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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 15.09 - 12/07/6019 TAM  - 03/02/2020 AD


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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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"As they were looking, he was taken up, and a cloud received him out of their sight."  Acts 1:9

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From Eliyahu:

Shalom friends,

Now what?"Now What?"

That might have been what the emissaries were thinking as they walked from the mountain called Olivet, across the Kidron Valley, up to Jerusalem. Their destination was the upper room where the rest of the core group of Yeshua's followers were gathering. These emissaries of Yeshua were returning from an amazing, but still abrupt end, to the years they had spent walking with Yeshua from place to place throughout the land, declaring the Kingdom of Elohim. They had just been with Him on the mountain, enjoying His physical presence with them, as they had done so many times before. Now though, they were receiving final instructions from Him before His departure. Then, it happened. As they stood there looking on, they watched Him, in His actual resurrected, glorified body, ascending up into the sky! Soon, He was caught out of their vision, into the clouds.

the torchEven through the awe of the spectacle, they must of felt a profound sense of loss in seeing Him go, followed by an even greater sense of responsibility to pick up and carry the torch He had passed on to them, to bear witness to the world of all they had seen and heard. They did not yet know all that would entail or how long it would take to fully realize the Kingdom - but they knew that when the work was finished He would come back again, the same way they had seen Him leave. Angels appeared to assure them of that, when it had happened. Ever since then, the emissaries, and all who receive their message, have clung to that hope as a lifeline, through the trials of this world.

Their experience was the stunning beginning to the eye-witness history contained in the book known as "The Acts of the Emissaries" or simply "Acts" for short. Many have read it, but very few have had the ground of experiential knowledge to actually understand it in its fullness. [There is a lot more to grasping the importance of Acts than simply reading it in your favorite Bible translation, or even in the Koine Greek language it was written in. Speaking a certain language doesn't mean you understand everything written in that language. Case in point: Have you ever read The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoyevsky? If you have, you know the bigger problem is comprehension, not language (if you haven't read it don't waste your time). Lack of comprehension can distort language though, especially in translation. That's why Bible translators sometimes fall short of conveying the full or true sense of difficult passages in Acts, and even more so, in Paul's writing. It's not that translators are necessarily being deliberately deceptive - it may be they simply can't accurately translate advanced concepts they do not accurately comprehend themselves, so miss conveying the intended meaning. But I digress. Back to the book of Acts.]

One thing many have thought is that Acts sets forth a sort of template for the believing community - which it does. That seems simple enough. Do what the emissaries did and you will get the results they got. Sounds logical, but as it turns out, it is not that simple. Countless movements and denominations have attempted to pick up that torch from the book of Acts in hopes of carrying it the rest of the way home. Yet, history is littered with the fallen remains of such groups, while even the largest denominations claiming to be the torchbearers of Acts can claim nothing like the experience we find in those hallowed pages. Apparently, none of those were/are seeing the real template in Acts, or if they were/are seeing it, they haven't followed that template.

Surely, those emissaries of Yeshua could not of imagined that millennia would pass, and yet the work then before them, later recorded in the book of Acts, would still not be completed today. Why have the many generations of believers who have attempted to take up the torch been unable to bring the mission of Acts home to completion?

What is harder?Apparently, reading Acts and doing Acts are two entirely different things. Solving a Rubik's Cube on your own seems simple by comparison. So, with all this failure, perhaps we should just give up on doing Acts? Many have quite trying for exactly that reason. Perhaps that is part of it. Perhaps it is so hard on purpose - to weed out those who lack the necessary commitment to Yeshua, and to His Kingdom. The fact is, keys are needed to unlock the secrets of Acts, and not everyone is given those keys. 

"... I will build my assembly, and the gates of Sheol will not prevail against it. I will give to you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven, and whatever you bind on earth will have been bound in heaven; and whatever you release on earth will have been released in heaven.” Matthew 16:18-19

The KeyCertain religious groups claim to have the keys of which Yeshua spoke, but if they had the keys they would have the goods. Do they have the Acts experience in any sense? If not, their claims to having the keys are shown to be false.

What about us? Can we access the keys needed to open the book of Acts, in a real experiential sense? Should we even dare to try? We must try, because Acts encapsulates the mission passed on by Yeshua Himself, and there is no other. We must not settle for something less, so that even if we should try and fail that is better than burying our talent in the ground and accomplishing nothing of value for the Kingdom (see Matthew 25:14-30). I don't want to face Yeshua when He comes, with the excuse that the mission He left is too hard, so I didn't try - do you?  We must try. Not on our own though. We must abandon all religious theories that have failed in the past, and instead, pray that He will release the knowledge and experience of Acts to us, as we seek to turn the key to unlock those precious secrets within. Only those keys from Him can open Acts and all it stands for, to finally complete Messiah's mission.

Unlock the door and enter in.This is where we stand as we are about to enter into our study of Acts in Tsiyon Academy. This is no mere academic exercise. We need to get this. We need to live this. We need the keys to open up all the doors, and we need to walk through every door He opens for us, to take us the rest of the way home, even unto the end of the Age. Our goal can be nothing less than to finish the work started in the book of Acts. Then we will see Him return, coming with the clouds, even as those Emissaries saw Him leave. (Acts 1:11)

I can't stress the importance of this study enough. Please make this a priority.

Overcomers, join us live tonight at tsiyon.net, at 8 pm cst.

Pray for the keys to grant entrance to us, to open the book of Acts, together.



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Editor's Note: In 2008 I released 2 radio messages on Revelation prophecy foretelling a near-earth encounter with a massive celestial body which will involve multiple impacts with the earth (#140 Sixth Seal - Signs in the Sky, #141 Sixth Seal - Heavens Like a Scroll). These events are associated with the "Sixth Seal" giving way to the "Seventh Seal" and will bring in the Great Tribulation. The most likely Biblical timeframe for this, which I have also published, is c. 2029, near the end of this decade. Interestingly, the asteroid called "Apophis" is slated for a close encounter with the earth in 2029. Ever since the initial announcement by NASA regarding Apophis, there have been untold billions spent on a flurry of programs, experiments, and even space missions, all revolving around the question of how to deal with a rogue asteroid or other heavenly body headed our way. We are assured Apophis is not a danger. It's all "just in case" - or so they say. Besides that, all the billionaires are feverishly building lavish bunkers under their buildings, while also planning for an elite space-station, a moon colony and even a mission to Mars, all this decade. Why the big push to get off of the earth? Do they know something they aren't telling us? Indeed, would they tell us in advance, or would they make their escape while leaving the "little people" to fend for themselves? The Wormwood Prophecy by Thomas Horn, details much of this and suggests a massive cover-up. While I am not in full accord with all details of Horn's speculations, the main point he is getting at is not lacking support. With that backdrop, consider the article below. It reports on a new MIT program designed to keep an asteroid from "entering a gravitational keyhole." What is "a gravitational keyhole" you ask? The article explains: "That's the point where the asteroid enters an orbital path in the Earth's gravitational field, making collision inevitable." By the way, that's just the "gravitational keyhole" scenario all the news articles, citing NASA, say won't happen with Apophis. Hey, 'thanks' to all you news guys who work so hard making everybody feel safer about that asteroid stuff. Now, if you could just come up with some comforting words about locust plagues, unprecedented 'natural' disasters, genetically cooked up pandemics, impending global financial collapse, and the upcoming famine on a Biblical scope, we could all rest easy, knowing everything is going to be great in the globalist utopia of your dreams!

MIT doomsday computer program to decide what to do if an asteroid is on a crash course for Earth

  • asteroid+earthA team of scientists at MIT created a computer program to help deal with asteroids

  • The program simulates a range of scenarios based on how close the asteroid is

  • The aim is to keep the asteroids from entering a gravitational keyhole

  • That's the point where the asteroid enters an orbital path in the Earth's gravitational field, making collision inevitable

Reprint: DailyMail, 21 February 2020

A team of scientists at MIT have developed a computer program that will help humans decide how to best deal with the end of the world, so long as that comes in form of a catastrophic asteroid collision.

Experts say there are as many as two or three new asteroids, sometimes called 'Near Earth Objects,' discovered every night.

It’s inevitable that one of these asteroids will eventually end drifting into a collision course with Earth.

‘People have mostly considered strategies of last-minute deflection, when the asteroid has already passed through a keyhole and is heading toward a collision with Earth,” Sung Wook Paek, of MIT’s Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, told MIT News. ‘I’m interested in preventing keyhole passage well before Earth impact. It’s like a preemptive strike, with less mess.’

Paek’s team designed the program to evaluate the mass, momentum, trajectory, and time before projected impact to aid humans with the high-stakes decision making involved in averting global catastrophe.

The crux of the decision comes down to something called a gravitational keyhole, a point in space where an asteroid's orbital path would have it pass into Earth’s gravitational field and gradually circle its way down to the planet surface.

If asteroids can be detected before reaching this point, they can be redirected with minor changes in course—sometimes as little as a few centimeters per second.

Yet, with the stakes so high and the windows for success so narrow, there's little room for human error or hesitation.

‘Does it matter if the probability of success of a mission is 99.9 percent or only 90 percent?’ MIT co-author Olivier de Weck said. ‘When it comes to deflecting a potential planet-killer, you bet it does. Therefore we have to be smarter when we design missions as a function of the level of uncertainty. No one has looked at the problem this way before.’

Will that really work?The most effective method, according to a 2007 NASA recommendation to Congress, is to send a nuclear missile to detonate on the asteroid surface. This option would also leave a substantial amount of nuclear debris in orbit around the planet, which would eventually reenter the atmosphere and cause a number of complications, making it the most controversial and least likely.

A better option would be to use a ‘kinetic impactor,’ such as a rocket or large projectile to knock the asteroid off course, similar to hitting a billiard ball with a cue. This option comes with a substantial amount of uncertainty as it would depend on the projectile travelling on exactly the right trajectory at the right time and delivering the right amount of force to have an effect on the asteroid.

To test their program, Paek’s team ran a number of simulations using two known NEOs, Apophis and Bennu, while altering the coordinates of their gravitational keyholes in the simulation to see how different times to impact affected the outcomes. The computer came up with a variety of different approaches depending on the amount of time left.

In one simulation where there was five years left before passing through its gravitational keyhole, the simulation sent two scout ships, one to meet the asteroid and measure its exact dimensions and another to nudge it slightly. Afterward, a full sized impactor vessel was launched to push it all the way off course.

In another simulation, where there was less than a year left before the asteroid entered its keyhole, Paek said, it would be too late for scouts, and just sending a kinetic impactor might not reach the asteroid before it passed through.


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