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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 14.12 - 13/21/6018 TAM  - 03/28/19 AD


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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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We are about four weeks from Passover, which will be on or about April 20, 2019!

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From Eliyahu:

Shalom friends, 

Have you got the power?We are about 1 week away from the start of a new Hebrew year, and about 3 weeks away from Passover! YHWH's Holy Time cycle is so perfect, starting us out for the year focusing on the awesome deliverance of the Exodus events, and more importantly, on the death and resurrection of our Messiah and Savior, Y'shua. Now, that's a great start to build the year on! [Before I forget to ask, we like to include as many of our folks as possible in our Passover broadcast, so if you would like to send us a short video Passover greeting we can play for everyone at Passover, we would love to include you! Send it anytime between now and Passover. It doesn't have to be fancy, just your smiling face and whatever you want to say for a Passover greeting to the Remnant community. A simple cell phone video is fine, but we would just love to be reminded of your faith and love for Messiah from wherever you live in the world.]

OK, back to matters at hand. Readers may look at the theme graphic here and think, "aren't we jumping the gun a little bit, getting into 'resurrection power' right now? Isn't that more of a Passover season message?" To that, I should say that 'resurrection power' is indeed a great Passover theme and a great start to the new year. However, the reason we start the year with that focus is because it is so foundational we need it all the time, from the start of the year to its finish. Really, for the Remnant, 'resurrection power' must be like breathing. To us, resurrection power is life itself!

Tonight at our live online meeting we will be looking into Luke 20, which includes the famous encounter Y'shua had with the Sadducees, "those who deny that there is a resurrection" (Luke 20:27). They had no hope in the resurrection - that's why they were sad you see. I know, you've probably heard that one before, but that little joke can help you to remember what that group was all about. Actually, sad to say, the priesthood was largely drawn from the Sadducees. Much like the modern religious system today, academics who fancied themselves too educated, erudite and sophisticated to take the Scriptures as literal truth - in other words, fools with no faith - were the ones who thought themselves to be in charge of the spiritual lives of the masses. No wonder it didn't work out any better back then than it is working out now. 

Superior to all of the peons.The Sadducees came to Messiah with a dumb story designed to make the resurrection seem like an ignorant superstition of the masses, a mere myth to make the peasants feel better about their worthless lives - that 'Richard Dawkins" sort of move. They thought they could embarrass Y'shua as He stammered to try and find an answer to the unanswerable. Of course, they were too puffed up and self-important to foresee how stupid He was about to make them look by giving them such a brilliant answer they never could have foreseen it. We will be considering that answer at the meeting tonight, so I hope you will be there to consider that with us.

What I'm seeing about this right now is how inconsistent these faithless pencil-head types can be. They often believe in concoctions of the human mind that require far more blind faith than anything the Scriptures ask of us. This is more true than ever today. Such people are perfectly willing to believe that life spontaneously sprang of its own from the primordial slime, even though no one has ever seen such a thing, and they cannot reproduce that event in the laboratory. Never the less, they assume it happened completely by chance millions of years ago. Somehow, the millions of years are supposed to make the impossible possible - another baseless assumption. After that absurd beginning the story makes one huge leap of fancy after another, with mere chance (given the scientific sounding name of "natural selection") somehow creating and dividing off every type of living thing known to man, all in an orderly manner that can be laid out with with precision by the same pencil-heads who tell us we are stupid because we profess acceptance of an intelligent Creator!

Like the Sadducees, today's pencil-heads think the resurrection is impossible, and is a myth to make the ignorant feel better when coping with death. Of course, they have their own version of the afterlife, with themselves as god. They call it "Transhumanism" - which means using technology to make those who can afford it something more than human, to extend their lives and power indefinitely. An article in the Daily Mail explains how this vision of the pencil-heads would impact the future. This is how the article begins:

Is this mankind's future?The science of transhumanism: How technology will lead to a new race of super-intelligent immortal beings (IF you can afford it)

  • The development of biotechnology could end disease, ageing and even death  

  • Humans may take on new forms through prosthetics or genetic engineering

  • 'Transhumanism' is the idea that humans should transcend their natural state and limitations through the use of technology

  • But researchers caution that this could lead to a scenario where masses of people [would be] forced to serve the technologically superior 'Humanity 2.0'

Source: dailymail[dot]co.uk/sciencetech/article-4747174/Transhumanism-lead-immortality-elite.htmlarise

You might think Transhumanism is science fiction - but the world's elite are spending billions trying to make it a reality, and many of the changes society has already been reeling from are arising due to this effort. Right now, this is already negatively effecting your life in countless ways that are being deliberately hidden from your view. The lust of the elite for god-like power and even immortality WILL destroy the world, but for one thing they are not counting on - the return of the resurrected, immortal, Messiah. He will deal with them, and they shall discover what power is all about!

You've got it!

Yes, there is a Creator of this world and everything on it, and the people in charge of the earth right now are pushing His patience to the limit. However, they have not caught Him unawares. He foresaw all of this from before the world began, and He had the answer from before the foundation of the world. The answer is the death and resurrection of His Son! There is power in that, not just for Him, but also for us who believe and walk in His way. Yes, a sinister power is growing in the world, equipped with amazing technology and energized by demonic spirits, and that entire evil system hates God and hates us. Let us not be intimidated by that. We already have the power to face down this evil world system which is far beyond even what the elite can imagine (and they have imagined a lot!). By His grace, we have Resurrection Power!

Join us tonight at 8 PM CST at Tsiyon.Net for our Tsiyon meeting. Learn to put that resurrection power to work in your life every day! 




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