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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 10.41 - 08/14/6015 TAM  - 10/27/15 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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This present world is like the bus ride from hell. It is taking you places you don't want to go. Too much is unfamiliar. Too much is uncertain. You have little or no control over this trip.
How do you get off the bus?

The time has come.

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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

Time Left to Prepare for
the Remnant Exodus:

83.5 Months

From Eliyahu

Greetings in Messiah,

Dawn told me about a dream she had. It was about a bus trip. It remained in the back of my mind as I was reading the news this morning. As I read the news, it struck me that this world is like the bus trip from hell.

Nobody wants to ride the bus.I'm pretty sure nobody wants to take a bus trip. I've done it a couple times years ago and the only thing I liked about it was the price. That's why people take a bus trip - the price. This engenders a feeling of being forced to take the bus - which dominates the mood and attitude of most of the passengers. Most everything about a bus trip is really creepy. Much of this creepy feeling stems from the lack of control you as a passenger have over your trip. Once you sign up for that bus trip you have handed your freedom and well-being over to the bus system for the duration of the trip. Most of the time if you mind your own business and bring along a good book you'll be fine - but not always.

Bad things happen on the bus.The problem is, all of the other people. Most of them are probably just trying to get from point 'a' to point 'b' like you. If you knew some of those people you would probably like them. However, there are also criminals, drug addicts and crazy people who ride the bus, not to mention dirty, smelly, immoral or simply annoying people. Any one of them could be assigned the seat right next to you, and you have no say about it. In rare cases, any one of them could get you killed.

Bus stations are creepy.Then of course, there are the bus stations you will be stopping at. Here you will not only need to be aware of the passengers, but bus stations are notorious for all sorts of nefarious activities that you could inadvertently stumble into, or even, become a victim of. Just the need to go to the restroom can bring on a feeling of dread, because restrooms can be the chosen haunt of scavengers taking advantage of unsuspecting travelers. Despite these dangers you have no choice but to use the restroom at some point if you are taking a trip of any length at all, again engendering a feeling of being forced to do something.

Stop the world - I want to get off.In fact, the recurring theme of a bus trip is this sense of being forced to accept or to actually do things you are not comfortable with. That also seems to be the growing theme of the world we live in today.

Around the world hardworking, peaceful, sincere people feel like they are on the bus trip from hell.

 Syrian refugees in EuropeFor example, Europeans are being forced to accept a mass influx of undocumented aliens by the millions.

 The radical Islamic religion of these newcomers threatens to totally destroy European culture, but it gets worse, much worse. Contrary to politically correct news reports, most of these aliens are men of military age, many of them are likely ISIL infiltrators. At very least, many are criminals who have already stolen, raped or murdered along the way. Yet, in most European countries the right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms for self-protection is denied, making native populations a prey to the predators. Austria still allows the purchase of long guns such as hunting rifles and shotguns. These are being bought up as quickly as they appear on the shelves. The buyers are mostly women, in fear of their lives from the obvious danger coming into their country that they cannot control.

The Trump BusIn America sane people have been emotionally overwhelmed by the speed and depth of the changes coming upon this land. Government has become completely corrupt and more and more people are realizing it. The big money controls the politicians and bureaucracies to such an extent that all semblance of government by the people has been exposed as a myth. The desperation of the masses is revealed in the popularity of Donald Trump for President. It is hoped that his large personal wealth will make him immune to control by the big-money system, to get the country back on track. Nothing against Mr Trump, but this is a case of trying to put too many eggs in one basket, where the system is determined to overturn the basket before it can upset their diabolical plans. When every lawful attempt of the people fails - and a large enough number come to that tipping point together - then some very bad things are going to happen in America.

Headed for a roll-over.I could go on and on, but what I'm seeing everywhere is the same. The world is on a bus trip from hell. People can't get off the bus. They must either swallow a lot that is way out of their comfort zone or try to change what they don't like. When they try to change things they are thwarted by faceless powers who seem to wield god-like control over the world. Faceless powers who are changing the world in ways that are intolerable. This can only end in one place. The bus is headed for a massive disaster. We need to get off of the bus now. But how?           

Finally! I can get off the bus.The Remnant Exodus is the answer. These conditions we are seeing - this bus trip from hell - this is all foretold in Scripture. Further, there is a place that belongs to the people of YHWH. That place is in the Land of our fathers, the Land of Israel. That place of safety is not ready quite yet, but it will be ready for the remnant of Israel at just the right time. YHWH is moving world events to create that place of safety for us. Here at Tsiyon we are actively getting ready for the Remnant Exodus. Our goal is to be ready, AS A NEW NATION, for the Second Exodus by the fall of 2022. That's about 7 years away. You can be part of that if you want to.

You CAN get off of the bus BEFORE the big crack-up comes!

Come to Tsiyon and let us help.


Eliyahu ben David



From Dawn

Hi! We continue to make improvements for you at our Tsiyon Membership site at http://tsiyon.net/  

Updates this week at the Tsiyon Tabernacle include new weekly action points on the home page.

Under the "Content" menu item this week we've added a lot. Look for a new heading "Truth Point" under the "Videos" menu to access the public Tsiyon Tabernacle videos in one playlist. This rounds out the content already available from the Big Picture DVD and a separate listing for videos related to the Book of Daniel in addition to those from the Daniel seminar. There was an error in posting the second evening of Daniel Seminar which has now been corrected. You can view the entire Beasts of Daniel seminar and all of this great other related video content once you are logged into the Tsiyon Tabernacle. Please refer your friends.

Exclusively for Tsiyon Partners, we have added "Learning Hebrew" menu under "Videos." Here you will find an archive of available Hebrew lessons, which we will keep adding to on a regular basis. On the Live-Stream page for tonight's Sabbath meeting you will also find a link showing solutions for some of the most common problems. If you are a Tsiyon Partner who has missed any of the Sabbath meetings, you can view previous meetings at the Sabbath archive now located at http://tsiyon.net/content/sabbath/ The archived Sabbath materials do not require a simultaneous Google login.

Shalom, Dawn


Russia overrides Middle East cyber waves
Reprint: DEBKAfile Exclusive Report October 26, 2015

The distance as the crow flies between Russia’s Syrian air base Al-Hmeineem near Latakia and its Iraqi host facility at Al Taqaddum Air base is 824 km (445 nautical miles). From the Latakia base to Israel, the distance is just 288 km or 155 nautical miles, a hop and a skip in aerial terms. Syria’s ruler Bashar Assad first let Moscow in with the use of a base where 30 fighter and bombing jets are now parked. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi followed suit Saturday, Oct. 24 by granting the Russian Air force the use of a facility 74 km from Baghdad.

Their presence in the two bases draws a strong arc of Russian aerial control at the heart of Middle East. By boosting its two extremities with state-of-the-art electronic warfare systems, Moscow has imposed a new reality whereby it will soon be almost impossible for any air or ground force, American or Israeli, to go into military action above or inside Syria or Iraq without prior coordination with the Russians.

The bricks of Russian domination are now almost all in place.

In the last week of September, two Ilyushin-20 (IL-20 Coot) super-surveillance planes stole into Syrian airspace, to provide a major upgrade for the Russian air fleet of Sukhoi-30 fighter jets, cargo planes and attack helicopters gathering for combat in Syria. 
This was first revealed by DEBKA Weekly’s military and intelligence sources on Oct. 2.
The IL-20s, the Russian Air Force’s top-line intelligence-gathering aircraft, brought over from the Baltic Sea, have exceptional features as an intelligence platform. Their four turboprop engines enable it to stay airborne for over 12 hours, using its thermal and infrared sensors, antennas, still and video cameras, and side-looking airborne (SLAR) radar to collect a wide range of data from long distances, day or night, in almost any kind of weather.

The Coot-20 collates the data gathered and transmits it to intelligence or operational command centers in Moscow or its Latakia air base by powerful jam-resistant communications systems, satellites and other methods.

Aloft over Syria, the IL-20 can supply Russian forces and commanders with a complete, detailed picture of the situation on the ground. Its close proximity to Israel, moreover, enables this wonder plane to scoop up a wealth of data from across the border - not just on IDF military movements on the Golan, but also to eavesdrop on electronic activity and conversations in Jerusalem, Military Staff Headquarters in Tel Aviv, Air Force bases in southern Israel and even the nuclear complex in Dimona in the Negev.

debkafile’s military sources add that an Il-20 Coot has been sighted in the last few days at the Iraqi Al Taqaddum Air base near Baghdad.

Then, on Oct. 4, our sources reveal, another Russian super-weapon was brought to Syria by Russian cargo ships: Nine MT-LB armored personnel carriers fitted with the Borisoglebsk 2 electronic warfare systems, which are among the most sophisticated of their kind in the world.

These APCs were secretly driven aboard tank carriers to Nabi Yunis, which is the highest peak of the Alawite Mountains along the coastal plain of northwest Syria, and stands 1,562 meters (5,125 feet) above sea level. To render the highly complicated Borisoglebsk 2 device system impermeable to attack, our electronic warfare experts describe it as fitted into the interior and walls of the nine APCS, along with receivers that can pick up transmissions on a wide range of frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum.

From their mountain aerie, its antennas and powerful transmitters are designed to intercept and jam almost any radio signal carried by the electromagnetic waves in military or civilian use. 

Russian strategists posted this top-of-the-line system in Syria to enable the Russian air force to operate unhindered in Middle Eastern skies and, just as importantly, to neutralize US-led coalition special forces operating deep within Syrian territory, and block or disrupt the operations of rebel groups and Islamic State forces.

The Borisoglebsk 2 system has only just started rolling off top secret Russian assembly lines. It took five years to plan and manufacture the system, which went into service for the first time at the beginning of this year on the Ukraine battlefield.

From its vantage point in Syria, the Russian electronic warfare system could seriously impair the performance of Israeli intelligence and communication networks arrayed across the Golan and along the northern border in the upper and western Galilee. It could run interference against the IDF’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles (unless they were autonomous), the field operations of Israeli Special Operations forces and air and naval networks, which depend on communications networks in their defense of the country’s northern borders.


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