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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 8.34 -  06/28/6013 TAM  -  09/04/13 AD

Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

Reflecting on Genesis




On the road to Tsiyon

Hidden in Plain Sight

Focus on Israel

Tsiyon Reading Room



Reflecting on Genesis

Elohim created heaven and earthOver the last year we have carefully studied every verse of the Book of Genesis, the Book of Beginnings. We have found that it fully explains the evil in our world, while also revealing the order, beauty, goodness and perfection of our incomparable Creator. Let us now reflect on what we've learned, as we look at this work-in-progress from our Creator's hand.

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Upcoming 7th Month Schedule: This Sabbath is the last Sabbath of the 6th Hebrew month. That means that the next Israel sighting of the new moon crescent will mark Day 1 of the 7th month, which is also Yom Teruah, commonly called the Feast of Trumpets and also the Feast of Shouting. This is a rest day, like a Sabbath, and is also a day of great jubilation and celebration. This is the feast day of some coming year on which Messiah will return! Because of the position of the moon this month and year, this day is expected to begin at sundown of September 7th of 2013, although there is a very unlikely possibility it could begin on September 6th instead. We will have to wait and watch to be absolutely sure.

Assuming a September 7th Yom Teruah, this 7th Month looks like this: The first work day of the month will begin on September 8th. Starting with that day we count 6 work days, and then the 7th day is Sabbath. That puts the first regular Sabbath of the 7th Hebrew month on the 8th day, which this year, begins on September 14th. The regular Sabbaths of this 7th month, therefore, will commence on the 14th, 21st, and 28th of September, and on the 5th of October. Because of Yom Teruah the 7th month is the only month of the Hebrew calendar on which the regular Sabbaths fall on the 8th, 15th, 22nd, and 29th of the Hebrew month.

Assuming this same schedule, Yom Kippur / Day of Atonement begins sundown of September 16th. Sukkot marks the time when Messiah was born, coming into the world to "tabernacle among us." The 1st day of Sukkot / Tabernacles begins on September 21st and the Last Great Day of Sukkot begins on September 28th. All of these special days start at sundown of the day listed and continue to the next sundown.

A Special Broadcast Month - Midrash Marathon Madness Month: Apart from it's Biblical significance, this 7th Hebrew month marks the first full year of broadcast of our Messianic radio station, Tsiyon Road. We are very excited about all that has been accomplished in that year, so will be celebrating all of that this 7th month, which we have dubbed Midrash Marathon Madness Month. This will include a special broadcast schedule, and even a contest with prizes to bless our listeners. We have a lot to celebrate this month and we invite all of you to join in the celebration with us! Immediately on the first day of the new 7th Hebrew Month we will post full details on the home page of our website, and we will be posting a Broadcast Schedule that will enable you to keep up with our Tsiyon Road activities daily throughout the month.

This is going to be a wild 7th month, and we look forward to celebrating it with you![Learn more about these special days in these passages: Lev 16:29-34, 23:1-34, Num 29:1-40, 2 Chron 7:7-11, Jn 1:14 etc. See also the book Holy Time]            

Free Downloads: We have posted some new free resources for use with EBD Bet Midrash. Note that our text of Exodus has been posted. Another update of the Midrash Torah Schedule will be posted before we start considering Exodus in the Midrash.

Here are the latest updated or new downloads:

  • Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash Torah Schedule - Updated 8-31-13

  • Tsiyon Messianic Scriptures - Bereshit/Genesis - Updated 8-31-13

  • Tsiyon Messianic Scriptures - Shemot/Exodus - Posted 8-31-13

You can download these free resources here.


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From Eliyahu

In this week's Midrash we will review and reflect upon what we have learned in the 50 chapters of the Book of Genesis. This gives us an opportunity to fully assimilate what we have taken in from this amazing book over the last year, before we move on to Exodus.

Of all the uplifting truths that have come to light in our study of Genesis over this last year, one of my favorites was the revelation from the very first chapter that the earth was created as the center of the physical universe. That fact, its implications, and the details of how Elohim created the physical universe, comprise a view of the universe I call Torah Cosmology. This stands in stark contrast with the Godless and hopeless view of the universe that has been pushed at us from every direction for more than a hundred years, which I call Popular Cosmology. That cosmology has only one thing going for it: its popular, due to the fact that people are rarely if ever exposed to the competing (and correct) point of view.

The high priest of Popular Cosmology is, of course, Albert Einstein, the savior of Godless "science" who, through the magic of incomprehensible and insufferable mathematical equations, gave the atheistic eggheads a theoretical platform from which they could launch the "Big Bang" - a theory that really states (I'm not making this up) that a lot of nothing exploded  13.7 billion years ago (the .7 is supposed to make you think this is an actual number) and in so doing, brought our universe into existence. 

Einstein's "theory of relativity" also gives the eggheads an excuse for why all the data received from space indicates that the earth is at the center of the universe (spatial isotropy) - since everything is "relative," everywhere appears to be the center of the universe, or so they say. For example, Stephen Hawking comments:

“...all this evidence that the universe looks the same whichever direction we look in might seem to suggest there is something special about our place in the universe ...There is, however, an alternate explanation: the universe might look the same in every direction as seen from any other galaxy, too ...We have no scientific evidence for, or against, this assumption. We believe it only on grounds of modesty: it would be most remarkable if the universe looked the same in every direction around us, but not around other points in the universe.” [Stephen Hawking “A Brief History of Time” 1988 p.42]

Yes, Einstein's "theory of relativity" is science theory, not science fact. As Hawking points out, this is accepted because to accept the observable data at face value puts the earth at the center of the universe, and "science" is just too modest to allow for that! [Hawking could not bring himself to actually say the word "center" - but that is the elephant in the living room he is talking his way around.]

Meanwhile, data keeps coming in challenging the assumptions of Popular Cosmology. Here is just one recent example:

“What's the biggest thing In the universe? That would be a cluster of quasars so large it would take a vehicle traveling at the speed of light 4 billion lightyears to cross. The structure, known as a Large Quasar Group, or LQG, is so massive scientists say it may challenge a fundamental principle of cosmology, laid out by Albert Einstein, which states that when viewed on a sufficiently large scale, the properties of the universe are the same for all observers.” [News.Discovery.Com Scientists Discover Universe's Largest Structure JAN 11, 2013 BY IRENE KLOTZ]

That “fundamental principle of cosmology, laid out by Albert Einstein” (which is nothing less than the theory of relativity on which the so-called “Big Bang” is based) makes the case Hawking was talking about. Namely, that everything looks essentially the same everywhere in the universe, so that even though the earth seems to be at the center, everything must look that way from everywhere else too. Guess again. LQG, allegedly the largest structure in the universe, is completely unique from all other observed space structures, so clearly does not look “the same for all observers” at every point in space, arguing against Hawking's "modesty" assumption. Bottom line: earth IS at the center of the universe, just as it appears to be. This underscores one more fact we should never forget: In the end, Yah's Word will win out, because His Word is truth.

All of this brings us back to what Genesis is all about: Elohim created the earth and us on it for a purpose. Genesis is not vague about that purpose either. It is filled with life-changing information that helps us get in synch with both our Creator and His Creation, of which we are a part. Join me for this Midrash this Sabbath on Tsiyon Road for more discussion of the amazing Torah Truth found in Genesis.

Blessings and Shalom!   

Eliyahu ben David 



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