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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 13.12 - 1/7/6018 TAM  - 03/24/18 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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The new Hebrew Year began at sundown of March 18,2018.
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From Eliyahu

This is our first Tsiyon News since the new Hebrew Year began at sundown of March 18,2018. This is the third year of this shabua, sometimes called a septennate, that is, the seven year cycle. The seventh year of the shabua is the Biblical Sabbath year, a year of release called the shmita or shemittah year. Why the different spellings? Transliterating from Hebrew is not exact, so allows for different renderings of Hebrew words into English. But, back to where we are in this shabua. What is the significance of this third shabua year?

The Shebua of CreationMost people have never considered this before, but the years of the Hebrew shabua tend to express something of the characteristics of the seven days of creation of Genesis 1. Following is a picture of a slide I created for a presentation I will be making this Succot. As you can see, it is a chart of the Seven Days of Creation.

There is a perfect order to how our Grand Creator works, which is revealed in the Seven Days of Creation, but would be more accurately named the "Shabua of Creation."

Each of the creative days fulfills a specific part of the larger plan for the shabua. You see, a shabua is not just the passage of seven days or years. Each shabua is purposeful in the mind of Elohim, and He orders the events of each shabua, and each part of the shabua, according to His Divine Purpose. I'm talking here about what the Creator is doing, not what people are doing. Usually people couldn't care less about what Elohim is doing in the shabua and are simply concerned with what they are doing from day to day. Often this approach puts them our of synch with His timing - then they wonder why their plans don't work out. However, it is possible for His people to gain insight into His timing, and how He is working, so as to enter into that timing to purposefully work in accord with Him. Here at Tsiyon we call this "walking in Holy Time." If you are getting the gist of this you are no doubt perceiving that keeping the Appointments of YHWH is only the tip of the iceberg of walking in Holy Time. There is a bigger picture here that encompasses all of your life with Him.

The third year of the shabua is an excellent case in point. If we acknowledge the seventh year as the Sabbath year in which we experience the fruit of the six work-years, then we see that the third year culminates at the half of the work-years of the shabua. In the Shabua of Creation this is the period when Elohim separated the waters from the dry land and caused the plants to start growing on the land. By bringing forth the land and its plant life YHWH literally completed a foundation for the rest of His creative plan to stand on - a plan that would eventually be crowned with the creation of Man. This foundation was completed by the end of Day Three. Day four, five and six all proceed upon the foundation that was completed with Day Three. Year Three of a given shabua follows a similar order, being a time to complete the foundation for the rest of the work for that shabua.

For example, our last Year Three here at Tsiyon was spring of 2011 to spring of 2012. At that time we were working toward establishing our Tsiyon headquarters here in greater Austin Texas. In 2010 we purchased the property here and moved on it. In 2011 we were working very hard to build a facility to work from. However, in September of 2011 all of that was burned up in a major fire here in the area. Some looked on and thought that was the end for Tsiyon, but they were wrong. From the shabua perspective, it was Elohim purifying this set-apart land by fire, separating this place from the world as He had separated the land from the waters on the Third Day of Creation. By sending a prophet here with a word for me when we came back to the land, defining my role in His plan, He completed the foundation He was laying for the rest of that shabua. He brought some excellent help and we did complete that plan according to His timing. In the shmita year of 2015 our facilities here were completed and dedicated in that year to His service, and our expanded team was assembled and operational, serving all of you in His Name. We had entrusted ourselves to our faithful Creator, and we had not been disappointed.

We begin this Year Three with a new building in the works, which we expect to have completed and in use before the end of this year. We pray this will coincide with ministry plans that will set the stage for the rest of this shabua. At this point things look to be on track, but we must also be alert to the schemes of the enemy, praying daily to keep him at bay.

What does your Year Three look like? Perhaps the timing is right to consider that in prayer.

Entrust yourself to your faithful Creator.All of this goes well with our theme for this year:

Entrust Yourself To Your Faithful Creator.

Elohim is faithful in all He does. He is faithful, first of all, to Himself. This is why we can absolutely trust in His excellent character in all things. Unlike human beings, He never forgets and He never lies. He always keeps His word. Even the fixed laws of Creation that He put in place are always faithful. True science depends on that. In fact, we all do every instant. Elohim is faithful to the nation He created for His glory - the nation of Israel. He will keep all His covenants and all His promises to Israel. Of that you can be sure. Elohim is faithful to His people, each of them is the apple of His eye. Every hair of your head is numbered! He loves you! Entrust yourself to your faithful Creator and you will never be disappointed in the outcome. HalleluYah! 

Now, about our meetings this 1st Hebrew month: we have special content for each of them, including especially our Passover celebration (see details above). In fact, our Passover will be available to all Tsiyon Members online, including free members. All anyone needs to do to attend is to register as a free member at http://tsiyon.net/register/ - so tell your friends! Tonight we will be kicking off this special series of programs, each upholding and defending our faithful Creator. Come and join us tonight, March 24, 2018, at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM CST. 


Eliyahu ben David


Tonight at our Tsiyon meeting online we will be sharing a special message entitled: The Big Why - The problem of existence. This message is excellent for every person who has, or may have, someone in their life who doesn't yet know the faithful Creator. That's pretty much all of us isn't it? Many people today wonder why they are here and what their purpose is in life. This presentation comes to grips with that, in a way that we hope will appeal to those with real questions. Don't miss this!  

The Big Why


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