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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 13.45 - 09/14/6018 TAM  - 11/22/18 AD


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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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From Eliyahu:

Shalom friends, 

Are you busy sowing seeds of the Kingdom?

If we think of seeds as ideas with life-changing potential, then we have a lot of competition out there!

The devil is getting his message out.The devil is sowing seed like there is no tomorrow, and since he is no god, he needs a lot of help. To get people to accept his plan, evil seed must be planted in their minds on a scale never before seen. All of the elite, whom he has made wealthy and powerful, are heading up and financing his bid to transform the world into his own image. They are buying the influence they need. They think everyone has a price, and indeed, many of the world's most notable names in government, business, technology, entertainment, and even religion, seem to have proven them right. Untold millions of brainwashed minions are totally sold on the devil's plan, and are giving their all to implement that plan everyday.

The goal? New Babel. A world without God. The entire world brought together under one ruler - a ruler controlled by satan himself. A world where human freedom will be blotted out and a global dictatorship will make all of your important life decisions for you - down to such a minute degree that we can't even imagine it yet. The thirst of the elite for infinite power and control, coupled with super technology indistinguishable from magic, guarantees that mankind will become a slave-race existing only to serve the elite.

Of course, they don't tell you that last part.

Don't believe these guys!

They speak of their dreamworld as a paradise on earth. Nothing has ever been made to look so good. No borders. No crime. No poverty. Technology will solve all problems. A world united as one. But its all a lie. Its billions and billions of lies, repeated over and over again, every day for years on end. Often, those lies are so transparent that they are laughable. Yet, while all this deception and corruption has inspired pushback movements, and there is a core of hardening opposition, the devil's helpers just keep spewing their endless fountain of lies.  They spin them as some new form of change, hope and love - while really being seeds of hatred, rebellion, death and destruction. They will just keep spewing, and more and more of the weak-minded and the spiritually bankrupt will keep falling into line, accepting the lies, and going along to get along. More and more of them will give in to the constant pressure to conform, until the tipping point is reached, and all of those lies suddenly give birth to the one BIG lie: New Babel. The end of the world as we have known it.

This world is surely in confusion. That's what Babel means, by the way: confusion. However, if your eyes are open and you are really seeing all of this evil seed being planted everywhere in this world, then it all becomes crystal clear. Sooner than most of us have ever imagined every person on earth will have to make a decision. Will they, will you, sign up to be a citizen of a world without God? The devil's helpers will do everything in their power to make everyone think there is no alternative, and in the end, virtually everyone will believe them. In fact, the world will probably vote satan into power, in the final failure of "democracy."

Despite what they say, the very thing they are working so hard to eliminate, is, of course, the alternative to their plan. It always has been, and it still is, and tomorrow it still will be. It is the Kingdom of the Son of His love!

Yes, this is what all of the evil seed is meant to overcome and eradicate from the surface of the earth - the Kingdom of Elohim - the Kingdom of our Creator.

I stand with Him, and I stand with His Kingdom. By His grace alone I will not bow my knee to satan's image, New Babel, nor will I give allegiance to it or him, nor will I serve it or him. This is the reason why I will not worship the New Babel: My father in heaven created the earth and every good thing in it. It all belongs to Him. I belong to Him and I hope you do too. The devil and his helpers are usurpers and thieves. If every person on earth votes for a world without God, to give the earth to satan, such a vote remains nothing but a meaningless fraud. You cannot give something to someone you yourself do not own. The people of the earth did not create the earth, so they don't own it - so they don't have a vote that counts. There is only one vote that matters: the vote of the Owner and Creator of this earth, and He isn't putting this up for a vote. The earth is His, and the fullness thereof. Period.

Seeds of the Kingdom.I assume, since you are receiving this Tsiyon News, that you too are a citizen and supporter of His Kingdom. As such, I assume you see the urgency of letting the world know there is an alternative to the globalist agenda. People need to know now that there is a better choice. Mind you, we cannot depend on the church system to accomplish this. The church system has already sold out to the world, so cannot be the representative of the Kingdom, even if many fine people haven't figured that out yet. The church system is a man-made system, it is hopelessly compromised already, so must ultimately fail. That's one reason why Messiah is raising up the Remnant of Israel in these days.

Are you the Remnant? Are you busy sowing seeds of the Kingdom?

What does that really mean?

Messiah explained that, and other mysteries of the Kingdom, for us in the book of Luke.

You need to know this stuff!!!

Join us tonight online, for our live Tsiyon Meeting, at 8 PM CST at Tsiyon.Net.




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