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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 15.10 - 12/14/6019 TAM  - 03/09/2020 AD


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“Arise, shine; for your light has come, and the glory of YHWH is risen on you.
For, behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the peoples;
but YHWH will arise on you, and his glory shall be seen on you."
Isaiah 60:1, 2

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"Tongues like fire appeared and were distributed to them, and one sat on each of them." Acts 2:3

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From Eliyahu:

Shalom friends,

Who will determine the future of Mankind? The Creator, YHWH, has a Plan. The world's ruling elite also have a plan. The two plans could not be more different from one another, and are, in fact, in complete conflict with one another. The question now facing every individual person on earth is this: Which plan will you support, YHWH's plan, or man's plan?

Here are broad strokes of man's plan over the next decade or so:

Changing the world.Man's Plan - This has been underway already, but expect a rapid acceleration in advanced technologies over the next decade or so that will bring on a series of shocks to the human race. The recent and ongoing "covid-19 virus" and the shock it is producing in countries around the world well illustrate how entire societies can be forced to accept curtailing of normal human relationships. Even human freedoms can be curtailed "for your own safety"; including the right to assemble, right to free speech, right to travel, and even the right to control one's own person. The norms of virtually the entire global society can be, and probably will be, completely realigned to accept more control over individual behavior by the "authorities" than previously held to be acceptable. A series of global techno-shocks like this (in terms of effects and intensifying severity), over a period of a decade or so, will have the vast majority of earth's population psychologically worn down by the constant stress and fear. By the end of that process, even many of today's die-hard patriots will be more than ready to accept whatever global solution that might promise them "peace and security." Techno-shocks of various sorts have been and will be sold to the masses as a case of nature gone mad, but there is nothing wrong with nature. These shocks are purposeful, are technology driven, and will eventually subdue virtually all segments of human society to accept, and even demand, a central global government to "save" Mankind. Make no mistake, for the world's elite, a global government to bring every individual in the whole world under their control is their bedrock motive. The elite have always wanted to dominate the whole world, but today they have concentrated super-wealth, and high technology, as force multipliers to actually accomplish subjugating the globe.

Holy FireHere is the essence of the Divine Plan for the same time period, of the next decade or so:

The Divine Plan - YHWH is getting out of their way to let them do their thing. Don't let that worry you though. He knows the end from the beginning and has already factored all of their plans into His Plan. Why is He doing things that way? Simply this: the wicked must have their day so that every person can join their rebellion - or not. You see, despite the worst the evil ones can do, there will be a remnant of righteous people who see through their wicked designs, who, against all odds, decide to be no part of it. YHWH is raising up a way of escape for those inclined to choose Him, rather than the usurpers. He is the Creator. This earth is His, not theirs. We owe Him our allegiance and our very lives - not them. That's why I call them usurpers. They are presuming to usurp all that belongs to the Creator alone, even the whole world.

So what happens to the minority of people who want to choose Him? He has been saving up a little something for the last days, to give the righteous an alternative to the world's plan. He has saved up the Remnant of Israel for this very hour. Although we are presently scattered throughout all the countries of the world, He is forming us into a single nation. Soon, He will act to bring all of us into unity as His nation under the banner of Yeshua Messiah. I'm talking about a single unified people under His command.  He is organizing us together and will lead us together as a united people into the place of safety He has prepared in our promised land, and He will protect us there. He will show Himself to be so great in the midst of His newly reconstituted nation that every person in the world will see it and be amazed. While the righteous will rush to join us, the wicked will try to destroy us.

How will we stand against the whole wicked world? We will be filled with fire! Holy fire, that will impart to us gifts and abilities especially designed to empower us with all we need to survive, to thrive, and to overcome! We will need all of that for the final harvest of the earth, before our Messiah, Yeshua, returns to assert the rights of His Kingdom over the earth, to put His righteous rule into effect, everywhere. Finally we shall have righteous government restoring the earth and everyone and everything on it. "Let your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven."

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Editor's Note: In my last Newsletter, in this space, I mentioned my 2008 radio messages on Revelation prophecy foretelling a near-earth encounter with a massive celestial body. Revelation foretells multiple impacts with the earth (#140 Sixth Seal - Signs in the Sky, #141 Sixth Seal - Heavens Like a Scroll). I also explained that these events are associated with the "Sixth Seal" giving way to the "Seventh Seal" and will bring in the Great Tribulation. I also said that the most likely Biblical timeframe for this, which I have also published, is c. 2029, near the end of this decade. It was observed that the asteroid called "Apophis" is slated for a close encounter with the earth in 2029. While NASA has walked back its initial alarm over Apophis, untold billions have since been spent on a flurry of programs, experiments, and even space missions, all revolving around the question of how to deal with a rogue asteroid or other heavenly body headed our way. My last newsletter reprinted an article about a new computer program from MIT designed to explore ways to neutralize other asteroids like Apophis - not Apophis though, because NASA says we are safe from that one. On the other hand, would the powers that be, that control agencies like NASA, tell us years in advance, if we had a huge space rock hurtling toward a possible impact with the earth? I suspect not. Others feel the same way. For example, The Wormwood Prophecy by Thomas Horn, gives details suggesting a massive cover-up. Below is yet another article that doesn't make sense in the standard space exploration scenario. However, it makes a lot of sense if certain of the elite class wanted to get off of the earth quickly, within this coming decade. 1000 giant spaceships sounds crazy, but not if those behind the effort think the earth is about to be destroyed. Read between the lines and see what you think.

Elon Musk Wants to Build a New Starship Every 72 Hours So He Can Colonize Mars

Reprint: Popular Machanics, Mar 5, 2020

  • 1000 starshipsSometime surprisingly soon, a thousand spaceships could colonize Mars.

  • Elon Musk wants to make sure any Mars journey is well stocked and as safe as possible.

  • This extremely unlikely plan involves making the most powerful spacecraft ever and the first that's fully reusable.

Elon Musk is bulking up his rocket-building workforce—big time. Ars Technica visited the Texas home of SpaceX, where Musk was calling a meeting on a Sunday “morning” at 1 a.m. There's a lot to unpack here.

To start, Musk is worried that our window of opportunity to make it to Mars is closing—so we better hurry up. After the 1 a.m. meeting, SpaceX added over 250 new employees in two days, representing a full doubling of the workforce.

Ars Technica visited the day after the major Starship prototype implosion that made news earlier this week. The SN1 prototype blew up as a direct result of weak welds. It sounds like everyone involved knew this prototype was faulty and told Musk so when he asked, and he insists it was never designed to fly for real anyway.

It’s worrying, though, because “SpaceX is designing its factory here to build a Starship every 72 hours,” Ars Technica reports. This means its facility in Texas has to include huge windbreaks—think of the enormous, sky-high protective nets at some driving ranges, but solid—in order to be able to safely stack Starships. “I think we need, probably, on the order of 1,000 ships, and each of those ships would have more payload than the Saturn V—and be reusable,” Musk said.

Let’s break that down, because it’s bonkers.

By 2028?Right now, there’s no reusable rocket, period, and there never has been. The Space Shuttle was the first reusable spacecraft, which is a different thing and an important distinction. The shuttle launched vertically like a rocket (as opposed to a horizontal airplane- or jet-type takeoff), but shed enormous disposable rocket boosters and fuel tanks as soon as it got into orbit.

Saturn V, the rocket that delivered people to the moon, was the most powerful rocket ever built at the time, designed to carry a lot—i.e., all of its boosters and fuel and the capacity for 90,000 pounds of payload. Some rockets can carry heavier payloads, but these have gone to low-earth orbit almost exclusively since countries stopped sending people to the moon. Musk is making a historic ask in more ways than one.

Musk's thinking might be, well, a moonshot, but his opinions and plans are pragmatic for the future he imagines for humanity. If we want to live on more than one planet long term, Musk says, the settlements everywhere have to be stable and sustainable, even if the next supply ship is delayed or never materializes at all. And in that sense, stocking the planet with 1,000 ships means a depth and breadth of supplies that’s far beyond what most existing ideas can manage.

“Success is not assured,” Musk told Ars Technica.


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