soon report dissenters to the leaders, who will then dole out retribution. Happily, in your dream you got out before that could happen, by literally running for your lives.

You were able to find short-term refuge at your childhood home on Clifford Ave. I find it interesting that the meaning of the name "Clifford" is "cliff-side ford" ( A "ford" in this context is a crossing-point. A "cliff-side ford" is therefore a very precarious crossing-point indeed - very much like the narrow escape in your dream. What were you crossing over to? Your dream didn't continue thereafter to answer that question. However, Yah's prophetic word, of which your dream reminds me, said this; "I am calling them home to my dwelling house in my town. Lead them to my house.” Notice that this is Yah's alternative to the "towns" (groups for safety) that people will be running to. What does this mean?

When YHWH says "I am calling them home to my dwelling house in my town" we understand "home" here to be nothing less than the Tabernacle of David under Messiah - this is the Davidic leadership-covering for the Remnant Nation of Israel which will eventually come to rest in Israel, centered in Jerusalem. This will reverse the movement of the nexus of Messianic leadership from Jerusalem, of James and his administration of the first century, to the pagan "Church" centered at Rome. With the return of the Remnant out of all the nations to Israel, leadership of the true Messianic community will once again be centered in Jerusalem, as it rightly should be.

This word is not talking about the end of the Tribulation when Messiah will come. The timing on this assumes this choice as an alternative to the coming chaos which will send people running, looking for a place of safety. In other words, YHWH is now calling His Remnant together, to join under Davidic leadership, to return home in the Second Exodus BEFORE the need arises - before the great masses of people on the earth run to seek safety from the coming chaos. He is telling the Remnant not to get caught up in the frenzy looking for any possible place of safety, since this will only distract them from His Divine Will. Rather, He is "calling" them "home" i.e. to invest themselves and their resources into preparations to gather the Remnant nation to return home to Israel in the Second Exodus. This is what will bring us to a place of real safety, just in time - the place He is preparing for us. This is the ONLY place of earthly safety He is offering. This is the place He is talking about when He said to me; "Lead them to my house."

I find it so interesting that you had this dream during the very time we are discussing the warning dreams of the future, in the story of Joseph. It seems to me that you have had such a dream about the future looming before us, as we move toward the end in these last days. Your dream underscores the folly of seeking safety and security after the manner of those who don't know Yah's Will. It is a powerful warning to us to focus on preparations for our return in the Second Exodus. May all of the Remnant gather with us for the return home, while there is yet time.

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From Eliyahu

Sometimes it takes more time and a deeper study to get to the gold. That's how it is with the Joseph story in Genesis that we are considering. Yes, this story has been endlessly written about, sermonized, and turned into plays and even movies, so you would think that we've got this by now. Well, we haven't! That's why I have produced a four hour Midrash this week. There is a deeper message for the Remnant of Israel in this Joseph story, and I know you will thrill to the deeper insights and truths that YHWH here reveals, just as I have. I'm talking about totally new revelation bringing new clarity to how the Second Exodus will unfold. If you are Remnant this is especially for you.

Blessings and Shalom!   

Eliyahu ben David 

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