Tsiyon News Flash - Vol 14.14 - 01/01/6019 TAM - 04/047/19 AD

Shalom Friends,

As of sunset this evening, April 7, 2019, we begin the Hebrew new year, 6019.

This first month of the year holds so much promise for the year ahead, all that He has in store for us. We have now completed the first three years of this Shmita cycle, with three more years to go before the next Shmita year begins. Yes, we are right in the middle of those six years. We must expect the challenges to uptick in these remaining three years, as we focus on being prepared in every way possible before the upcoming Remnant Exodus.

All this month, we will be bringing you special programming, broadcasting both on Tsiyon Road radio, and within the Tsiyon Tabernacle during our live-streamed exclusive partner meetings. Please be there with us for each of our special Sabbath Meetings all through the month.

The biggest thing this month, is Passover. Did you know, even if you cannot attend our Passover service in person, you can can still be a part of our Passover celebration? Simply use your camera to record your Passover greetings and email them to us. Email can be finicky when it comes to sending multimedia files, so we've set up a special email just for receiving your Passover video greeting. There is a link on the homepage inside the Tsiyon Tabernacle—you can click or tap it to email your file to us. That special email address is: tsiyontabernacle@gmail.com

Here are the dates and events to expect. Stay tuned to Tsiyon News, there may be more updates coming!

Roman Date                    Event

Sunset, April 7, 2019        Beginning of Hebrew New Year 6019

Sunset, April 13               Special Month 1 Partner Live-Stream (Tsiyon.net)

Sunset, April 20               Passover Celebration and Partner Live-Stream
                                    email us your Passover greetings to be included

Sunset, April 21               Beginning of the counting of the Omer 6019,
                                    also known as the Feast of Weeks, Shebuah 1 (or week 1)

April 21-April 27               Unleavened Bread

Sunset, April 27               Sabbath Live-Streamed Partner Meeting (Tsiyon.net)

Sunset, April 28               Counting of the Omer, Shebuah 2 (week 2)

Sunset, May 4                 Sabbath Live-Streamed Partner Meeting (Tsiyon.net)

On behalf of all of the volunteers at the Tsiyon Headquarters in Greater Austin Texas, we wish you and yours a wonderful New Year and a lovely Passover season!

Blessings and Shalom! Eliyahu