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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 10.10 -  12/21/6014 TAM  -  03/12/15 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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Failure and Faithfulness - Numbers 20

Aaron and the "Last Crusade"?

"Take Aaron ..up to Mount Hor ..Aaron shall be taken, and shall die there."
Bamidbar/Numbers 20:25, 2

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From Eliyahu

Hello friends,

Not failure - just lack of success!We are talking about failure in our latest Midrash. I know. Who wants to listen to a program about failure? (Some people tell me I have a way of picking topics that few people want to hear about. I talk about them though, because it is precisely those unpopular topics that lead us into greater understanding of truth.)

Anyway, about failure: When I checked on Google I found three times as many results for "success" as "failure" - again con-firming the low popularity of the topic of "failure". The top result for "failure" was its online dictionary definition. "Lack of success" it said. Interesting. Failure is itself defined by success. This made me think that most of the search results for "failure" are really about "success" so that even those results listed as being about "failure" are really not about "failure" at all.

One might conclude that this apparent disinterest in information about real failure indicates actual failure to be very rare and/or irrelevant to most people. Of course, that conclusion would be wrong, because, if there is any one word that defines this world we live in, that word could very well be "failure." Failure could not be a more real, and constant, defining reality for earth's teaming millions (think "government" for example). So why don't people want to hear about failure? Truth be told, it is not only a real "downer" (which it is) - even worse, the specter of personal failure scares the begeebers out of people.

OK, real failure is depressing and it is scary, so why should you go against the tide of the masses and actually listen to this program informing you about real, futile, depressing, repulsive, failure? Very simple. You may not like the topic of failure, but you are not immune to failure. When (not "if") you fail you will need this very rare information.

Bottom line: Take the funny tasting medicine. It's good for you!  :-)

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

PS - Don't miss the news on Tsiyon and Israel below.




TSIYON TABERNACLE OF GREATER AUSTIN TEXAS Tsiyon Tabernacle of Greater Austin Texas

Our Tsiyon Tabernacle building is now almost completed and will be ready for Dedication to the Sacred Service of YHWH on April 2, 2015, just a day or two before Passover! We will be scheduling special presentations at the new worship center throughout the day, with different morning, afternoon and evening presentations. These will focus on the Tsiyon mission, the role this building is expected to play in that mission, and the inspiring story of faith on the part of those remnant believers, who by faith and self-sacrifice, worked together to make this building a reality! The high point of the evening service will be the actual dedication of this labor of love to the exclusive service of our loving Heavenly Father and His self-sacrificing Son, Messiah Y'shua, and His Davidic Kingdom. This is a landmark event for this ministry, and we invite all of our members and friends to come and be a part. For RSVP or further information see below.

PASSOVER 2015 - We invite our Tsiyon members to come and join us for this Passover, which will be either April 3 or 4, according to the new moon sighting at the start of the lunar month of Abib (Aviv). With the Tetrad Moons in progress, and the start of a new shmita year, as well as immediately following upon the Dedication of our new Tsiyon Tabernacle building, this promises to be an especially memorable Passover. RSVP now, since Passover is coming up soon. For RSVP or further information see below.

RSVP NOW (before March 20 please)  - We have limited capacity, so, if you think you might like to come to one or both of these Tsiyon events, please contact us soon from our website, or, if in the USA, call us toll-free at (888) 230-2440. We would love to send you an information packet so you can come and join us!

Need to talk to us? - In the USA and Canada just call us toll free at (888) 230-2440 for help. Internationally, email us and we will arrange a phone or Skype call for you.


US and Israeli intelligence at sharp odds on Iran’s breakout time to a bomb

 Reprint: DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis March 7, 2015

Iran's nuclear clock

How fast is Iran's nuclear clock ticking?

US and Israeli intelligence experts are in sharp disagreement over the time Iran needs for breakout to a bomb. The Americans say that Iran would need one year between a decision to go from nuclear threshold to nuclear bomb – enough time for preventive action – while the Israelis say the time is much shorter - six months at most. President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry, who leads the negotiations with Tehran, insist that America intelligence would detect an Iranian decision to go forward in time to step in and pre-empt it.

European co-negotiators are "on the same page," lined up behind the same “strategy and goal” for trying to achieve a nuclear deal with Iran, Kerry said after meeting with French, German and British foreign ministers in Paris Saturday, March 7.

However, Saudi Arabia and fellow Gulf states are no more convinced than Israel or Egypt that a year is a realistic timeline for diplomacy, sanctions or force of arms to go into effect and cut short Iran’s progress towards assembling its first nuke – despite Kerry’s attempt to reassure them last week in Riyadh.

Israel’s military, intelligence and political leaders are strongly skeptical of Washington’s time calculus for three reasons:

1.  There is no guarantee that either American or Israeli intelligence agencies will be able to detect a decision byTehran to cross the agreed nuclear threshold into manufacture. Iran might well be months into the production of a nuclear bomb, or even at its finishing stages, before the wake-up alert reaches Washington.
The two agencies are agreed on one point, that if Tehran does decide to go ahead and build a nuclear bomb, it will produce an arsenal of three to five devices at the outset.
2.   Israel has found grounds for suspicion that US and Iranian negotiations have in fact cut down the one-year period substantially to six months at most, from the moment Iran goes into production of a nuclear bomb and it becomes operational.
3.  Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his advisers believe that Obama and Kerry are aware of this, but are keeping it dark because it would undercut their argument that the final nuclear deal with Iran would take into account Israeli and Gulf security concerns. Six months would obviously not be long enough for preventive action by the United States, least of all Europe.

The collision between US and Israeli intelligence in their evaluations of Iran’s timeline for a bomb is far more critical and potentially harmful to the relations between the two governments than the public feuding between the White House and Israeli Prime Minister.

Netanyahu cautioned against the buried timeline bombshell in one sentence of his speech to the US Congress last Tuesday, March 3. He said, “Because Iran’s nuclear program would be left largely intact, Iran’s breakout time would be very short – about a year by US assessment, even shorter by Israel’s.”

In the heat of electioneering - days to go for the Israeli vote on March 17 - the prime minister’s rivals are avoiding lining up with him on the grave ramifications of this diversity of assessment. They prefer to hammer away at his inadequacies in domestic policy.

Need to talk to us? - In the USA and Canada just call us toll free at (888) 230-2440 for help. Internationally, email us and we will arrange a phone or Skype call for you.

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