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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 12.15 - 01/21/6017 TAM  - 04/18/17 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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Every Sabbath

Facing Down the Vipers

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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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From Eliyahu

Hello friends,

Before I get to our theme, I thought you might like to get a report about Passover.

Join us for Passover!We had an awesome Passover this year! Passover is so meaningful to us because it is a day to remember how YHWH delivered us from bondage to make us a free people. Not only did He deliver us from Egypt. He also delivered us from bondage to the world, the devil, and even from sin and death - all through the precious sacrifice of the Lamb of God, Y'shua Messiah. Truly, that is something to celebrate.

We wanted to share all that with you, so we broadcast a live stream on Tsiyon Road radio, as well as our video stream for our Tsiyon Partners. A recording of the video stream is posted in the archive online, if you haven't seen it yet. It was fabulous, sharing Passover with the Remnant around the world! Below are some photos of some of the folks here at our local congregation in Texas at our Passover meeting.

 Wow! We had such an awesome time at Passover!

Praising Messiah in dance and song!

Getting into it!
Buds in the faith. Preserving the memories. Kitchen break. Photo bombed!

While we were lovin' our Passover in Texas, it was heartwarming to know our Remnant family around the world were doing likewise. Below is one example - Passover in China.

Report from China - Check out the Tsiyon Tabernacle Activity Stream for more!

What? No fortune cookie?

Bryan, Ginny and friends in China - we love you guys and we are praying for you!


Bryan and Ginny have shared some great stuff with us on the Tsiyon Tabernacle online. Check that for more specifics.


Oh yeah, and check this out on YouTube.

Happy Meetup for ULB

"We had a meetup for Unleavened bread to talk about Passover and the meaning of it. We had dinner and then watched the Passover video on YouTube. We then had a really great conversation about the remnant and what it means to be included in Israel..."

Now, About Our Current Theme - Facing Down the Vipers!

Facing down the vipersVipers are cunning, vicious and deadly. They are a fitting picture of malicious evil people, and they always have been. In the book of Matthew we find Messiah calling out some of these people as "offspring of vipers."

This is important for us today, because we find ourselves surrounded by a growing malignant evil in this world. People who fit the description of "offspring of vipers" seem to be everywhere. In business, government and even the Church, the vipers are slithering about, just looking for their next victim. Schoolmates, workmates, relatives and even friends may be among them, and we may not know it until they have already struck. This is scary stuff!

Obviously, evil is getting far too pervasive to think we can just hide from it and be ok. The vipers must be dealt with. How do we deal with vipers? Here, we look to the example of Y'shua Messiah, who faced these people every day, even while they were scheming to kill Him. In Matthew 12 we have a lot about evil, the nature of evil, the consequences of evil, and how to deal with evil.

Tonight, at our live Tsiyon meeting online, we look at this problem in depth. That's 8 PM CST at Tsiyon.Net. Join us, and be prepared to face down the vipers!


Eliyahu ben David

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Shalom Remnant People!

Shelia here with another building project update. Praise Yahweh more funds have been contributed toward the project for which we are extremely grateful! Pictured below are some of our friends from Missouri pitching in to help the big job of leveling the center area. They all did a great job as the area ended up within a 1/16th tolerance from front to back.

 Gettin' it level.
Judah, Katie, Missouri Jake and Caleb worked with Jacob Israel on the leveling job.

After the leveling was accomplished we had to shore up the wall around the center area with more concrete base since we decided to add the second floor to the building.

More concrete!
Katie and Missouri Jake are shown here helping Jacob Israel with the concrete.

It’s very important that we have a firm foundation to keep us safe in our walk with Y’shua and that very much applies in our building project as well! As you can see, we are moving forward trusting Yahweh to provide for the next step through our faithful partners, some of whom have really stepped up to help us move ahead.

It’s not too late for you to participate in the blessing of helping Yahweh’s work move forward. You can send your offering for the building project to:

Tsiyon A130-425, 5701 [Checks can be made to "Tsiyon"]
W Slaughter LN,
Austin TX 78749


New Video! - The Saturday Sabbath Story

The fourth commandment says we are to keep the Sabbath, but when is that Sabbath to be kept?

  • What proof is there that Saturday has always been the same day of the week, going all the way back to Creation week?

  • On the other hand, is there any proof that the days of the week were changed, even by the Jews, bringing Saturday Sabbath into doubt?

  • Lastly, if Saturday is disqualified by hard evidence, then what?

  • Is it still possible to determine the correct day to keep the Sabbath, meaning the day that God Himself has set?

Hard facts are offered in this video to answer each of these vital questions. Just click the picture below to view the video on YouTube. Please leave a comment and a Thumbs-Up!

Is Saturday the Sabbath?

Also, see this video at Tsiyon.Net. If you need help, contact us.

See this video!

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