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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 14.10 - 13/07/6018 TAM  - 03/14/19 AD


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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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A search was conducted in the Land of Israel and the required Aviv barley was not sighted for the start of a new year.
As of sunset March 8, 2019 the first day of the 13th month of 6018 TAM began.

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From Eliyahu:

Shalom friends, 

Democide?Some folks still think that most people are basically good, and if given the power to do so, will do what is in the best interest of their neighbors. Surely, we would all like that to be true. If it were true then, as people were given more power, they would be kinder and more generous to others, who in turn would do the same. Pretty soon, the whole world would be full of love and harmony. We must ask though, if that utopian vision were true, why hasn't it happened already? In 6,000 years of recorded history we find one cycle after another of corrupt people coming to power and then bringing despotism and domination to their neighbors - not some kind of utopia.

Government murdersThis fact is probably best illustrated by the record of mass murder of their own citizens found to have been perpetrated by governments of every stripe. What we are talking about is democide. Here is the definition of that term:  

"the intentional killing of an unarmed or disarmed person by government agents acting in their authoritative capacity and pursuant to government policy or high command". This definition covers a wide range of deaths, including forced labor and concentration camp victims; killings by "unofficial" private groups; extrajudicial summary killings; and mass deaths due to the governmental acts of criminal omission and neglect, such as in deliberate famines, as well as killings by de facto governments, i.e. civil war killings. This definition covers any murder of any number of persons by any government.

R. J. Rummel coined the term democide, as a result of his extensive research into the phenomenon of murder by government. His research shows that the death toll from democide is far greater than the death toll from war. After studying over 8,000 reports of government-caused deaths, Rummel estimates that there have been 262 million victims of democide in the last century. According to his figures, six times as many people have died from the actions of people working for governments than have died in battle. According to Rummel,

"The more power a regime has, the more likely people will be killed. This is a major reason for promoting freedom." Rummel concludes that "concentrated political power is the most dangerous thing on earth."  [See R. J. Rummel (Feb 1, 2005) "Democide Vs. Other Causes of Death"]

John AdamsWhenever citizens inform themselves of these lessons of history they become less than trusting of government, any government, because government is where the power-hungry converge to wield control over the rest of us. The founding fathers of the United States, smarting from the abuses of King George, felt exactly that way, which is why the US Constitution they crafted attempts to limit the power of government for the good of the people. Of course, they knew the corrupt power-hungry would eventually subvert the system they crafted, because love of power knows no constraints and will always find a way to grab more power. No system devised and set out on paper can hold back that corrupting process. That's why many of the founding fathers often pointed out that the Constitution was only as good as the population, and that it could only work so long as a righteous population made it work. Sadly, we are long past that now, and whatever is left of the Constitution is quickly being subverted, as if by a wild pack of dogs snapping at the kill.

John LockeWe are being set up for global government. This has been in the works for a long time, but now we are at the point where we hear of this openly, in the "main-stream" media. This is supposed to be a good thing. Think a room full of music stars all singing "We are the World." Finally mankind has "evolved" past our nationalistic wars and behavior to a new era of international cooperation, love and peace - or so they say. Is this not a good place to remember R. J. Rummel's studied conclusion? Remember, he said: "concentrated political power is the most dangerous thing on earth." Based on that principle, how dangerous is one government concentrating power over the whole world? This will not be utopia! Far from it, it will be the end of the world as we know it.

This is a good place to remember our King, the Son of God, coming to us, humbly riding on a donkey. Here is a ruler, the only ruler, who has proven His justice and righteousness, and His love for humanity. He alone is our last and best hope for a new and better world. He is coming soon and even the globalist overlords cannot do a thing to stop Him. He has power too. Power far greater than theirs. Finally, oppressive human government will be forced by His power to give way to His righteous Kingdom. Lord, we say; "Thy Kingdom come!"      

Join us tonight at 8 PM CST at Tsiyon.Net for our Tsiyon meeting, as we are amazed together at our righteous King.




Hi. I'm Shelia.Shalom Remnant People!

Shelia here. 

I know we haven't given you an update on our Tsiyon building project in quite a while, even though we continue to do a lot on the project every day, and have done a lot since our last update. Mark and Sherry, and Richard, have come to live and work at Tsiyon, joining our already industrious team. Power was installed in the building last fall, with Mike and Jake getting that up and running in the building. This winter Brother Gary came and helped us with our septic system, to accommodate the new building. So what does the new Tsiyon building look like right now?

This dramatic picture of our Tsiyon building was taken at the start of this 13th month!

Tsiyon project

At this point the entire first floor has been completed and we are now working on the second floor. Take a look:

Going up!

2nd floor


Goin up?

2nd floor under construction.

Mike puts in the power.

Here's more progress on our 2nd floor:



Richard and Jake

Mark preps a window.

Katie works on new floor.

Richard and Jake painting new wall.

Why all this hard work by our Tsiyon volunteers? Simple. These are works of faith aimed at helping Tsiyon to serve you better! Even if you can't be here to work on the project like these volunteers, you can still be a part of this ongoing story of faith. Prayer support is always needed. Also, if you are able you can help us with some of the costs of the project. We especially need this help now, to bring this building project all the way to a conclusion!

You can send your offering to:

Tsiyon A130-425  [Checks can be made to "Tsiyon"]
5701 W Slaughter LN
Austin TX 78749

Also, you can donate to the project online here.

Thank you all, for your prayers and support for this important end time work.

Be blessed in Messiah, Shalom!


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