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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 10.11 - 12/28/6014 TAM  -  03/19/15 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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Revelation & Release - 2015

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From Eliyahu

Hello friends,

We have come near to the end of the last Hebrew month of the sixth Hebrew year of this present Shmita cycle. That means the seventh year, the Shmita year, is poised to begin with the imminent sighting of the new moon in Israel in a day or two from right now. Have you been watching the news?  The Shmita Year of 2015 is coming in like a lion, in terms of Biblically significant events. In fact, I've included reprints of some news articles below that underscore the historic conflict now emerging between the Israeli and USA administrations. I've highlighted some items in red for your convenience.

If you have been following Tsiyon since 2008, then you are not surprised that all of this is coming to a head at this time. In the spring and summer of that year, 2008, the last Shmita Year, Tsiyon broadcast a series of programs on Revelation which we call the Tsiyon Revelation Series. This was followed up by a book entitled "Announcing: Judgment Day." The message then revealed was that a forty year judgment of the Churches had concluded with the start of the 2008 Shmita year, and that Messiah was now turning His attention to the scattered remnant of Israel, while also bringing judgment on the nations (see Tsiyon News, End of Captivity for Israel - 2008!  for more on this timing). These events coincide with Revelation six, and the opening by Messiah of the first seal of Revelation - the seal that released the Four Horsemen of Revelation into the world.

Since 2008, many of the events indicated by the Tsiyon Revelation Series have been unfolding. Most relevant to this Tsiyon News are the revelations regarding the Pale Horse Rider, whom we then revealed, had gone forth to foment a great Middle East war against Israel. Since then, we have seen these events developing, and have told you about them, often in advance.

For one such example, hear Behold a Pale Horse, a program from early 2011, which discusses the Arab Spring revolution and how it fits in to the Revelation events. Simply put, the Arab Spring revolts destabilized the Middle East, bringing civil war, most notably to Libya, Syria, and Iraq, preparing the ground for the formation of ISIS, which in turn has provided an excuse for the Obama administration to cozy up to Israel's enemy, Iran.

Among other things, that program revealed how the Arab Spring uprising actually began in 2008 with "a summit for youth activists in New York which was organized by the U.S. State Department. ..Documents released by WikiLeaks revealed U.S. Embassy officials were in regular contact with the activists throughout 2008 and 2009. ..Movements.org is the official website sponsoring the summit meeting.  ..These summit meetings began in 2008, a look at Movement.org and what they have done at these summit meetings would lead us to believe that these were actually planning sessions with these activist groups planning out the revolution and what is more on the website they seem to take credit for all of this. ..It outlines a number of different people from various different think tanks and well known supporters of the New World Order such as the Rand Corporation, it mentions the Carnegie Foundation, they have been a New World Order organization for years, the Carnegie Foundation of course was set up by one of the wealthiest men in the world, Andrew Carnegie who was a one-worlder and much of their material is about a one-world government. There are many representatives of the United States government too that have been involved from the very beginning, people for instance from the State Department, interestingly the World Bank was represented. Now imagine this, a bunch of college kids meeting with someone from the World Bank. ..Hillary Clinton spoke at one of these summits for example. President Obama’s media team was present at one of these summits. ..The Pale Horse is really a form of a globalist agenda or a New World Order plot that began in 2008."

In that Behold a Pale Horse program of early 2011 Dawn reminded me of earlier programs I had done in 2009 and 2010, saying; "while you were teaching on the Signs in the Sky series you were pointing out to us that you believed that there were going to be others involved [in the plot against Israel] besides the Islamic nations and that you roughly thought that this plot to destroy Israel would take place in a Middle East war somewhere around 2014 or 2015."

Dawn may have been remembering these comments from a program in 2010: "Israel is between the straights, they have the Iranian problem growing, mounting a threat to their very existence on the one side, they have the hatred of the world on the other side and then they have their friend the United States of America pushing them towards destruction from behind ..what we’re looking at, what is suggested by these signs in the sky that we’ve been talking about points to this time, this dark time that Israel is in the midst of right now which seems to be growing and intensifying. So all indications are that this is going to be the situation for Israel that this pressure is going to continue to build, this will lead to war, this is what is indicated for us in the signs in the moon .. it seems to pinpoint the 2014-2015 period for this major war that is foretold in Scripture to happen and yet what the Scriptures seem to indicate for Israel is that Yahweh is going to support her through this time of crisis when we get to the end of this straights period and this war happens and Israel will have a tremendous victory, a great victory over all of her enemies who are even now working up a plot to destroy her."

As you can see from all this, we have been anticipating the Shmita year of 2015 for the last seven years. To bring in this exciting Shmita year, Tsiyon has special programming planned all this upcoming month, starting with a special 2 hour On the Road to Tsiyon program this Sabbath. You can hear this special program on our Radio station, Tsiyon Road, or you can download this special program on demand for free from our website at:

Shmita 2015 – Revelation and Release – 354

Clearly, the stage has now been set for the events we have been pointing forward to through this entire Shmita cycle. As we enter into the Shmita year of 2015 the world should get ready for the white-knuckle ride of the century.

Blessings and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David

PS - Don't miss the news on Tsiyon and Israel below.



Shmita 2015 is upon us! To bring in this exciting Shmita year, Tsiyon has special programming planned all this upcoming month, starting with a special 2 hour On the Road to Tsiyon program this Sabbath. You can hear this special program on our radio station, Tsiyon Road, or you can download this special program for free from our website at:

Shmita 2015 – Revelation and Release – 354


TSIYON TABERNACLE OF GREATER AUSTIN TEXAS Tsiyon Tabernacle of Greater Austin Texas

Our Tsiyon Tabernacle building is now almost completed and will be ready for Dedication to the Sacred Service of YHWH on April 2, 2015, just a day or two before Passover! We will be scheduling special presentations at the new worship center throughout the day, with different morning, afternoon and evening presentations. These will focus on the Tsiyon mission, the role this building is expected to play in that mission, and the inspiring story of faith on the part of those remnant believers, who by faith and self-sacrifice, worked together to make this building a reality! The high point of the evening service will be the actual dedication of this labor of love to the exclusive service of our loving Heavenly Father and His self-sacrificing Son, Messiah Y'shua, and His Davidic Kingdom. This is a landmark event for this ministry, and we invite all of our members and friends to come and be a part. For RSVP or further information see below.

PASSOVER 2015 - We invite our Tsiyon members to come and join us for this Passover, which will be either April 3 or 4, according to the new moon sighting at the start of the lunar month of Abib (Aviv). With the Tetrad Moons in progress, and the start of a new shmita year, as well as immediately following upon the Dedication of our new Tsiyon Tabernacle building, this promises to be an especially memorable Passover. RSVP now, since Passover is coming up soon. For RSVP or further information see below.

RSVP NOW (before March 20 please)  - We have limited capacity, so, if you think you might like to come to one or both of these Tsiyon events, please contact us soon from our website, or, if in the USA, call us toll-free at (888) 230-2440. We would love to send you an information packet so you can come and join us!

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Netanyahu won Israel's election, now what?

Reprint: Associated Press, Mar 18, 2015

JERUSALEM (AP) — Israelis woke up Wednesday morning to find that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing Likud Party came in first in parliamentary elections. It was a stunning turnaround after a tight race that had put his lengthy rule in jeopardy. Here is how things could play out now:


Voters in Israel choose party lists, not individual candidates, and seats in the 120-member parliament are allocated based on the number of votes each list receives. No single party has ever won an outright majority of 61 seats, requiring a major party — usually but not always the largest — to lead a coalition.

The parties have a wide range of platforms, including social or security issues or catering to needs of specific sectors in Israeli society like ultra-Orthodox Jews or Israeli Arabs. But overall, they tend to fall into one of two blocs — the nationalist and security-focused right wing or the dovish center left, which promotes social welfare programs and is more conciliatory toward the Palestinians.

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin will consult with the various parties before officially tasking someone -- likely Netanyahu -- with the job of forming a new coalition. If successful, he becomes prime minister again. If not, the president asks another party leader to try. With Netanyahu's natural allies holding a solid majority, he is expected to quickly form a government.


Netanyahu focused most of his campaign on his pledges to prevent Iran from obtaining the capability to make a nuclear weapon. But as he struggled in the final days of the race, Netanyahu began taking a tougher stance on peace talks with the Palestinians in order to appeal to hard-line voters.

In a turnaround of the policy he spelled out in 2009, Netanyahu said he opposed the creation of a Palestinian state, a centerpiece of U.S. policy, saying Islamic extremists will take over any territory Israel exits.

After largely ignoring domestic issues, he also vowed to resolve Israel's housing crisis and high cost of living — central concerns of his challengers.


The U.S and other Western powers are negotiating with Iran over its nuclear program in an emerging deal that Netanyahu abhors. Relations with the Obama Administration reached a low point early this month when Netanyahu stated his case before Congress. It's not clear what else he can do to stymie the deal. He has hinted at a military option but that is unlikely.

Peace efforts with the Palestinians have been stalled for years, and there are no signs that they will resume anytime soon.

But Israel can expect pressure to resume negotiations. U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the European Union both appealed Wednesday for a resumption of peace talks. The White House said it still believed in the two-state solution — even if Netanyahu no longer does.

With most Israelis disillusioned by years of failed peace efforts, domestic issues such as the housing crisis and growing gaps between rich and poor took center stage in the recent campaign.

Netanyahu hasn't detailed any real plan to resolve those issues, which brought hundreds of thousands of Israelis into the streets in 2011. But the new Kulanu Party, which focused its campaign entirely on bread-and-butter issues, is expected to play a key role in the new coalition.


Netanyahu's actions during the campaign worsened already strained relations with the White House.

The Obama Administration was angered by the congressional speech, which was arranged behind its back with Republican lawmakers.

The White House said Wednesday it was "deeply concerned" by disparaging comments made by Netanyahu about Arab voters on election day and also said it was re-evaluating its positions following Netanyahu's opposition to Palestinian statehood.

Dore Gold, an unofficial adviser of Netanyahu, said the deep and longstanding ties between the two countries would overcome the latest crisis.


Netanyahu's re-election created new opportunities and challenges for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. With peace talks off the agenda for the time being, he can pursue his strategy of trying to bring international pressure to bear on Israel with more gusto.

However, Abbas needs to maneuver carefully in his day-to-day relations with Netanyahu to avoid an escalation that could bring down his self-rule government in the West Bank.

After two decades of failed U.S.-led negotiations, Abbas is trying to break Washington's monopoly on brokering a deal. As part of this strategy, Abbas sought and won international recognition of a state of Palestine in 2012 from the U.N. General Assembly. Earlier this year, Palestine joined the International Criminal Court in pursuit of war crimes charges against Israel — though any decision is now up to the ICC prosecutor.


Iran deal 'unprecedented' surrender

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton said Saturday that President Obama is negotiating “an unprecedented act of surrender” with Iran in discussions over its nuclear weapons program.

“This deal is fundamentally flawed,” Bolton said at the South Carolina National Security Action Summit in West Columbia. “There really is no deal I’d trust Iran with. It is a regime determined to have nuclear weapons and this deal will give it to them.”

The Obama administration is hoping Iran will slow or stop its nuclear armaments research in exchange for removing economic sanctions. Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia are aiding U.S. efforts to bargain with Iran. The two sides will resume talks in Lausanne, Switzerland, next week.

Controversy erupted over an open letter Republicans sent Iran’s leadership Monday. It vowed Congress can void any deal it finds unsatisfying and was signed by 47 GOP senators.

President Obama said Friday he was “embarrassed” for the message’s signers. The move has drawn swift criticism from social media, with the hashtag #47Traitors a recurring trend online last week.

Bolton rebuked the president’s response as unjustified Saturday. He said the senators were not traitors, but rather lawmakers who “stood up for the Constitution.”

“The president coddles the Iranian ayatollah and attacks his own countrymen and our closest allies over this deal,” Bolton said Saturday. “The danger we hope to avoid is now imminent. This is just one example of how the president doesn’t care about America’s national security.”

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s Supreme Leader, blasted the letter’s “backstabbing” on Thursday. Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), the letter’s driving force, criticized the Ayatollah’s regime Tuesday.

“They’ve been killing Americans for 35 years, they’ve killed hundreds of troops in Iran, now they control five capitols in the Middle East,” Cotton said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “They are nothing but hard-liners in Iran, and if they do all of those things without a nuclear weapon, imagine what they would do with one.”

Bolton said Saturday that Obama’s eagerness for a deal would give Tehran a “free pass” for nuclear arms. He said American voters should thus make national security the central issue of 2016’s presidential elections.

“The gravest threat to our national security sits in the Oval Office,” Bolton said. “The next two years can’t pass swiftly enough. For God’s sake, let’s not make the same mistake in 2016.”

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