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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 14.42 - 07/10/6019 TAM  - 10/08/19 AD


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Hello Friends,

The most hated word - sinThese days people talk about a lot of things that earlier generations would never discuss in public. Everyday language of many people is filled with every kind of obscene words and nasty content that, a generation ago, would have made sailors blush. Now, its just common place for people to talk that way. In fact, it is not unusual for obscene ads, including even graphic pictures, to be found unsolicited, even in the email of children. Society has largely become desensitized to all this nasty stuff. Behavior has changed. Every kind of behavior that once was taboo to even mention is now considered perfectly "normal."

There is, however, one taboo that can be absolute social suicide to even mention - I'm talking about the dreaded three-letter s-word - no, not that word. That used to be the dreaded s-word, but now you can say that word all you want. The dreaded s-word these days is the word "sin." Perhaps we could still use this taboo word if, when we write it, we put a hyphen in it, like s-n, so we are not offensive to s-nners!

In reality, we are all s-nners, aren't we? Of course we don't like to admit it. We don't even want to hear about it. Every problem we have is because of anything but the current dreaded "s word" - s-n. Yes, s-n has become the elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge even exists.

S-n does exist, and its destroying your life, your health, and it's out to kill you. Call me crazy, but I think everyone needs to deal with that! I know why they don't - because they can't. Its too big to deal with. Too hard to deal with. It is beyond our power to save ourselves from the horrid effects of s-n.

If we would deal with s-n and its devastating effects we must look up, beyond ourselves. We can be saved from this killer, by someone who is beyond s-n, who defeated s-n, and its horrible outcome, death. Of course I am talking about Yeshua, the Son of God who came to save us through the power of His own blood. We call this "atonement." This was prefigured by the events of Atonement Day in Scripture. He did this once for all time, but we keep a remembrance of this once each year on Atonement Day, which, this year, begins at sundown of October 8, 2019.

Perhaps, having put faith in the Atonement, the dreaded s-n is no longer so dreaded after all, so we can leave the hyphen out and just write or say "sin." Hey, my head didn't explode!

Forgive me for joking with you a little bit here. I'm so glad we can joke about sin, because of the freedom we have in Yeshua Messiah, so that we don't have to be afraid of that word! Praise His name, He has solved the problem of sin!

This special Tsiyon News is sent inviting our Tsiyon Partners to join us for our Atonement Day meeting tonight at TSIYON.NET at 8 PM CST. As you know, throughout this 7th month we are presenting The Remnant Tribes of Israel Seminar. Tonight's meeting will include the next installment of that seminar especially for Atonement Day entitled: Ordering the Breastplate Stones and Tribes. Come and join us for Atonement Day, featuring this special presentation.




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