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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 11.30 - 04/21/6016 TAM  - 07/25/16 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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 Jordan in Prophecy

Jordan may not be the headliner in the news right now
- but it will be!

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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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From Eliyahu

Hello Friends,

Jordan and the Jihadist ConspiracyYou might be wondering why I'm focusing on Jordan right now, when there are so many other things jumping to the front of the line in the world around us. Here's the reason: I'm hearing from some of our Tsiyon members who feel they have been targeted by a scam to get them to move to Jordan. Yes, that's Jordan in the Middle East. I know - that seems unbelievable in view of the situation on the ground in the Middle East. Who would do that, right?

Well, to some, the narrative is powerful, because it comes from teachers in the Messianic community who are upheld by some well-known names in the community, some whom they often hear on Messianic radio, although not on our Tsiyon radio station. All of the so-called "teachers" and "leaders" pushing this will likely find themselves with the blood of the saints on their hands, because of leading some of their brethren directly into the jaws of death. You know who you are. Consider yourself as having been warned.

In a nutshell the narrative goes like this: "America and other developed countries are clearly headed toward epic-level disaster" (I agree to this point).

(This is the scam) "Therefore, you should get out now and move to Israel. Problem is, the State of Israel won't let you move there if you believe in Yeshua as the Messiah. Not to worry though, the country of Jordan is within the boundaries of "Greater Israel" as promised to the patriarchs by YHWH. Further, there are prophetic verses in Scripture that present ancient territory, now called Jordan, as a safe place for believers - and there are already believers in Jordan who have made this move. So what are you waiting for! Pack up your family and get to Jordan today!" (This pitch may sound good at first)

"A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing" - and this scam is a perfect example.

That some verses suggest that Jordan will one day be a safe refuge does not mean it is now, or if it is, will continue to be. There is a crucial timing element here!

Yes, areas of Jordan are mentioned in Scripture as offering believers a safe refuge roughly during the time of the Great Tribulation. But we must ask: does that mean Jordan is safe NOW, before the Tribulation, and will remain safe from this point forward? There is no proof that Jordan will remain safe.

In fact, a more detailed look at the end-time prophetic picture, in light of facts on the ground, suggests that disaster may be just ahead for Jordan, before it ever becomes a safe place. Trust me, when that disaster comes non-Muslims of all sorts will be treated as they have been in Iraq, Syria, and every place where the radical Jihadis gain control. We are talking about worse than kidnapping and loss of wealth - historically, the usual picture involves rape, torture and a horrible death.

Leaving Jordan now, while the present administration is in power, may not be very hard - if you have the funds and the paperwork. You just fly out of the airport. However, in the worse case scenario, the airport can become a "honey-pot" just to catch you, and all other exits can be quickly shut down by the new "authorities" - with foreigners quickly rounded up and "dealt with." Look at a map of the area. We are talking about a desert country with unfriendly forces on every side - Even if you make it across the desert in the burning heat, you will come to a barrier meant to keep out armies, with high razor wire fences and high-tech detectors everywhere. Even Israel has erected such a barrier on the Jordanian border.

Now, some people may say they have been to Jordan, and it is safe. I myself have visited Jordan a number of years ago and I enjoyed my visit there immensely. Some may even tell you they have lived in Jordan for years, and they have been safe. The fact they are still alive seems to prove out what they say. But is that a guarantee of the future?

I live in the USA and it is "safe" if judged by the fact I am still alive. However, those who are selling the Jordan scam are saying the USA isn't going to STAY safe - and I agree on that regarding the USA. That's why I'm planning to leave at the right time, in the Remnant Exodus.

Likewise, that some have lived safely in Jordan in the past is no guarantee of the safety of Jordan in the future. In fact, as I will be demonstrating live tonight at Tsiyon.Net, at 8 PM CST, the prophetic picture for Jordan in this time-window before the Tribulation suggests that it will become a very dangerous place - especially for believers. When this happens it will happen very quickly, and that could be at any time now. This is a dangerous time to move to Jordan, let alone to live there. Consider the evidence and see for yourself.

If you come across this too late for the live presentation, and you need this information, email us at help@tsiyon.org and we will see that you get it at no charge, no matter who you are.  Your life may be on the line, and we don't want your blood on our hands because of failing to make the truth available. If you are already in Jordan, don't see this as an attack against you, because its not. Quite the opposite. We are your fellow-believers in Messiah and we love you and are praying for your safety. If you want to discuss this or any topic with us we will do anything we can to help you in a friendly way as fellow-believers in Messiah.

To our members and partners, this presentation will help to fill out details you may have already learned at Tsiyon about the Psalm 83 War, the Remnant Exodus and related new prophetic information.

The real solution for the scattered remnant of Israel is not running away in panic like a deer caught in the headlights. YHWH's solution is well ordered, timely and perfect. It is the Remnant Exodus in which the renewed remnant will move out together in holy array when the Divine call to do so comes. Hold your ranks and make progress together in an organized way. This is Yah's plan. It is the only way of real safety. 

More tonight!

Shalom, Eliyahu



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Iranian refugee kills 9 in Munich mall. ‘No motive”

Reprint: DEBKAfile Special Report July 23, 2016

For seven hours the authorities of the leading European power were paralyzed over how to handle the massacre of nine Germans at the Olympia shopping mall of Munich by an 18-year old Iranian German Friday night, July 22 without uttering the words “Islamic” or “jihadist” – or even “terror.” The gunman, who killed himself far from the crime scene, gained German citizenship after arriving from Iran two years ago. He too has not been named. At stake was Chancellor Angela Merkel’s open-arms policy for Middle East refugees. And so a city of 1,5 million was sent into panic by muddled, stammering statements, which for hours refrained from defining the mall attack, locked the entries against the media and refused to specify the number of casualties.. French President Francois Hollande bluntly said it for them. It was a terrorist attack, he said Saturday morning, July 23. 

Young people and "adolescents" are among the 9 dead, and children are among the 16 injured. Hundreds of police Saturday searched an apartment believed to have been the shooter’s home. 

This was how the episode unfolded, according to debkafile’s initial report Friday night:

With still no official figure on casualties in the shooting spree Friday night, July 22, in the Olympia mall, Munich’s largest shopping center. However medical staff are being rushed to the city from across the state of Bavaria, indicating a casualty emergency of major proportions and multiple deaths.

Munich police now believe that three gunmen were involved and are on the run, but refrain from defining them as jihadist terrorists.

Large numbers of people fled the shopping center at the heart of Germany’s third city, while shopkeepers hid in barricaded stores and eateries.

Following the Olympia mall shooting, sirens were activated in a number of Munich districts warning people that their city was under terror attack which has all the hallmarks of a jihadist atrocity against a soft target.

The public was urged to stay off the streets and away from crowd centers. All Munich transport systems were closed down amid reports of a second shooting at the nearby Marienplatz Metro station at the heart of the capital of Bavaria. The central railway station was evacuated and closed down.

debkafile’s counterterrorism sources report that the gunmen were armed with pistols as well as automatic rifles which were planned to maximize casualties.

It's the second attack in Germany in less than a week. On Monday, a 17-year-old Afghan wounded five people in an ax-and-knife attack on a regional train in Bavaria. The attacker claimed by ISIS as its “fighter” was shot and killed by police. 

The mall is next door to the Munich Olympic stadium, where the Palestinian terrorist group Black September took 11 Israeli athletes hostage and eventually killed them during the 1972 Olympic Games.


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