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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 14.15 - 01/07/6019 TAM  - 04/13/19 AD


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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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From Eliyahu:

Shalom friends, 

Fight to win!Most of us have not experienced actual live fire combat. Have you ever wondered what that is really like? We have an idea of what its like from movies and TV shows, but watching a movie in which your life is not on the line misses the main factor that dominates real military encounters. Now, imagine that you are a new recruit just entering a military situation. For you, this scenario goes from an interesting question to a vital concern that dominates your thinking. In your private moments you wonder how you will perform under fire, when it is the real thing, which could happen in any moment of any day.

The performance of such new soldiers is the business of the Modern War Institute at West Point. Recently they conducted a survey of 304 military veterans, spanning from Vietnam to present day to determine what their real combat experience in which their life was on the line was really like. Not surprisingly, these combat encounters of the veterans were highly emotional in the moment in which they were happening. Heart pounding, fear, and tunnel vision are just a few of the physical and emotional responses the soldiers reported. Many reported fear and even terror during combat, blowing apart a macho myth that you're not supposed to ever be scared during battle. The following physiological processes take over, the study found:

Once the mind identifies an acute stressor (through sight, sound, touch, taste, or smell), the body reacts almost instantaneously with a series of carefully orchestrated hormonal and physical responses. The amygdala (responsible for emotional processing) perceives danger and sends a signal to the hypothalamus (the command center for the autonomic nervous system). This can result in immediate changes such as increased heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure. At the same time, the hypothalamus sends signals to the adrenal glands to release epinephrine (also known as adrenaline) into the bloodstream. If the stressful situation continues, the brain releases hormones that prompt the release of cortisol, keeping the body on high alert. This process happens almost on auto-pilot without any conscious thought. Source: mwi.usma[dot]edu/baptism-fire-survey-first-combat-experiences/

Be a soldierAll of these changes in the body are well documented as part of the so-called "fight or flight response" in which raw instinct takes over, producing an almost uncontrollable urge to either run away - or to fight to stay alive. People vary as to which choice they favor, and they may never know, until they are in such a situation and the response is triggered. Then they know for sure, because they have gone through it.

An army of soldiers who run away in the face of battle is not very useful, so this study attempted to zero in on factors that make the difference for soldiers under "fight or flight" pressure. One veteran offered a list that was a very representative summary:

  • Do not panic.

  • Pay attention to everything in your environment.

  • Do not let your guard down.

  • Remember your training it works.

  • Sometimes you will have to improvise.

  • Be aggressive but not reckless.

  • If your gut is telling you that there is something wrong go with it.

An overwhelming number of veterans said they "didn't think" and just acted during combat — giving a positive nod to their training beforehand. Training seemed to be the key to success in battle. Even so, the study concluded:

Overall, the first time a service member faces a real combat situation is often a critical moment of self-actualization. Simply put, once a service member knows battle first hand and survives, he or she will likely never be the same again. Source: mwi.usma[dot]edu/baptism-fire-survey-first-combat-experiences/

A hostile worldAll of this applies directly to supernatural warfare encounters. These can be life-threatening, and even worse, eternal life threatening. These can happen suddenly, in the life of any believer. Further, due to changes in the culture, even in western countries, such as the USA, these encounters are dramatically on the rise. Consider how the culture has changed over the last few decades, as seen in the chart to the left. The upward line shows the rise in the "no religion" category between 1972 and 2014 in the USA. Clearly, the population has been dramatically moving away from God. Put another way, society is much less godly and far more hostile to people who are. All of this tracks with what any awake believer has been seeing and experiencing all around him or her in the common culture. A lot of hate is being drummed up against Bible-based thinking and behavior. The devil is using this changed societal environment as a battlefield from which to attack believers. Often they don't even know they are experiencing a spiritual attack. They perceive it as hostility from individuals or institutions, and they are often deeply wounded by these very real attacks. Unfocused fight or flight is a common emotional response that ratchets up the chaos. Many believers simply don't know how to handle these attacks, and many have been devastates, some even leaving the faith. The chart tells the story - for decades we have been losing the war, and it is only getting worse. Believers sorely need training to deal with this.

At Tsiyon, we have no intention of surrendering to the hostile environment and just giving up. Quite to the contrary, we are determined to overcome. We want to help you do the same. To win, it will take a much different mindset than apathetic believers in the West have been exhibiting. If you are to get through this with your faith in tact, you must adopt the mindset of a soldier of the King, and the sooner the better. We invite you, and any person you invite, to a live presentation at tsiyon.net, at 8 pm cst, entitled Supernatural Warfare - Fight to Win! Tell you friends to register free at  https://tsiyon.net/register/ to take in this special presentation tonight.

Don't care or be there - choose your future!        




TSIYON EDITOR NOTE: The article below is from a Christian publication, uses Christian terminology, including the name 'Jesus' instead of Yeshua, and is not what most any of us would call 'Messianic' or even "Hebrew Roots'. For the purposes of this topic, none of that matters. From the standpoint of persecutors, all Bible-believing people are "Christians" regardless of how they would describe themselves. The threat this article speaks about is a threat to every person who chooses the Bible over the globalist agenda, so, in that sense, this article applies to you. Read it, and see.  

Christians, Get Ready for Persecution in the West

Reprint from: The Christian Post

Christian PersecutionThe ongoing persecution of Christians has been a sad reality in many parts of the world. Brutality at the hand of those who want to extinguish Christians, state-sanctioned violence, and Islamic extremists all play a sad role. Persecution has been something Christians here tend to dismiss as an "over there" issue.

I firmly believe there is a trend being established in the Western world. It's subtle in nature, but if you are carefully watching what is going on in media, entertainment, government, and sadly some ministries, you will discern that the tide of public opinion is rapidly turning against true Bible-believing Christians. It is time for followers of Jesus to get ready for persecution in the West.

To be certain, our brothers and sisters are facing severe persecution unlike anything believers here in the West have dealt with. Right now in many parts of the world, beatings, starvation, beheadings, and burned churches are everyday life for them. I want to ask you to stand in prayer for them because they have placed everything on the line for faith in Jesus. They are family and we are called to support each other.

It's worth noting that the spirit of Antichrist is already at work even now, and this growing Christian persecution is certainly an indicator of the nearness of the Lord's return and may very well be setting the stage for end time persecution that's certainly coming. What you are witnessing now in the increased hostility toward true Christians here in the West is but a sampling of the all-out persecution that will take place as history comes to a close. John 15:18

Look at the trend in recent years: Florists, bakers, photographers, and other business owners being fined and made to attend sensitivity or diversity training as a result of standing firm in their faith. Then there is the squelching of the faith our children have in Jesus. There are numerous examples of how free speech and freedom of creative expression are just fine in the classroom and all subjects are on the table except one: Jesus.

This world celebrates the lives of the wicked and vilifies the lives of the righteous. We are certainly living in a day when evil is called good and good is called evil. Christians are increasingly vilified because we won't bow the knee and join in the celebrating of what this world calls acceptable. Isaiah 5:20

In parts of Europe and Canada, verses from the Bible and sermons containing them are being labeled as hate speech. Pastors in Scotland and the Netherlands have been arrested and fined for hate speech because they read from verses in the book of Leviticus or elsewhere.

Times are changing and so are western views regarding religion. Pluralism and tolerance of religious expression and beliefs increasingly apply to all but one group: Christians. The World Council of Churches promotes a culture of multi-faiths and denounces Christian 'religious superiority.'

What they mean by denouncing 'religious superiority' is they stand against the exclusivity of Jesus. Mark my words, this mindset of the World Council of Churches and ecumenism are setting the stage for one world religion under Antichrist disguised as the truth. My pastor warned of the approaching storm for believers when he said,

"When persecution begins in America, I believe it will be centered on one issue, Christians saying and believing Jesus is the only way." -Pastor Mark Vroegop / College Park Church Indianapolis

From here on out, I expect to see true Christians become marginalized, vilified, and experience increasing persecution. In most of Europe, Canada, or America, if you believe in traditional marriage, stand for life, and believe Jesus is the only way to heaven, you are generally labeled as a hater or out of touch. Words are powerful but the media, blogosphere, and entertainment industry wouldn't dare denounce the exclusive claims of Islam like they do Christianity.

If you are a disciple of Jesus, it's open season on you and your beliefs.

Friends, the persecution has already begun with words and slander. Rogue judges and prosecutors in Europe, Canada, and the US. are censuring parts of religious Christian broadcasting, arresting people for teaching certain parts of the Bible, and levying fines on Christian business owners for not providing certain services. This world has a very skewed sense of the reality of good and evil.

In the near future, true Christians could very well have bank accounts seized, fines imposed, face jail time, get physically beaten, or even be murdered for our faith. This may be the reality for western Christians who refuse to deny their faith and not go along with the crowd. Make no mistake about it, Christians are on the verge of growing persecution here in the West because we won't compromise on the exclusivity of Jesus and the Bible.

How should we respond to coming persecution? We can pray for our enemies. We can maintain a spirit full of humility and kindness, even in the face of harsh ridicule and treatment. We shouldn't compromise the message of the gospel for the sake of acceptance. Saturate yourself with God's word. Spend time with the Lord in prayer. Fellowship with other believers. The Lord will give you strength to stand and to get ready for persecution here in the West. 1 Peter 3:15


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