Thanks for taking the time to write. I'm pleased that you have been blessed by our teaching regarding the Tetrad Moons. This topic is getting a lot of attention right now. However, Tsiyon first started teaching on this and related events before all the hype. Here are links to a few of our programs that deal with this: (Aug, 2008) (April, 2010) (July, 2011) (1st video on page)

Thanks for sharing about your family background and what happened with your mother and grandfather. That WWII period was an impossible time for many of our people. Like your grandfather, many chose to hide their Jewish identity to save the lives of their families. None of us can afford to judge them too harshly, because we may face times as difficult or worse in days ahead. It seems that things worked out well for you though, ending up in Canada and there coming to know Messiah. Not all of us were blessed with the distinctive Jewish nose that, going by your comments, apparently characterizes your family. In any case, all sorts of noses are gladly welcomed here at Tsiyon! I hope someday to meet you in person, if not before, perhaps when we return to the Land. Until then, I look forward to more fellowship with you via this ministry. Shalom and be Blessed, Eliyahu

Listener Prayer Request: Praying for fellowship in Australia
My prayer request is for strength, as i do not have any like minded people around me as i am in Australia Victoria about 1 hr 15 min drive from Melbourne city so i must say i am blessed to have a computer to have access to all the wonderful Hebraic teaching. Blessings and shalom to you all @ Tsiyon.

Tsiyon Volunteer Answer

We have a group in the Tabernacle just for folks from Australia to fellowship with one another. The group includes a few other brothers. If you are interested in joining the group--let us know.

[Join us in this prayer for our brother] FATHER we lift up our brother to You and ask You to sustain him and draw other like-minded believers into fellowship with HIM. Thank You for providing an internet connection and the vital teachings You are giving to Your people in this day. Draw close in fellowship, Messiah, and bless this brother with Your awesome presence! In Messiah's name we pray.

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A Message from our Tsiyon Volunteers

Jacob, Shelia, and Dawn who answer email, phone, and mail inquiries here at Tsiyon have noted a few common questions that we thought we would take a moment in this week's newsletter to share with all of you. If you are having any technical issues or problems streaming the radio, we are here to help.

Shelia regularly answers phone calls from folks with problems as frustrating but easy to fix as lost passwords or log-in issues, to the more complex issues of helping work through a variety of technical problems with various different devices as well as being really friendly and willing to pray and encourage folks.

Jacob has been helping folks in the Tabernacle with prayer support, help to find their way around, and even offering support in learning to use the Chat feature for those who find online chat a new experience.

Dawn's been receiving notes from a number of people with questions regarding the Talmidim program. Did you know that if you can stream the radio station, you can do the entire Talmidim program for free!

What's the Talmidim program you ask?

It is a complete Hebrew Roots education. Combined with the ongoing weekly Torah studies, the Talmidim and Torah Club are designed to help you prepare fully for the upcoming second Exodus. So how do you participate in the Talmidim program? Simple. Tune in Tsiyon Road Messianic Radio. We have a number of ways for you to do so. When you tune in on work days, you will hear the great On The Road To Tsiyon with Eliyahu ben David and Dawn programming material of the Talmidim program. If you are a regular listener you will hear all of the Talmidim programs in about a year's time.

To make the most of the program and get credit for completing the Talmidim program simply visit If you haven't already done so, click on "Register" to obtain a log-in name and password. Next, whenever you hear an On The Road To Tsiyon program, log into the website and post a comment. You will no doubt see comments from other folks just like you who have also been working on completing the Talmidim program. Upon completion, you may be asked to get more involved in Tsiyon!

Now, we also have the Torah Club. Folks wonder if it is the same as the Talmidim program. The Midrash programs are entirely free to listen to and have download materials available too. Look for the Eliyahu ben David bet Midrash link on the home page at to download study materials, view the study schedule, and familiarize yourself with the midrash programming. The midrash airs each Sabbath on Tsiyon Road, so you can listen to the previous week's midrash and the current midrash on most Sabbath days. You can also log in and comment at the website about each program you listen to.

In addition, for those folks who choose to join the Torah Club the MP3 files of the midrash are available in an online archive to download and listen to again and again or via additional devices. For more details on the Torah Club, please log into the Tsiyon Tabernacle at or give us a call today. We'd be glad to help out in any way we can or answer any questions you may have in locating resources at our website(s). Tsiyon has been broadcasting since 2006 and our websites are RICH with content YHWH has poured out. We welcome helping folks find just the resources they are looking for at our website(s) and/or spiritually.

This week we have wonderful news regarding the 2nd Exodus Project just for Tsiyon Tabernacle Members! If it is has been a while since you have logged into the Tsiyon Tabernacle and you are interested in news about the Second Exodus--you are going to want to log in. Please contact us if you need any assistance in doing so. (Note: If you haven't already viewed the 2nd Exodus Project video, you can do so by logging into the Tsiyon Tabernacle.)

Need to talk to us? - In the USA and Canada just call us toll free at (888) 230-2440 for help. Internationally, email us and we will arrange a phone or Skype call for you.