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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 10.07 -  11/28/6014 TAM  -  02/17/15 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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From Eliyahu

Hello friends,

A religious war is under way. It is the demonically inspired war of radical Islam upon Jews and Christians of every stripe. Surely, Messianic believers fall somewhere under that general category in the minds of the jihadists, should they even care about such distinctions. I've posted about attacks on Jews in earlier newsletters. Today I am posting about the war on Christians in the wake of the brutal beheadings of 21 Coptic Christians by ISIS on a beach in Libya. A video of the whole awful scene was posted by ISIS on Facebook, and I've posted some relevant news articles below. This is the latest example of the ideology of death the jihadists take pride in, and revel in. Apparently, killing defenseless people makes these Islamic cultists feel powerful - a trait they share with their father, satan.

Not withstanding the fact that I have often spoken out about the errors of organized Christianity, and will continue to do so, I feel compelled to pray for all the believers, regardless of affiliation, who are under attack by this threat. It is a traumatic experience, even under more normal circumstances, to face death, or to deal with the death of a loved one. What a horror it must be to lose a loved one to barbarity such as this! Surely, our hearts go out to the families of all the Christian victims who have been and are being slaughtered by jihadists in the name of Allah.

Many have been stunned at the rapid spread of this new, more brutal form of jihadism, that has recently crystallized in this movement known as ISIS/ISIL. This was thought at first to be regional, in Iraq and Syria, as part of its so-called Islamic State. Now though, pledges of allegiance are swiftly coming in from jihadist groups in Egypt, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen and now Libya - and who knows where else. Indeed, the whole Mideast is on fire, from this, from civil war, and from the Iranian-led threat to Israel. In these places ancient Jewish and Christian communities that survived the Saracens are now being driven out by Islamic persecution. Some say there will be no Christians in these countries if the present trend continues. Literally millions of Christians and unknown numbers of Jews have already fled in the face of the Islamic onslaught, and many more are seeking safe haven right now.

Pale Horse Rider PostThis may surprise some readers, but I see this mass exodus of Christians and Jews (including converted Muslims) from Muslim lands to be an answer to prayer, which was called for in program #136 posted on our Tsiyon.org website back in 2008 (See left). In that program it was revealed that the pale horse rider of Revelation had been released, and was already moving the Middle East Islamic countries toward a catastrophic war in which untold numbers will be killed. Since then, events in the Middle East have been tracking, as if by an unseen script, toward exactly that fate. As we consider the multiple heinous crimes that radical Islam is heaping up before YHWH, who can deny that such a punishment is not just? That is, except for the righteous who live there. That's why, with that program, I asked all listeners to begin praying for the righteous in the Islamic world to escape, before the judgment falls. Today, in this newsletter, I feel the need to renew that call. Friends, please, pray with me for all of the righteous now dwelling in Islamic countries, that YHWH might quickly move them out of those places, into places of safety for them, before catastrophic judgment falls upon the jihadist enemies of YHWH. Make no mistake, this Islam-shattering war is coming, and it will change everything, everywhere.

Enough about that, now, about our latest Midrash. This too is about Yah's war on His enemies - in this instance enemies within the camp of Israel. This is the story of Korah's faction and how YHWH dealt with it. Don't think this is dead history. This is an example meant for every age of believers, that we not be misled by the silver-tongued apostates who would lead us to the ruin of our faith and our lives. A horrible fate is stored up for all of these sons of rebellion, and this Midrash will make you aware of the threat, and how to avoid it.

Korah's Faction. Don't miss it!        

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David


The beheading of 21 Coptic Christians on a beach in Libya has brought Isis to doorstep of Europe

Reprint from: The Independent, 16 February 2015

Coptic Christians About to Die for Their FaithThe mass murder, which provoked a volley of Egyptian air strikes on the group’s Libyan stronghold of Derna, realised long-held fears of militants reaching the Mediterranean coast.

Isis started in Iraq and now controls swathes of adjoining Syria, including along the Turkish border, as part of its so-called Islamic State.

Its ideology has spread much further, with pledges of allegiance from terrorist groups in Egypt, Gaza, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Yemen and now Libya.

Days before Isis released its gory video depicting the Egyptians’ beheadings, Libya’s former Prime Minister warned that the group would soon reach the Mediterranean and even Europe if order was not restored in the country.

Ali Zeidan said Libya’s fractured government and easy access to weapons seized during the fall of Colonel Gaddafi made it more susceptible to the activities of jihadists, according to The Times.

“(Isis) are growing. They are everywhere,” he added.

“In Libya, the situation is still under control. If we leave it one month or two months more I don’t think you can control it.

“It will be a big war in the country and it will be here in Europe as well.”

Libya has seen fierce fighting between rival militias since Gaddafi was overthrown during the 2011 Arab Spring.

Mr Zeidan, who fled to Europe after losing a parliamentary vote of confidence, reported that Isis had a growing presence in some of the bigger cities and was trying to recruit fighters from rival Islamist groups.

Ali-Zeidan.jpgAref Ali Nayed, Libya’s ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, also said Isis’s presence in Libya was increasing “exponentially”.

Its military gains last summer sparked a rush by other Islamist groups in the Middle East and North Africa to ally themselves with the group by pledging allegiance and changing their names.

The jihadists behind the beheadings in Libya call themselves the Tripoli Province of the Islamic State.

coptic-christians.jpgAs the turmoil in Libya continued last year, they gained control of the port city of Derna and nearby Sirte, where Isis seized the murdered Coptic hostages in December and January.

The location of their murders could not be confirmed but footage showed them dressed in orange jumpsuits kneeling on a beach. Behind each of them were masked militants who wielded their knives to kill the bound hostages simultaneously.

Isis affiliates have also claimed responsibility for attacks on the Egyptian military and police in the Sinai Peninsula, further along the Mediterranean coast between Egypt and Gaza.


The Islamic War on Christianity

Reprint from: The Independent, 17 February, 2015

ISIS leads Coptic Christians to their death

ISIS leads 21 Coptic Christians to their beheadings on a beach in Libya

Almost fifteen hundred years ago, a wandering monk called John Moschos described the Eastern Mediterranean as a "flowering meadow" of Christianity. The religion had been born here nearly 600 years before but while, in the early years, it had been a persecuted, militant cult, under the patronage of the Byzantine emperors it had matured and mellowed. "The meadows in spring present a particularly delightful prospect," Moschos wrote in his book The Spiritual Meadow, which became a 7th-century best-seller. "One part of this meadow blushes with roses; in other places lilies predominate; in another violets blaze out…"

Christianity, in other words, was now flourishing right across the region. No intolerant tyranny menaced it, no other religion contested its right to grow and prosper and develop in different ways. "The Eastern Mediterranean world was almost entirely Christian" in Moschos's day, William Dalrymple wrote in his 1997 book From the Holy Mountain. "At a time when Christianity had barely taken root in Britain… the Levant was the heartland of Christianity and the centre of Christian civilisation… The monasteries of Byzantium were fortresses whose libraries and scriptoria preserved classical learning, philosophy and medicine against the encroaching hordes of raiders and nomads [and] the Levant was still the richest, most populous and highly educated part of the Mediterranean world."

Today, the picture is dramatically different. Every corner of the Middle East is locked in more or less violent struggle, but whatever course the future takes, it is safe to predict that Christians will play only a marginal part in it – if they survive at all. Already, as the Prince of Wales recently pointed out, there is a smaller proportion of Christians in the region than in any other part of the world: just 4 per cent, and falling fast. Sunni Muslim extremists see them not as "people of the Book" – members, like Muslims, of one of the three great Abrahamic religions – but as infidels, bracketed as the odious Other alongside Shias, apostates, atheists, Baha'is.

For Muslim extremists, the Christian minority has become a favoured target because they belong to the "wrong" religion; are numerically few, weak and vulnerable; and are identified with the oppressive policies of the Christian United States and Europe.

As Dr Khataza Gondwe, of Christian Solidarity Worldwide, told me: "In Egypt and elsewhere, extreme Islamism portrays Christians as a non-legitimate or foreign community that has no right to be there – as a special interest group of the West. In Iraq, the debate surrounding the invasion and war has distorted the issue and, meanwhile, the Islamist extremists there have decimated one of the oldest Christian populations in the world."

Battlefields of belief: Egyptian Coptic Christians visiting a church (Getty Images)Battlefields of belief: Egyptian Coptic Christians visiting a church (Getty Images)
Some of the most shocking cases of religious persecution in recent years have involved Muslims. Twelve years ago, in the Indian state of Gujarat, nearly 800 Muslims died in riots orchestrated by Hindu nationalist militants. In Burma, violence against Muslims committed by Buddhists, including Buddhist monks, has erupted repeatedly since the killing of a Buddhist girl in Arakan state in June 2012, despite condemnation by the outside world.

But those ugly events are peculiar to the countries in which they occurred. The attacks on Christians, by contrast, follow a clear pattern from country to country. From Nigeria and Somalia via Egypt, Syria and Iraq to Pakistan, Christians are being targeted ever more frequently by Islamist extremists. A sample of atrocities across these countries gives an idea of the rising tide of terror from which Christians are suffering:

In Egypt, many supporters of deposed President Morsi irrationally blamed Coptic Christians for his downfall, and took revenge on them. They seized control of the remote town of Delga, burning down three of the five churches there, and forced thousands of Christians to flee. They looted the 1,600-year-old monastery of the Virgin Mary and St Abraam and set fire to it. "They [the Copts] alone were set up as scapegoats and erroneously blamed for instigating the violent dispersal of pro-Morsi demonstrators," Bishop Angaelos, of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the UK, told a US Congressional hearing.

In Syria, as jihadists gained the upper hand over more moderate rebels, the village of Maaloula, where many still speak ancient Aramaic, the language of the Bible, was invaded by rebels who attacked churches, forcing many among the 3,000-strong population to flee. Elsewhere in the country, two archbishops were abducted by gunmen in April last year and have yet to reappear.

In Iraq on Christmas Day, 24 people were killed when a bomb exploded outside a church in Doura, southern Baghdad, as worshippers were leaving at the end of a service. Dozens more Christians were killed elsewhere in the country during the Christmas period. Prior to the Iraq war, there were 1.4 million Christians in the country, around 3 per cent of the population. Since then, the number has fallen to about 300,000. Raphael I Sako, the Chaldean Patriarch of Baghdad, said: "If emigration continues, God forbid, there will be no more Christians in the Middle East. [The Church] will be no more than a distant memory."

In Pakistan, 85 Christians were killed when two suicide bombers blew themselves up outside a historic church in the frontier city of Peshawar in September 2013. Standing in the church's courtyard and comforting the wounded, the Bishop Emeritus of Peshawar, Mano Rumalshah, commented afterwards: "It's not safe for Christians in this country. Everyone is ignoring the danger to Christians in Muslim-majority countries. The European countries don't give a damn about us."

Christian campaigners have long lamented the reluctance of politicians or media in the West, and Europe in particular, to take a stand against the growing wave of violence. Dr Gondwe remarks that "sectarian attacks on Egyptian Copts have been occurring for decades, but many people in the West have appeared reluctant to speak out. For a time, it seemed as if journalists and human rights organisations were anxious not to be seen as displaying a bias towards Christianity."

But now, says Dr Gondwe, there has been "a complete turnaround. In Nigeria, the brutality of the Islamist militia Boko Haram has meant that people could not ignore the events on the ground. In Egypt, Copts and young Muslims participated alongside each other in the Tahrir Square protests, and members of the Muslim community speak out strongly against sectarian violence. There are voices in the Muslim community saying: 'We are Egyptians first'."

The aftermath of a suicide bomb attack on a Catholic church in Nigeria (Getty Images)The aftermath of a suicide bomb attack on a Catholic church in Nigeria (Getty Images)
Meanwhile, the recent changes at the top of the Catholic and Anglican churches have also made a difference, with Pope Francis and Archbishop Welby focusing attention on persecuted Christians. But it was Prince Charles who said the previously unsayable in a blunt speech to religious leaders at Clarence House at Christmas. "We cannot ignore the fact," he told them, that [Christian communities in the Middle East] are increasingly being targeted by fundamentalist Islamist militants." He went on to except Jordan from the charge – "Jordan has set a wonderful example… [it] is a most heartening and courageous witness to the fruitful tolerance and respect between faith communities."

Yet the latest research – from Open Doors, a US organisation that publishes annual figures for Christian persecution – shows that jihadi violence is increasingly spilling over into Jordan from the Syrian civil war, causing Jordan to jump up eight places in the list of countries where Christians are most at risk of persecution.

..Christians are being deliberately killed in large numbers on account of their faith in the region where it first flourished. When John Moschos was gathering his "flowers" from the unmown meadow of Christianity in the late 6th century, the Byzantine Empire was already in steep decline, and it was not long before the followers of the Prophet Mohammed finished it off. Yet, despite the loss of its imperial protector, Christianity in the region has survived more than a millennium of Muslim domination. Its congregations may have shrunk and its culture stagnated, but it was permitted a place and a role of its own both in the Ottoman Empire and in the nation states that succeeded it.

The idea that Christians – those fellow People of the Book – should be bombed and slaughtered and terrified into flight, their churches and monasteries burned down and their history expunged: these evil developments are quite new. The Nazis did their best to wipe out all trace of Judaism in Europe. A similar effort – less systematic and scientific, certainly – now menaces the survival of Christianity where it was born. We are beginning to see this disaster for what it is. But it may be too late to reverse it.


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