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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 14.45 - 07/28/6019 TAM  - 10/27/19 AD


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Hello Friends,

There's no place like home.Millions have enjoyed watching the amazing fictional story of a little girl named Dorothy and her little dog Toto, who were transported by a massive tornado, from their country farm in Kansas to somewhere over the rainbow - to a magical land called "Oz."  Of course I am talking about the movie classic, The Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy was not very happy living on the little farm in the flatlands of Kansas. No doubt it seemed such a boring place to live, and some of the neighbors were not so easy to get along with either, so she ran away from home. Out in the big wide world she met a wizard (there are lots of wizards out there) - a con man really - a man who seemed to have all the answers. He had been to lots of exciting places and knew lots of exciting things - not like boring Auntie Em back home. Meeting the wizard changed everything for Dorothy. Soon after meeting him that crazy tornado came through her life, sweeping her into an entirely different world.

This story captured the attention of millions because it is the story of millions. It is as common as dirt, really. How many young people have there been who were bored with home and went off to become rich and famous in Hollywood, or New York, or anywhere they could find - so long as it is away from home? Like Dorothy, they too often learn the hard way that the world out there is not always so wonderful as it is cracked up to be. This is not limited to young people. Since the feminist revolution of the 60s, how many women have fled the dreaded "slavery" of raising kids and being "homemakers" to go out into the big wide world to "become something?" As if being the queen of your own home is not "something." Many of us are easily convinced that "home" is the last place in the world that we should ever want to be. Where is "home" anyway?

Dorothy's adventure reminds me of the lost tribes of Israel. They were bored with home. They complained because, frankly, they didn't like any of the rules. They were much worse than Dorothy ever dreamed of being - so they just did whatever they wanted and totally rebelled. This, of course, eventually created an intolerable chaos which inevitably got them kicked out of home, to be scattered throughout the big wide world. God knows where all their descendants are now - literally. Where they are not is home. They don't know it though. They are too busy traversing the yellow brick road as it snakes its way toward some fantasy in their heads. Along the way they meet a lot of strange people, all of whom aren't them. Everyplace they go is a place where they don't belong. They are beset with troubles and dangers on every side, constantly. Yet, inexplicably, they are attacked, afflicted, yet never destroyed, so they just keep moving on, not really even knowing where they are going.

Finally, after seeing it all, and realizing how empty it all is, they start longing for some distant shadowy thing. They don't really even know what it is they are longing for. It is an ambiguous sort of longing, deep inside, always with them. What is it they are searching for? What is that longing that drives them? It is a shadowy memory, a memory so deep it is buried in their DNA. It keeps surfacing, causing a disquieting sense of belonging someplace else. Finally, they reach the end of the yellow brick road and they have learned the answer. It hits them like a ton of yellow bricks! They are home-sick! They belong at home! Why? The answer is simple: "There is no place like home!"

Sadly, the Remnant have no ruby slippers they can click together to get home. To get home they must change their hearts! They must reverse all the rotten attitude and behavior that got them kicked out of home in the first place, and they need to learn how to love the wisdom behind the rules! This will get them headed in the right direction! Not being just one person, but being a scattered nation of people, they need to get together, get organized and get going! Trust me people, home is the place to be!

Does any of this ring a bell with you? If it does, then know this: it is time to get it together and come home!

That's what we are all about at Tsiyon. We are headed HOME. Step into the basket of the Tsiyon balloon and let's go!

Join us tonight at TSIYON.NET at 8 PM CST, and remember this: there really is no place like the home YHWH has created for His scattered family. For us, it remains the only place to be.




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