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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 11.45 - 07/29/6016 TAM  - 10/30/16 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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Every Sabbath

Seventh Seal sign in the heavens.

When you see this entire sign you will know
the Great Tribulation is about to begin.

The time has come.

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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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From Eliyahu

Hello friends,

Remnant Expectations Prophecy SeminarThe last Sabbath of this 7th month is here! The Tsiyon Team has produced some exclusive video content for our Tsiyon Partners as a Bonus Presentation of our Remnant Expectations Prophecy Seminar, which we will be presenting to you tonight at our live Sabbath meeting. Tsiyon Partners, this will be your exclusive screening of this outstanding video. Join us. Same place, same time.

Exclusive Live Remnant Expectations Prophecy Presentation for Tsiyon Partners!

Begins at 8 PM CST.

Don't Miss This:

Oct 30, 2016 - The Sixth Seal Heavens Like A Scroll - Revelation chapter 6 is the source of this amazing prophecy. This video includes animated visuals to help you imagine exactly what these heavenly signs are going to look like!

The Sixth Seal Heavens Like A Scroll

Sixth Seal Signs in the SkyThe Sixth Seal signs in the heavens of Revelation Six are the announcement in the sky itself that the Great Day of the Wrath of YHWH is about to begin upon the world. These signs will be so far out of the ordinary, so terrifying, yet so perfectly according to Scripture, that they will be unmistakable. All normal activity on the earth will come to a standstill as people everywhere react to these amazing developments visible to every person who looks up into the sky! These events will be coming soon and you are likely to be alive when this happens! This video will help you to be ready for these earthshaking events.

Not since the Cuban Missle crisis...That's tonight's meeting.

Before I continue on to the next topic I want you to know, while I would never be a traitor to the country of my birth, I belong to another nation by a commitment that occurred in my family long before my birth. Namely, the remnant nation of Israel. My allegiance and my future are fully committed there. Mine is the voice of Tsiyon in exile. For that reason I do not involve myself in the politics of the USA and I don't vote. For me, that would be wrong. Therefore, when I write about political issues it is mostly out of concern for other believers with an eye to the Word, to stay on top of a quickly changing landscape here in these last days. That's why I'm writing about this political topic now. All of this relates to Bible prophecy and to your well-being.

I am talking about earthshaking events going on in the political arena here in the United States that are shaking up the elites and their establishment functionaries, while threatening chaos throughout the entire USA, and possibly even the world. I am talking about the battle between the globalists and the nationalists now coming to a point of decision that could bring the country to the point of armed conflict within itself, and possibly with other nations as well. I don't think most people understand just how serious all of this is.

This presidential election year has been the strangest - and dirtiest - in modern history. YHWH has used it to expose the corruption that permeates the government, the establishment media, and big business, pretty much from top to bottom and from wall to wall. The details are nauseating and the enormous sin of it all has massed up to the gates of heaven. Encouragingly, there is huge pushback against all that by righteous-hearted people. Many of those are honest public servants, law enforcement officers, and even some elected officials who are conflicted every day by the culture of corruption and deception that has grown up around them. As election day approaches they all know their day of opportunity approaches with it.

On the other side, the globalist politicians who are in power know that if they are defeated in an honest election then everything will quickly change for them. In that event, many of them, even now in the highest imaginable pinnacles of power, could be brought down with their many self-serving, traitorous and illegal dealings being appropriately exposed and adjudicated, and just sentences being handed out against them. Prisons would soon be bursting with all of these elite criminals!

There are two scenarios that immediately come to mind as to how the ruling criminals might act to protect themselves from this horrifying [for them] eventuality.

One scenario would be to act during this window of time before the election, now only a few days away, to prevent the election from happening. That is what makes this particular time window so dangerous. People like this will do, and have done, unimaginable things to change the optics and/or trajectory of events. Under this sort of scenario wars are started, false flag operations are utilized, people are assassinated, totalitarian measures are imposed - and the list goes on. The point is, we don't know what they will do, but chances are high that whatever it is, we are presently in the time window for it to occur.

Another scenario may be that they will move forward with a plan to fix the election in favor of their candidates. This moves the critical time window to a point after the election, where an outraged populace of "deplorables' rises up to demand justice. Depending on how forceful that demand may be, it could be met with harsh measures. Really, worst case scenario, civil war could ensue. This could have grave international implications as well.

Let's hope it doesn't come to anything as bad as a worst case scenario, but if it does, let's not be caught spiritually off-guard. 

I share this because you must be aware of how critical these times are. Let us pray for the righteous, and as Scripture says:

Be sober and self-controlled. Be watchful. Your adversary, the devil, walks around like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. 1 Peter 5:8

Enough about that.

Partners, join us tonight at 8 PM CST to for your exclusive video showing. See you tonight!

Shalom, Eliyahu


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Fiercely resistant ISIS seizes two Iraqi cities
Reprint: DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis October 25, 2016

Official US optimism was absent from the latest Pentagon spokesman’s evaluation of the state of the offensive to wrest Mosul from ISIS as it entered its second week. Late Monday, Oct. 24, Capt. Jeff Davis said that, while Iraqi and Kurdish forces were making “solid progress,” they are now meeting “heavy resistance,” outside Mosul and predicted that “its going to get heavier” as allied forces push into the city. 

Capt. Davis also admitted that the 80 or so villages and small towns retaken by Kurdish and Iraqi forces in the first week of the campaign were largely uninhabited.

US soldiers were Monday ordered to use gas masks after ISIS poured oil on a sulfur mine 70km south of Mosul that continues to burn near the US and Iraqi military center at Qayyarah.

One obstacle after another – often unforeseen - is slowing the coalition’s advance on Mosul - as debkafile was the first publication to reveal last week. It is becoming obvious that ISIS is following a plan to circle around Mosul in a wide radius and pouncing on important spots for diversionary attacks:

Last week, they overran Kirkuk; this week, Sinjar and Rutba.

The capture of Sinjar in northern Iraq near the Syrian border was the Islamists’ second victory against the Kurdish Peshmerga. Its fall saved ISIS’ main supply route from Iraq to its Syrian stronghold in Raqqa from being cut off. For the Kurdish Peshmerga, it was disastrous. Sinjar was the main assembly center for Syrian Kurdish fighters coming in to aid their brothers in the fight for Mosul. A large concentration of the outlawed Turkish Kurdish PKK was also present.

The fighting in Kirkuk only died down Sunday after three days, leaving at least 100 Iraqi and Kurdish fighters dead.
ISIS captured the Anbar desert town of Rutba, 700km southwest of Mosul, by a three-pronged strike.

Rutba commands the Baghdad-Amman highway. It is also situated near the Ayn al-Asad Air Base, the largest US military facility in Iraq, which hosts US air and special operations units.

Iraqi government forces including Emergency Regiments, border guard units and Sunni tribal militias which command this part of western Iraq, were deployed to guard this strategic town. However, they were no match for ISIS. The Mayor of Rutba, Imad al-Dulaimi’s desperate appeal to Baghdad for backup to save the town from ISIS’ grasp, fell on deaf ears. Large numbers of Iraqi, Kurdish and local Sunni fighters fell in battle there.

It has become apparent from these events that the planners of the Mosul operation, Haidar al-Abadi’s generals and the American officers fighting with them did not take into account that ISIS would mount major attacks in unexpected places far and near to throw the coalition assault on Mosul off balance.

Next door, the Jordanian army went on war preparedness as its generals looked nervously at the fighting drawing near to the kingdom and took note that the main highway linking Amman to Baghdad had been cut off


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