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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 11.15 - 01/07/6016 TAM  - 04/15/16 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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 Paul on Passover

This new video on Paul is just one of the goodies we have for you this Passover season!  We have a lot to share and all of it is available to you at no charge. Why?  Because we want to share all this with every believer who will be blessed by walking more closely with our Messiah at the start of this new Shmita cycle.

The time has come.

Join us!

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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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From Eliyahu

Greetings Friends,

Daniel 2:21 says of YHWH; "He changes the times and the seasons". Time itself is controlled and regulated by our Creator. Really, who could do that except the One who lives forever and ever? He lives in eternity, above time, but regulates time in the physical world to accomplish His will and for the good of His people. Further, in the Scriptures He tells us how He counts the passage of time and sets special days for His people to meet with Him. There we see His "calendar" is very different than the world's calendar. Most people live on the world's calendar and don't know very much about how YHWH regulates time. That's a shame, because to keep in sync with His time is to keep in sync with HIM.

So where are we right now in His time?

At sundown of April 9, 2016 AD we passed from one Torah year to begin the next. The new year we are in now, according to Scriptural records, is year 6016 from the creation of Man. We represent that as 6016 "TAM" (Torah Year of the World), as in the heading of this newsletter.

Today at sundown is Day 7 of Month 1 of this new year. As you can see, we represent that as 01/07/6016 TAM.

Well OK, but those are just numbers. What do those numbers actually indicate for us?

Here are some of the things this Torah date tells us:

  • Being Day 7 of this first month, it is the first Sabbath of the month, an appointment day that He has set for us to rest from our normal pursuits to spend time with Him.

  • Since Day 14 of Month 1 is always Passover, it means that our next Sabbath after this one is Passover. Soon we will need to start getting ready for that special day!

  • Torah years are grouped in cycles of 7. 6015 TAM - the year we just finished - was a Shmita year. That is, the 7th year of the Shmita cycle, a Sabbath year, concluding the Shmita cycle. That had its own special significance, which I have addressed previously. That year brought events of the previous 6 years to a conclusion and set up a platform of events from which this new Shmita cycle has been launched.

  • We are just starting the first year of a new Shmita cycle! It is a time of beginnings. Here, we need to seek YHWH to find His will for this first year of this Shmita cycle. What does he want to accomplish with His people during this Shmita cycle? Where do each of us personally fit into that? How can each of us act in a purposeful way to move within His will for this time period? All of these questions are things each of us need to be bringing to Him at this time, so we can get off to the right start for this Shmita cycle.

Of course, we need to also see this in the larger context of His time. For example, Bible prophecy was fulfilled in 1967 AD (5967 TAM) when Jerusalem was liberated by the Jews. This marked the end of the "Times of the Gentiles" and the start of the End Days - the final generation of this Age. According to Messiah, within one lifetime of many of the folks who saw those events, all End Days prophecy must be fulfilled. This single generation will be concluded with the Return of Messiah to establish His Kingdom over the entire earth. 49 years have now passed since 5967 TAM - meaning we are now deep into the End Days, so can expect many significant events to be happening at an ever-quickening pace. This gives our use of our remaining time added urgency with each passing year.

Yes, time is important, and the time for this generation is quickly running out. All the more reason that we need to understand the times and seasons that YHWH has set. Here, at the start of this new Shmita cycle, is an excellent time to get in closer step with what YHWH is doing right now. Here at Tsiyon this is a major priority. Become a Tsiyon Partner, a supporter of this ministry, and get up to speed with our weekly action points, and keep up each Sabbath, so you will be moving in the right time, in His time during these critical days. Passover is a great time to renew your commitment or to get started on this road.

For Passover

For this Passover season we have arranged some special things just for you. Here are some of those plans:

Our New Video: See our new video entitled "What Did Paul Say About Special Days". Its posted on the homepage of the website right now. This video will show you in a way you can see clearly for yourself how Paul has been mistranslated in popular Bibles. This is why Paul often seems to be contradicting himself on a number of subjects, including Sabbath, Passover and other special days. This is a very clear and definitive presentation that will leave you feeling like you really KNOW what Paul was saying!

Special Radio Programing on Tsiyon Road: On our radio station, leading up to Passover, we will be airing programs that tell us about what Messiah was doing and saying during this same time period around His last Passover on earth. Find out what significance He attached to Passover season. Other special programming will also be aired, so enjoy Tsiyon Road this month!

Passover Eve Programming: Here at Tsiyon we will be presenting a special Passover broadcast starting at 8 PM CST, Passover Eve, April 22, 2016. From 8 to 9:30 we will air a Passover message. This will be appropriate to enjoy while having your Passover meal with your family, if that works with your plans.

Live! - Lord's Supper Commemoration: At 9:30 we will go live with our commemoration of the Lord's Supper on the radio, and by live streaming video, from tsiyon.net! If you or your group chooses to join us, and you prepare for this in advance with unleavened bread (matzo) and some simple grape wine, you can participate in this with us in real time - or if the timing doesn't work, a little later by the video recording of the event that we will leave posted for you.

Special Inclusive Passover Access: Anyone can access this special Passover programming on our Tsiyon Road radio station, and all Tsiyon Members, whether free members or Tsiyon Partners, can access this by video stream at tsiyon.net beginning at 8 PM CST, Passover Eve, April 22, 2016. The video recording will be available thereafter through Passover day on the website.  To become a free member simply register at http://tsiyon.net/register/. Feel free to share this Passover opportunity with your friends.

Passover is such a special time! We hope you can participate in our Tsiyon Passover plans in some way. We especially look forward to remnant folk from around the world joining in unity together with us to commemorate the Lord's Supper, as we earnestly look forward to His soon return!

Shalom, Eliyahu



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Saudi cash boosts Egypt’s war on ISIS-Sinai after US opts out

Reprint: DEBKAfile Exclusive Report April 8, 2016

ISIS raider hangs flag on MFO lookout post in North Sinai

The first visit to Cairo by Saudi King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Thursday, March 7,heralded a new chapter in the war on the Islamic State in Sinai, one to be fought with petrodollars versus the jihadis’ war chest. The monarch brought President Abdel-Fattteh El-Sisi two large checks: a $20bn guarantee to cover the oil needs of 90 million Egyptians for the next five years, and another $1.5bn listed euphemistically under the heading of “Sinai development.”

Two-thirds of the latter sum - a cool billion dollars - has been wholly earmarked, according to debkafile’s military and intelligence sources, for weaning 13 Sinai Bedouin chiefs from their commitments to supply fighters and other services to the Wilayat Sayna of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – ex-Ansar Bait al-Maqdis. The Egyptian army will also acquire hi-tech intelligence tools for fighting the terrorist group holding the peninsula in its grip.

King Salman’s arrival in Cairo, his first since ascending the throne in January 2015, follows a sharp downturn in Egyptian security versus the rampant ISIS threat due to three disturbing developments in the last week of March::

1.  A large group of senior ISIS officers arrived in Sinai from their Syrian Raqqa headquarters to assume command of operations against the Egyptian army and security forces. Their arrival coincided roughly with the transfer to the Golan of another group of officers to bolster the affiliated Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade posted there. The Islamist commanders traveled to Sinai via Iraq and Jordan and were ferried across the Gulf of Aqaba in smugglers’ boats.

2. They carried additional orders to mount terrorist operations from Sinai against Israel. One of their plans is to land sea raiders on Israeli beaches, in the same way as ISIS gunmen attacked tourist seaside resorts in Tunisia and southern Egypt.

3.  ISIS has imported into Sinai through Bedouin smuggling rings a new type of extra-powerful Improvised Explosive Devices (IED), which were recently encountered with deadly effect by Egyptian military, intelligence and security forces on Sinai roads.

The Bedouin tribesmen pose an all-encompassing threat to Egyptian forces. They are the Islamist terrorists’ eyes and ears for detecting and betraying their slightest movements in the peninsula. Furthermore, hundreds of “messengers” on motorbikes or camels carry information and orders to and from ISIS commanders before they decide whether to strike or go into hiding from a coming Egyptian assault.
By using these human couriers, ISIS operatives can eschew communication by satellite networks, cell phones and social media, which are susceptible to eavesdropping.

Another service supplied by the indigenous Bedouin is their vast smuggling network, which covers 11,000 kilometers stretching from the eastern Libyan town of Derna to western Iraq and runs through Egypt, the Gulf of Aqaba and Jordan.

All in all, the Bedouin tribes are the Islamic State’s lifeline in Sinai: they move forces and command posts from country to country through clandestine trails, and procure any item ISIS may require to support its campaign of violence, from missiles to brand new automobiles straight off Japanese or South Korean production lines.

No espionage or counterterrorism services, whether Egyptian, American or Israeli, has ever managed to penetrate the secret Bedouin smuggling master hub, from which all orders issue to the sprawling the network.

Israel has its own special problem with this network, since it also serves the Palestinian Hamas terror organization and other radical Salafi groups in the Gaza strip.

ISIS and this vast Bedouin smuggling machine have mushroomed in recent weeks into major hazards not just to the stability of the Sisi regime in Cairo, but also to Saudi Arabia and its oil shipping route through the Gulf of Suez and the Suez Canal.

Saudi rulers have therefore decided to neutralize the threat by severing the dangerous symbiosis between the Bedouin tribes and the Islamic State’s Sinai wilayat, by using the same means as their peace effort in Yemen, i.e.,  buying the loyalty of renegade tribal chiefs with hard cash.

King Salman handed President El-Sisi a check for one billion dollars for Egyptian intelligence to spend on winning the Bedouin chiefs away from the terrorists. The balance of half a billion dollars was made available for the Egyptian army to acquire sophisticated intelligence systems, including advanced drones and other items which the Americans have withheld, although they were promised.

The effort to turn the war on terror into a financial contest carries its own risks.

The Saudis may discover that ISIS can match them dollar for dollar, rather than relinquish access to the most wide-ranging smuggling machine in the region. Furthermore, the Sinai Bedouin chiefs are perfectly capable of pocketing money from both sides and carrying on as before The day before the Saudi king landed in Cairo, it was leaked in Washington that the Obama administration is pondering ending or reducing the US-led Multinational Force and Observers operation in Sinai, since the peacekeepers have become sitting ducks for Islamist terrorists.

The White House has still not answered El-Sisi’s urgent plea for US military back-up to support Egypt’s foundering effort to curb ISIS in the peninsula, although US officials constantly declare their strong commitment to the war on global terrorism.

Saudi Arabia this week showed itself ready to step into the breach left by Washington’s indifference.


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