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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 11.09 - 12/21/6015 TAM  - 02/29/16 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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 Environmental warfare since 2008

The Red Horse Rider of Revelation is given a "great sword." This must be some new kind of weapon reserved for use in the end-days. Since 2008 an unprecedented kind of weapon has come to maturity - I'm talking about, environmental warfare technology. This final program on the Red Horse Rider brings you up to the present on how this terrifying weapon is actually being used, and what this means for the Remnant.

The time has come.

Join us!

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ďArise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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From Eliyahu

Greetings Friends,

Frankly, as I write this I'm not sure if you will be able to get into our tsiyon.net website for our meeting tonight. Our website is being battled. Of course, we will solve these issues, but the timing depends more on other parties than on ourselves. Imagine the last time you were on the phone getting tech support for hours and you will pretty much have the picture. If you've had that experience then you know that "frustration" doesn't even begin to cover it.

Anyway, if our site is not available tonight don't worry. We will have it back up as quickly as possible, doing what we do, serving up the truth to the remnant. If our live stream is not available then the video will be available, a short time later.

We know you are enduring through the frustrations of this world with us, because remnant people are overcomers. Yes, the enemy and this world are constantly throwing up roadblocks to hinder our way and to keep us from accomplishing Messiah's purpose for each of us. So what do we do? We believe, so therefore we do what we can do toward the goal in any given moment. We keep our focus on what we need to be doing and we persevere. We don't let the enemy distract us into a different path. We don't let his machinations shake our confidence in Messiah or our standing with Him. We don't let the enemy hook into our emotions to get us off track.

We are bondslaves of Y'shua Messiah and we are determined to overcome as He has overcome. Further, we are encouraged on by His promises, like this one:

He who overcomes, I will give to him to sit down with me on my throne, as I also overcame, and sat down with my Father on his throne. Rev 3:21

Wow! That's what all this overcoming is about! It is preparing us for our role in the Kingdom, seated with Him in Kingdom authority, in the closest possible fellowship with the Father and the Son, forever. As we keep our eye on that goal we push past every trouble, every trial, every obstacle, in His Name, to overcome! ..to be a part of THAT.

That's how all of the heroes of faith did it. They are our examples. They kept the prize ever before their eyes, to overcome. Here is how Paul put it:

Brothers, I donít regard myself as yet having taken hold, but one thing I do. Forgetting the things which are behind, and stretching forward to the things which are before, I press on toward the goal for the prize of the high calling of God in Messiah Yeshua. Php 3:13-14

Our ultimate example is Messiah Himself. We have to admit, He had some tough duty, to allow Himself to die on the tree for us, to fulfill His Father's will. It was looking to the prize that encouraged Him on!

looking to Yeshua, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising its shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider him who has endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, that you donít grow weary, fainting in your souls. Heb 12:2-3

Brothers and sisters, the mundane frustrations of life, the health troubles, the money troubles, and even our own weaknesses - also being misunderstood, hated and even attacked because we are His - all of these and more are part of our challenge, our cross to carry. How can we endure through all of that to overcome?

Be like Messiah! Look past the challenge of this moment to "the J-O-Y that is set before us!" The prize is SO worth it!

That's why when we fail, we try again until we succeed. If we keep our eyes on the prize we cut through every obstacle to get to the other side of every obstacle. Besides, He is with us, helping us, keeping us, every step of the way.

Brothers and sisters, I may not know what challenge you are facing today. It may be little or it may be a whopper of a trial. Whatever it may be, let me assure you of three things:

1. We are weak but He is strong. Don't get hung up on your weakness.

2. Messiah loves you and will see you through it, if you will only trust Him.

3. You will find the encouragement you need by keeping your eyes on the prize. 

Be encouraged in every trial. You CAN overcome!

Blessing and Shalom,

Eliyahu ben David



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