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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 15.01 - 10/07/6019 TAM  - 01/03/20 AD


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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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From Eliyahu:

Shalom friends,

A wild ride ahead.Well, here we are, its 2020, commonly viewed as the start of another decade. Actually, the zero years are the last year of each decade, not the first, but for the purpose of addressing common concerns, we will go with the majority on this one. Now here's the big question a lot of people are thinking about:

What are the biggest potential future shocks facing the world in the decade ahead?

The latest Global Risks Report (2019), published each year by the World Economic Forum, lists ten possibilities, as they see it. The Report explains; "As the world becomes more complex and interconnected, incremental change is giving way to the instability of feedback loops, threshold effects and cascading disruptions. Sudden and dramatic breakdowns—future shocks—become more likely. In this section, we present 10 such potential future shocks." Their list:

Weather Wars - Use of Weather Manipulation Tools Stokes Geopolitical Tensions

Open Secrets - Quantum Computing Renders Current Cryptography Obsolete

Tapped Out - Major Cities Struggle [with] The Ever-Present Risk of Water Running Out

City Limits - Widening Gulf Between Urban and Rural Areas Reaches a Tipping Point

Contested Space - Low Earth Orbit Geopolitical Conflict

Against the Grain - Food Supply Disruption As A Geo-Economic Weapon

Emotional Disruption - AI that can Recognize and Respond to Emotions to Cause Harm

Digital Panopticon - Biometric Surveillance Allows New Forms of Social Control

No Rights Left - World Diverging Values [where] Human Rights are Openly Breached Without Consequence

Monetary Populism - Independence of Central Banks Questioned [and responded against]

This list is produced by the world's business elites and their most trusted experts. As such, it presents very real threats that are on the horizon (or already present but expected to intensify), which are mostly unreported to the common man. The general thrust of all of this taken together does not present the rosy future so often sold to the public. Simply looking at these categories suggests an upcoming decade filled with shocks and problems unlike any the world has ever faced before. These will have the general effect of stripping ordinary people of their rights, their freedoms, their money, their homes, and sometimes even their food and water. Many people are expected to push back against the on-coming globalist ever-present control, with the culture and class wars sparking new tensions and conflicts. This will bring on more oppressive control from the system, in an effort to keep and expand their 21st century domain. The rapid expansion of new technology many are so enthralled with is not about giving all of us a lot of shiny new toys - it is about rapidly installing a globalist technocracy that is too entrenched and powerful to be overthrown. The UN goal ( the 2030 Agenda) is to get there by 2030, and the world is already well on the way.

And I haven't even mentioned Bible prophecy yet ... (see my free seminars at Tsiyon.Net for that.) 

My point here, as we move into this intensified decade of testing, unlike any ever before known, is: Are you ready?

Let us take to heart this warning from Messiah for our time:

“So be careful, or your hearts will be loaded down with carousing, drunkenness, and cares of this life, and that day will come on you suddenly. For it will come like a snare on all those who dwell on the surface of all the earth. Therefore be watchful all the time, praying that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will happen, and to stand before the Son of Man.”  Luke 21:34-36

The Father cares for you!The ONLY WAY to get through this in tact is to stay plugged into our Messiah and allow Him to walk this out in our lives. Listen to Him, follow Him, obey Him. We can do it, but only as we live and breath in Him day by day.

To help you with that, Tsiyon is here for you, as a sort of compass, to keep pointing the way through the darkness. As you look at the list from the Global Risk Report above, you may remember that Tsiyon was already telling you about many of those innovations over a decade ago, before those developments were commonly known - and we weren't wrong. Continue to be informed in advance. Please do your best to keep up with all the life-giving sap that comes forth from Tsiyon each week. We love you, and we want to see you overcome!

So, what's next?

Tonight we have a very timely online meeting planned that speaks to all of this. Our theme will be "The True Vine." Here we will listen to Yeshua, our Leader, explain for us how we can succeed, and come out victorious. This is one of the most vital teachings you can ever consider and put into practice, so please don't miss this!

Join us live tonight at tsiyon.net, at 8 pm cst, and buckle up!




Editor's Note: Recently I reported in this Newsletter that a majority of Americans have real concern that the country may be headed towards civil war. Here is a quote to that effect:

 How Close Is the U.S. to Civil War? About Two-Thirds of the Way, Americans Say
ntelligencer, Oct. 24, 2019 "A majority of Americans, no matter where they live, or the party they typically vote for, think the country is growing apart. On political, racial, and class lines, Americans think divisions are widening, according to a new Georgetown University poll. That division is leading to a dark place, respondents said. Asked how close the country is to the “edge of a civil war” — with 0 being not close at all and 100 being time to get the “go” bag — Americans say we’re at 67%. So, two-thirds of the way to internecine bloodshed."

The article reprinted below echoes those fears in a very tangible way. Read it and draw your own conclusions. The article references "the Virginia Crisis." For those unfamiliar with this, an introduction to the topic can be found here.
[I offer this as a starting place for your personal research only, and am not affiliated with any of this.]

The UN Is Hiring English-Speaking DISARMAMENT OFFICERS in New York

Abridged Reprint from: The Organic Prepper, Jan 1, 2020

Disarmament OfficersAs the Second Amendment conflict heats up across the United States, here’s another “crazy conspiracy theory” that has turned out to be true. The United Nations is hiring in New York. What positions are they trying to fill?


This job was posted the day after Christmas. So for all the folks who have been saying “nobody is trying to take your guns” you might want to read this job listing and reconsider your opinion. [Actual UN job listing]

Is this in response to the Virginia crisis?

You may recall that citizens of Virginia have become outraged recently by new laws that are likely to pass this month, effectively banning all semi-automatic weapons. Sanctuary counties, cities, and municipalities now cover all but the most urban parts of the state. These sanctuaries have vowed to support the Second Amendment and are refusing to enforce unconstitutional gun laws.

In response, a member of the state congress suggested that Governor Northam could call up the National Guard to disarm residents of Virginia despite the wishes of local governments. In response to that, at least one county has formed a militia and others are expected to spring up. The state’s Attorney General says that these sanctuaries carry no legal weight.

Despite the AG’s opinion and threats from the state government, Virginians appear to have no plans to give up their guns or register them. Many members of law enforcement entities and the National Guard have said that they will not act on unconstitutional orders.

One has to wonder if this is why the UN is hiring “disarmament officers?”

What is the job description?

Here are the responsibilities for the new hires, as per the United Nations job listing. [Read list in article here. Read actual listing here.]

..Employees would answer to the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

As per the UN, here are some specifics about this job description. Of special note:

Disarmament is the collection, documentation, control and disposal of small arms, ammunition, explosives and light and heavy weapons of combatants and often also of the civilian population. Disarmament also includes the development of responsible arms management programmes. (source)

The US is no longer part of the UN Arms Trade Treaty.

You may recall back in 2013, the United Nations convinced then-Secretary of State John Kerry to sign a treaty that “unequivocally bans arms transfers that are in violation of a U.N. arms embargo or that exporters have reason to know will be used to commit genocide and other grievous war crimes.”

In 2013, the US signed the UN Arms Trade Treaty but that signature was never ratified. Last April, President Trump officially withdrew from the international gun control treaty. [See full article here.]


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