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Tsiyon Messianic Radio Newsletter  - Vol 15.11 - 12/21/6019 TAM  - 03/16/2020 AD


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From Eliyahu:

Shalom friends,

What you can't see can hurt you.Look at this thing. Only recently, you've seen pictures like this everywhere. This is a representation of a single Corona virus - magnified from far too small to be seen by the human eye into this bizarre glob. Is this real? Can this invisible monstrosity really kill people?

It's hard to believe something invisible can cause misery, untold suffering and death. That's why so many people don't believe that wicked spirits are real, why the devil is real. Like a spiritual microscope, the Bible shines a light on them and shows them up. To fight invisible enemies we must rely on what the Scriptures tell us, otherwise we are easy prey.

It is amazing that the Bible not only protects us against the unseen enemies of the spirit realm, but it also contains specific truth from nearly 4,000 years ago to protect us from the corona virus and all other deadly microbes! The Bible assumes the existence of these invisible enemies and gives His people the tools to fight them - and they did, even while wandering in the wilderness on the quest to the Promised Land. Clearly, they defeated the invisible enemy by keeping His instruction, proven by the fact that Israel is still with us today. Even in the year 2020 man has no better weapon against mass infections of these unseen monsters than what the Bible actually put into practice in the ancient past. Any person, whoever they may be, ignores the Word of the Living God at their own peril.

Some might say, how could that be true? How could Israel, nearly 4000 years ago know how to fight microbes? They had no electronic microscopes, no modern technology, no modern science. True, but we (Israel) had something better! We had, and still have, an all-knowing, all powerful, Creator who loves us and takes care of us - if only we will obey Him. That's the deal by the way - we will be His special treasure in the earth IF we will obey Him. That's our constant choice. If we will obey our Elohim we will be blessed and protected through following His Word, if we don't obey we are in the same boat as to outcome as any other disobedient person.

The answers!So what is this amazing weapon the Bible gave us nearly 4,000 years ago? I'm talking about the central book of the Torah, named "Vayikra" - but most know it better as Leviticus. It is probably one of the least read books of the Bible. Modern people often find it hard to understand and many Christians have been taught it is no longer relevant. On the other hand, here at Tsiyon we happen to be going through a weekly study of Vayikra/Leviticus right now.

Cutting through the details for the purposes of this newsletter, Leviticus anciently introduces a concept to mankind that was otherwise unknown to mankind until modern times. Today we call that concept "quarantine." The book lists specific methods of diagnosing infectious diseases then current, educates and appoints responsible health practitioners to recognize the symptoms of those diseases, and after diagnosis, to quarantine infected persons away from the healthy community for an appropriate length of time - until they are no longer infectious. Where there was a chance of infection, but actual status was unknown, the effected party was to self-quarantine for a reasonable length of time. All of this and more is instruction given in the book of Leviticus.

Does any of that sound familiar? In many countries, including the USA, some version of that Biblical medical protocol is being put into use to combat Covid-19 right now. Why? Because it is the only thing that works. God's Word is always way ahead of the knowledge and thinking of the world. Surely, when human government uses principles from Scripture to insure the welfare of society, those principles should be adopted and followed by all persons who respect God and His Word. The people of YHWH should be the best citizens of any country in which they live, because He has commanded us:

"Let every soul be in subjection to the higher authorities, for there is no authority except from Elohim, and those who exist are ordained by Elohim! Therefore he who resists the authority, withstands the ordinance of Elohim; and those who withstand will receive to themselves judgment." Romans 13:1-2

Caesar was not a nice guy.Of course, if the authorities of this world tell us to disobey YHWH, they have exceeded their mandate and we must, in good conscience, put YHWH first. That is not the situation here in the USA, in this case. I don't know about all the other countries, but the policy of the Trump administration tracks closely with the principles of Leviticus and reveals an authentic concern for those most vulnerable to the virus. If those measures fall short at all, it is in being, if anything, less severe than the quarantine measures of Leviticus.

Quarantine requires a temporary sacrifice of personal freedom for the welfare of others. It did 4000 years ago, when YHWH gave it to us as a tool for these situations, and it does now. Here in America we don't like people, even the government, restricting our personal freedom. Get over it. This is Biblical, it is based on love of neighbor, and you are in rebellion against the authority YHWH has established for the public good, if you don't comply with our governmental authorities who are "ordained by Elohim" to deal with this public health crisis. This is real, and our own good health, and more especially, the good health of our most vulnerable neighbors and loved ones, is at stake. Regardless of your personal feelings, please, do the right thing. If in the USA, specifics of what you should do to cooperate with the administration in this health crisis can be found at their official website at coronavirus.gov. This is vital information that will help you.

Here at Tsiyon we have been responding to this for a while. Now, we are developing a unified plan here at our local group, as to how best to comply with the Biblical intentions of those government authorities over us, and we recommend that your family/group does the same. As this develops we will inform you regarding any temporary changes that we are making here at Tsiyon regarding our Wuhan virus response.

Changing the world.Leviticus is vital, and is already scheduled into our action plan here at Tsiyon. Take in all those programs. However, we also have specific and fresh revelation about all of this. Certainly you have questions about both the material and spiritual implications of this huge global event. You may wonder if it is real, or in what sense, where it came from, how long it will last, and if it is purposeful in any way. Most importantly, how will it effect His people?

YHWH has those answers, and we have things to share with you about all of that to help His people navigate through this crisis. We are postponing our regular Tsiyon Academy schedule as long as necessary, starting tonight, to bring you special messages regarding this entire Wuhan virus global phenomenon. Because of the current relevance of these messages to every believer, we will make all of these live-streamed programs available to all Tsiyon members, including all free members, to help whomever will come to be equipped to survive and thrive through the upcoming months. Feel free to invite your friends and relatives to sign up, free of charge, to share in these vital messages at Tsiyon.

They can sign up here:   https://tsiyon.net/register/. Use the live help on the page if you have any problems with sign-up.      

You already know that plagues and pestilences are part of the end-time sign of the Last Days. Now you know what it feels like to actually have one of those going on around the globe. My first newsletter of the year, back in January, told you that a series of shocks were about to break forth on the world over this decade. BAM! Here is the first of those. In fact, from the time I started broadcasting messages from Tsiyon, back in 2005, I have been telling you what the Scriptures indicate we should expect and why. (Of course, the reality is always fuller and more potent than the shadow, however, the shadow is always enough to get us ready.) If you have been listening over that time you already know that the big picture I have been unfolding for you at each stage has, thereafter, materialized. That's because the answers ARE in His Word and He still illuminates those answers by His Spirit. He is directing us for His own great purpose. He is with us now, to illuminate our way through this dark night. Please, join us live tonight at tsiyon.net, at 8 pm cst, for a revelation I'm sure you haven't heard, for this hour, right now.

Good health and many blessings to you all!




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