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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 14.53 - 09/28/6019 TAM  - 12/25/19 AD


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ďArise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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From Eliyahu:

Shalom friends,

Which way should you go?Unless you have been languishing in prison for the last 10 years, you've experienced a massive amount of change over the course of the last decade or so. Not only that, but the rate of change is exponential, so much so that it is impossible to keep up with all of the major technological changes, let alone social, economic and political changes. This last decade has moved so fast, with so many major events and inventions whizzing by, that its all pretty much a blur to most of us. This break-neck rate of change has set up a launchpad for more profound changes in the decade before us. It is quite likely that the world ten years hence from now, will look completely different from anything any of us have ever known before. There are lots of guesses out there about what's coming, but there is also a lot of uncertainty, and even anxiety, about those guesses.

Adapting to such rapid change challenges each of us personally. I recently read an article entitled "Why millennials are the most anxious generation in history" that starts out by making this interesting connection between modern technology and rising anxiety among the tech-savvy younger generation:

   Keeping too many tabs open will drain your batteries, my five-year-old daughter likes to remind me before helpfully offering to close them.
   It might be a ploy to get her hands on my phone, but it is also a neat metaphor for modern life: many of us are running around with too many tabs open inside our heads. We constantly toggle between screens, compulsively check social media, multi-task and then cancel commitments because we are so exhausted.
   So itís no surprise recent studies have declared millennials, especially women, the most anxious generation in history. [Vogue (Australia Edition), Jan 2018]

To many tabs open?Too many tabs open in your head. Keeping all options open while settling on none. How can you choose one thing when there are a million possibilities instantly available to you on your phone or computer screen? How can you know which of them should get your full attention? What happens if you commit to something and it turns out to be wrong? There always seems to be a better choice, but you can't be sure which one is the best - so you do nothing, or everything - because you can't be sure which way to go. This surely is a metaphor for many in this modern world.

Some see the hi-tech marvels of this age as a good thing, and certainly they can be if they are used as tools that aid us in healthy ways. Unfortunately, too often all the data that those marvels keep spewing at us heaps up around us as a wall of confusion that blocks out the light, keeping us in darkness, in useless busyness, not knowing or sometimes not even caring which way we should go. If you don't get a grip on this you will atrophy into oblivion.

Here is the big secret: the things that matter most NEVER change! Those things are T-R-U-T-H! Bedrock TRUTH. If your life is focused on, and directed by, the unchangeable Truth then you will not be substantially damaged by all the change around you. In fact, you will thrive, and you will be a light to those around you who are lost in the growing darkness of modern confusion. That Truth, that Way you need to follow, has been personified in a Person. I'm not speaking of the figure you see in pictures, statues, or religious mythology. Of course I am speaking of the Son of God, Yeshua Messiah. I'm speaking of the real Lord of Life Himself. Close all the other tabs and choose to follow Him! If you let Him, He will lead you - you personally. He is the only Way.          

His words in John 14 illuminate the Way for us. Join us live tonight at tsiyon.net, at 8 pm cst, to contemplate the amazing truth that He alone has to offer.




EDITOR'S NOTE: Organized Christianity has lost its way. The Church, once seen as the bastion of morality, is now largely seen as the height of hypocrisy, and is routinely held in contempt on the public stage. 70% of high school graduates leave the Church and never come back. Already weakened and struggling to retain some relevance, since 2015 Evangelical Christianity has suffered from massive increased pressure from the Globalists to cave into the LGBT leftist agenda. Major denominations have withered under the assault, as have a growing number of prominent Christian organizations of all kinds. For example, just last month, Chick-fill-A became a case in point, as reported by Life Site News and other news outlets: 

For years Chick-fil-A has risen [through] the fast-food ranks thanks in no small part to its proud Christian identity. But in a stunning reversal, the chicken restaurant announced Monday that it will end charitable donations to several Christian groups branded by pro-LGBT activists as ďanti-gay.Ē [lifesitenews.com, 11/18/2019]

Now, just a few days ago, Christianity Today Magazine, which was started by no lesser light of Evangelical Christianity than the late Billy Graham, has come out with a message castigating Evangelical Christians for support of President Trump in the wake of partisan attacks on the character of the President. Major Evangelical figures responded with outrage against the famed Christian magazine. In 2008 in the Revelation Series, and in my book published the following year, I predicted the capitulation of organized Christianity to the culture-war onslaught. These latest incidents are the very sort of thing I was predicting. The headline and article below may mark a watershed moment telegraphing the final collapse of organized Christianity as we have known it, coming up in roughly the next decade or so.  

Organized Christianity is caving in.

Evangelical Trump supporters bash Christianity Today for calling for removal from office

Reprint from: The Hill, 12/20/2019

Two prominent evangelical leaders are slamming the flagship evangelical magazine "Christianity Today" after it called for President Trump to be removed from office in an editorial.

"Less than 20% of evangelicals supported @HillaryClinton in 2016 but now @CTmagazine has removed any doubt that they are part of the same 17% or so of liberal evangelicals who have preached social gospel for decades! CT unmasked!" wrote Jerry Falwell Jr., the president of evangelical Liberty University.

"Itís obvious that Christianity Today has moved to the left and is representing the elitist liberal wing of evangelicalism," wrote Franklin Graham, CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Samaritan's Purse, an evangelical relief organization. Graham accused the magazine of being "used by the left for their political agenda."

Christianity Today, which was founded by Graham's father, the prominent evangelical leader Billy Graham, in 1956, on Thursday called for Trump's removal from office in an editorial by its editor-in-chief.

"We believe the impeachment hearings have made it absolutely clear, in a way the Mueller investigation did not, that President Trump has abused his authority for personal gain and betrayed his constitutional oath," wrote Mark Galli.

The editorial mentioned Billy Graham in the context of the magazine's founding principle to "help evangelical Christians interpret the news in a manner that reflects their faith."

"Yes, my father Billy Graham founded Christianity Today; but no, he would not agree with their opinion piece," Franklin Graham wrote, before revealing that his father was a Trump supporter before his death in 2018. "My father knew Donald Trump, he believed in Donald Trump, and he voted for Donald Trump. He believed that Donald J. Trump was the man for this hour in history for our nation."

..Eighty-one percent of self-described white, born-again or evangelical Christians voted for Trump in 2016, and 78 percent said they approved of his job performance as of March 2019, according to the Pew Research Center.

The magazine addressed those evangelicals in its editorial: "To the many evangelicals who continue to support Mr. Trump in spite of his blackened moral record, we might say this: Remember who you are and whom you serve."


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