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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 13.13 - 1/14/6018 TAM  - 03/31/18 AD


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Eliyahu ben David Bet Midrash

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Passover 2018

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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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The new Hebrew Year began at sundown of March 18,2018.
We are offering you some great content and opportunities this Month 1 of the new Hebrew Year!

Our Online Tsiyon Passover Includes:

8:00 - 9:30 PM CST
Music & remnant greetings perfect for
your Passover Meal.

9:30 PM to Conclusion
Have your unleavened bread and wine ready to partake with remnant Israel around the world, as we remember Messiah's death together.

Join us for Passover!

You can still send in your video greeting as part of our online Passover event!
It doesn't have to be fancy. Just a short cell phone video message will do. Introduce yourself, tell us where you are from, and include your greeting to all of the remnant who will be watching! Really, say whatever you are moved to say! Encourage everyone with your message, and other remnant messages from around the world!
   Here's how to get your video to us:
Email your video to tsiyontabernacle@gmail.com. If it is too large to email, please upload it to your favorite online storage service and send us the link to your video. If you need any help with any of this contact us via phone at 888-230-2440 in the USA or Canada, fax/voicemail at 206-202-2707 or email us at help@tsiyon.org.
   Please get your video in right away - before Passover!

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Month 1, 6018 - Silver Kingdom Shekel Offer!

Silver is available at an excellent price right now, so we are making our Silver Kingdom Shekel available to all of our Tsiyon friends
for Month 1 of the new Torah Year!

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From Eliyahu

The 1st PassoverTonight we keep the Passover. Of course we all talk about the primary meaning of Passover, at Passover, so I'm not going to go into that right now. What I want to talk about here is the power of Passover through the ages.

At nearly four millennia, Passover is probably the oldest continually kept national holiday still being celebrated in the world. People often refer to Passover as a Jewish holiday, but it is literally bigger than that. The "Jews" (a name given to the Israelite tribe of Judah) represent only one tribe out of twelve, yet all of the tribes were commanded to keep the Passover. A remnant from all the various tribes, though long scattered throughout the world, still keep Passover each year.

Except for a relative handful of Biblical figures who lived before the time of the first Passover, all of our Biblical heroes looked forward to Passover each year, just as we do today. Moses, Joshua, the Judges like Gideon and Samson, King David and all his House, all of the prophets, and innumerable humble and unnamed Israelites through many centuries - all kept Passover. This is a powerful cord that binds all Israel together on that special night, down through the centuries and the millennia. To enter into Passover is to step into a sort of freeze-frame of our nation from every age. I have been keeping Passover each year for decades, having seen my hair turn from brown to white in the course of those years keeping Passovers, and I still love that feeling, as if I am sitting down at the Passover table with all of my Biblical heroes. "Moses, please pass the salt."

The next Exodus will be greater!The very word "Passover" is pregnant with meaning for Israel and for every Israelite. It reminds us that our Creator set us free for a purpose, His purpose. We are a nation of purpose in the world. We are the chosen nation. Chosen for what? Chosen to be a continual living witness to the world of the reality and character of the living God - our God - the God of our Fathers, YHWH the God of Israel. Many other nations have come and gone but, through it all, we are still here. We still exist in the earth after so many of our own national failures because our God is a covenant-keeping God, and against all odds He has preserved us for the sake of His word to our Fathers. As a people we will not fail in our purpose. We cannot fail because He is entirely unwilling to allow us to fail. He has gone even to the outrageous extent of giving His own beloved Son as our Passover to save us, our Messiah, the Messiah of Israel.

Passover is not only a memorial of the past. It is also a guarantee for the future. Just as surely as YHWH delivered Israel out of Egypt by a mighty and outstretched arm, so also will He deliver the faithful remnant of Israel out of every corner of the world where they have been exiled, to bring us once again, as a nation under Messiah, into our own Land. This is the second Exodus, the Remnant Exodus, foretold through the mouths of all the prophets. YHWH is not done with Israel, and by His grace we will rise up to finally fulfill our destiny, to His glory. This is written in the Passover, in His Word, and in our hearts. Believe it!

Therefore behold, the days come, says YHWH, that they shall no more say,
As YHWH lives, who brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt;
but, As YHWH lives, who brought up and who led the seed of the house of Israel
out of the north country, and from all the countries where I had driven them.
They shall dwell in their own land. 

Jeremiah 23:7-8

You are invited to join us for our Passover celebration (see details above) tonight, March 31, 2018, at Tsiyon.Net at 8 PM CST. Our Passover will be available to all Tsiyon Members online, including free members. All anyone needs to do to attend is to register as a free member at http://tsiyon.net/register/ - so tell your friends! Besides streaming video live from Tsiyon.Net, we will also be streaming audio live on our Tsiyon Road radio station, online at Tsiyon.Org. Radio is our second best option, because the video is, of course, better. However, the radio stream is an option for some. However, you join us, we look forward to having you with us for this very special time together. 


Eliyahu ben David


Have you seen: The Big Why - The problem of existence. This message is excellent for every person who has, or may have, someone in their life who doesn't yet know the faithful Creator. That's pretty much all of us isn't it? Many people today wonder why they are here and what their purpose is in life. This presentation comes to grips with that, in a way that we hope will appeal to those with real questions. Don't miss this! It will be available to all Tsiyon members at Tsiyon.Net, along with other special content, for the rest of this 1st Hebrew month!  

The Big Why


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